Campaign Book


Include 1 introductory scenario, 1 med.-length scenario, and 5+ adventure ideas

Introductory Scenario


Adventure Seeds

Seed 1

Seed 2

The Earth government has been working on a planetary shield generator. They have received a warning that Teiran Rxxan is going to steal the prototype. The heroes are commisioned to protect the planetary shield generator from being stolen.

Seed 3

Riot at Planet Stronghold. The inmates have taken control and are threatening to start killing the Planet Stronghold staff unless they are set free (and a few other equally ridiculous demands are met). The Commonewealth Peacekeeper Force know that they cannot storm the planetoid fast enough to keep the priosners from killing their hostages, so they have turned to the Galactic Champions for help.

Seed 4

Seed 5

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