Pictures of random stuff.

Elvis wall hanging over the upstairs toilet at work
My '65 Fender Mustang, refinished Pink Paisly. Almost done after 5 years!
The back of above mentioned Mustang. Soon my precious Soon!
Pictures of my office at work. Coming in the door. Yes, dark.
Office : The window, it would be fully covered except its already too hot
Office : My desk. No, I dont use computers much.
Office : That would be me. Unshaven and generally tired and lonely. Yupp, me.
5/24/98 Me. Against wall. Casio Cam
5/24/98 Me. No, this isnt a pose, I was using a mirror to view the camera finder and it went off.
5/24/98 Me. Elvis rocks!
3/24/99 Damn Camera. Press button and POUF!
4/29/99 Violet Hair. Prolly my fav colour sofar