Here are some pictures of my Kitten. As she grows up I'll just add more.
Some were taken with a video camera and captured, some were taken with a colour QuickCAM
If you are curious about the name. Kuma is Japanese for Bear. The people she came from had named her Poo Bear which I thought was a little too sickeningly sweet.

Approx 8weeks old : sitting on my shoulder in front of the computer
Approx 8weeks old : asleep next to the computer.
Approx 11weeks old : asleep Under computer.
Approx 11weeks old : Sitting on monitor.
Approx 11weeks old : Gee... She's awake and wants to type.
Approx 11weeks old : No! You wont distract me! Now, what does rm -Rf * do?

Some pictures taken at the office

Approx 13weeks old : Getting in my way.
Approx 13weeks old : Still in my way, but she's cute I'll take a closeup
Approx 13weeks old : Standard Kitten at Play stuff.
Approx 13weeks old : Kuma under Stool.
Approx 13weeks old : Geek Kitten. Sleeping on ORA Expect manual to learn TCL by Osmosis.

You guessed it. MORE KUMA PICTURES!
She's around 30weeks now.

Sleeping inside the antlers.
If my legs were longer I could knock his glasses off
Oh! Soft, Cushy, In your way. MINE!
Really, I am comfortable. More milk please.