I like music. What the hell can I say.
If I have spare money and see a CD I want, or something I've heard good things about, I buy it. I have lots of CD's now.
Here's the first link from any of my personal webpages to another site
The CD Garage.
That's Tony. He is the reason I have not already been locked up and put in debtors prison for my CD addiction. Hit his page, buy lots of stuff, say hello to his dog while your there.
OKay, some credit where credit is due. I have a VERY ecclectic music collection. Thanks to my brother, my earliest music memories are ETCHED into my head. Frank Zappa and Aphrodites Child. Watch out where the Huskies go and dont you eat that yellow snow...
My mom was a Music major with serious music training and stuff. From my dad I get a love of Dave Brubeck and that kinda Jazz. I'm sure my parents are proud that I own EVERY ElectroHarmonix effects pedal known to man and use them ALL AT ONCE *CACKLE*.
Mike Mathews : If you ever read this, THANKS MAN. You rock!
If you are ever looking for killer all tube guitar amps, check out the Sovtek amps. The 60watt head is WAY WAY cool, although Tony uses the 100watt head to good success in his band Media Trash. I thought the 60watt head had more crunch but thats just me. The 50watt head has no master volume control and need to be played LOUD but has a nice bluesy sound if thats what yah want.
OKay, enough rambling. Here are some pictures of stuff.
I use only Fender #358 Jazz Picks. Heavy damnit.

My Jaguar
This is mah prized possession. a 1962 Fender Jaguar. This was Fender's Top Of The Line guitar although the Strat is much more well known.

My brother and I built my first decent sounding speaker setup. It was a Satellite/SubWoofer system. The Sat's weren't much and I didn't save any pictures of them, however, the Subwoofer was a sight to behold. Single 12" driver, 16cubic Foot box. Frequency responce down to roughly 10hz. Unloaded HARD if you used to much power, so I drove it with a 10watt Tube PA amp.
The Amp picture shows the Golden Bogen 10watt amp, and the car stereo which drove the satellites and had been modified to give a center channel output for the Bogen.
Igor's Amp
This is Igor Himself. That stick on top is a Yardstick. 2x2x4 with a cheap taiwanese 12" driver in it. In this picture you can't see the Firebird seat that was set on top of the speaker so you could really enjoy the subsonics.
Igor Himself
Thats all for now. I'll have some more pics soon including the EXTRA RARE Jimi Hoffa Beetle Bass of which I own the ONLY surviving example.


The UltraRare Jimi Hoffa Beetle Bass!
Featuring such advances as :
The Jimi Hoffa 50cent Bridge
Patented Neck-Thru-Body design
Chemically Treated wood for rot prevention
HiGrade Epoxy coating to protect against belt buckle scratches and bullets.
The Only Bass Guitar to survive the Mafia!
The UltraRare Jimi Hoffa Beetle Bass!
More pictures soon.