Star Wars Hero

Written by Bobby Farris

A complete "Star Wars Hero"....., for want of a better word, booklett. It took me some time, but it goes through and does the ships, robots, equipment, and yes the Force.


Character Creation

The Force






    This has never been play-tested.

    When I came to a decision on rules versus "Star Wars feel" came up I choose the "feel".

    I didn't make up all of the Dark Force powers since many of them were "evil" in nature and therefore I thought only for NPC's.

    The blaster's have been made Killing attacks, however I have been playing with the idea of making them normal attacks. In fact, they probably should be normal attacks.

    The way I see the Force powers working isn't exactly like the Hero system rules. Mechanically what happens is the character decides what power he wants to use. He then makes his required roll to see if it will work. AFTER he makes the roll is when he changes his VPP. I am not sure this is how it works in the HERO system, however it is how it has to work for my Star Wars Hero to work.

HTML Formating by John Desmarais, also avialable in the original in WordPerfect format.

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