You prolly thought this was gonna be some happy page about Pinky and the Brain.
WRONG! This is a rant-o-page.

When I'm working at home, even tho I'm at home, I wish I was working at work. Yah see, at work I have a spacious office, two desks, all kinds of room to romp around in if I get bored silly at 3am while breaking DNS. At home I have :

Here's the layout of the 6x10 closet I call my home office. I have managed to cram all my personal possessions into it except a few.
Igor is my home FreeBSD machine. Slopmonster is the MPPP link to work. On that desk I have Igor, a 19" Monitor for Igor, a 12" Monochrome monitor for Slopmonster, and Igor himself. In the desk is Slopmonster and the 4 modems that I connect to work with.
The green box in the corner is a radiator. The little "Desk with GPF" holds up my Win95 box. To the right are some built-in shelves fulla stuff that isn't mine. The floor under the desks are full of junk. The Annoying Table holds a mountain of music cds which are also scattered thru the rest of the room.

Here are the CD's on top of The Annoying Table. I named the table this because it sticks out just far enough so I can't push my chair all the way over or back without slamming into it.

This is GPF ( win95 box, gpf, get it? ) which I used with this damn Colour Q-Cam to take these pictures. Thats my arm in there clicking the Take Picture button. The half-finished bottle of Ale is Bass, which really isn't a satisfactory subsitute for Guiness.

This is Igor's monitor, a surplus 19" Sun Workstation monitor. You cant see her but my kitten Kuma is sleeping Under the monitor behind the keyboard. This little monitor is for Slopmonster.

Igor Himself. My first paid-for-with-my-own-money machine. Started life as a State Of The Art 386DX25, its now a K6-166. You can see some of the piles of crap on the floor to the left of Igor. Yes, Igor is a tower case on a desk and that pile IS as tall as he is. That keyboard is for Slopmonster.

Here's poor Slopmonster, a 486DX33 wedged into my desk. To the right you can see the lights on the four Cardinal 33.6 modems. Slopmonster runs FreeBSD and the MPD mppp driver. I get between 10 and 15k transfer rates over this setup.

More cds. I love cds. I love music. I want more cds AND music. I want a place to set up my guitars so I can one day create some music maybe YOU would like to listen to. *sigh*

This should put things in scale for yah. With the quickcam on its stand on top of GPF's monitor, I took this beautifull self portrait. Note the happy look on my face. Note how close the door is. Note the clearence to the wall behind me.

Well. That ends the tour of my home office. Thrilling, eh?