BSDNet East-Coast Halloween Party 1997

Here's Ronin hard at work before the party.
*BLEEP* Off yah bastard, I'm helping a win95 user...
Furball Arrives. "My god... I'm in a building with these... these...."
Desmo caught in the headlights...
DrinkMaster Tanya making up some evil brew.
Furball's Right, this DOES taste just like cough syrup.
Yupp. Its a Sandman.
What do YOU do when you are on a T1
Dude... your MOM might be watching!!
No Pictures... No Pictures... Honest... She said she was 18!
You should have see her... she had knockers THIS BIG...

The dark scarey back end of the room...
Left to right... Xyzzy, Tanya, Ronin, Sandman

Another group shot in two miss-aligned pics
Furball, Ragnar, Back-O-Desmo's-Head, Sandman

He deserved it...
She can smile...
But flip back and forth with this one for an Animated Tanya
A little more light
No thir ossiffer.. i haventh hadth anything
Xyzzy : RONIN Ronin : AAAIGH!
Bah-Dee Bah-Dee Bah-Dee Thats all Folks...