Champions 3000

Introduction to the Web Release

Back towards the end of 1999 (I think it was in October) I got the idea to start working on a Campaign Book for Champions, Hero Games' Super-Hero Role-Playing Game. My idea was to put together a far-future setting that was designed for super-heroes (as opposed to the more common "heroic science-fiction" that most far-future setting are designed for). Well, I tentatively approached Gold Rush Games about it (Gold Rush being a licenced publisher of Champions books, including the acclaimed San Angelo: City of Heroes), and Mark A. (the head cheese at Gold Rush) was interested. Putting together a decent proposal for a publisher involves, among other things, including a sample section of the book; so I diligently starting working and running a campaign (running the campaign is the best way to foce myself to write).

Well, I have an odd Psych Lim when it comes to writing - I don't think or work in a linear fashion; so, instead of getting one section completed so I could use it in the proposal; I ended up fleshing out the greater portion of the book. Ok, I hear you saying, "So what! You wrote most of the book before submitting the proposal. What's the big deal?" Well, there is no real big deal except that now that I've done all of this work I find that I'm extremely unhappy with it and am not ceterain what I need to do with it to get it into a state wherein I'd want to try to get it published.

So now I'm stuck. I've done all of this work, and some of it I like, but I don't want to submit it to a publisher; so here it is - the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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