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Hey Look! I actually started on a Homepage

Ok. Actually this is my old homepage and is mostly links, but, thats a detail

Bad Picture of me

( Yes, the rumor is true, I cut off all my hair )

( Ok. Now its long again, but blue or red or bleached or something )

Hi! I'm Tom Arnold. I am NOT related to Rosanne damnit! :-)

I am the President and general Muck'a'Bout Sysadmin of TBI, Ltd. TBI, by the way, stands for Three Bubba's Innanet. Yes, I am one of the founding Bubbas.

I am a member of the growing FreeBSD Cult around the world. Yes, I worship the cute little Daemon in the tennis shoes. Currently I dont own a computer with Microsoft Windows on it, although that will probably change unless I can get all the games I wanna play to run under OS/2.

This is all for the moment. I'll be adding some more links and pictures as I get time.

Ted "The Barbarian" Arlauskas : Director At Large

A lines collection I found at fiver.sns.com

List of Telecomm related Companies. Thanks to Megazone at Livingston for the seed for this

Misc. Pictured taken at home while bored. Varies.

The SCA Homepage

Pictures from the Emerald Joust May 1996

Happy Camper Pep Pills

Tina the Troubled Teen


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