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The Hero System (Champions) Mailing List

The mailing list was created for Champions (and other Hero System derivatives) gamers and GMs. On this list, people discuss the game rules, powers, campaigns, and occasionally post character write-ups. It also serves as a source of information on Champions and the Hero System, as well as serving as a forum for meeting Champions/Hero players around the world.

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Digest List

For information about the list e-mail your questions to champ-l-owner@sysabend.org.

Creation Workshop Mailing List

This is a list for the discussion of Hero Games' CREATION WORKSHOP software. It will cover the various other character creation packages as well (i.e. HERO CREATOR, CTHUHLU CREATOR, etc.). Sign up, ask questions, exchange tips, and more! For more information about CREATION WORKSHOP, visit the Hero Games Web Site.

To subscribe or to get more information, look to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cw

The Fantasy Hero Mailing List

This mailing list is for the discussion of the Fantasy HERO role-playing game. The topics usually cover all aspects of Hero-type characters in a traditional role-playing Fantasy setting, although other variations in Fantasy should be expected. All levels of experience are welcome.

To subscribe to the list send an email to fhlist-request@planetx.org with subscribe as the body of the message.

To contact the owner of the list, (if you have trouble unsubscribing, or have questions about the
list itself) send email to owner-fhlist@ghidora.planetx.org .

Fuzion Mailing List

The FUZION mailing list is focused on the discussion of the Fuzion Roleplaying System and any related topics, such as: new rules, character write-ups, campaign/adventure information, weapons charts, plug-ins/modules for the base system, etc.

To subscribe to the FML: Send an email to fuzion-request@thefuze.com with the subject subscribe.

To subscribe to the digest version of the FML: Send an email to fuzion-digest-request@thefuze.com with the subject subscribe.

For information about the list look to http://www.thefuze.com.


Mailing list for all topics concerning players of Hero System RPGs.

Join via Web. Join via E-Mail. Contact the List Owner.


An announcement list for Haymaker, the quarterly APAzine for Champions and the Hero System. Typical announcements will be about issues being released, changes to the website, and Hero-relatedd news and events. This role-playing game magazine covers genres such as superheroes, fantasy, sci-fi, espionage, pulp heroes, cowboys, and just about anything else.

Join via Web. Join via E-Mail. Contact the List Owner.

San Angelo Mailing List

The official mailing list for discussion of GRG's SAN ANGELO: CITY OF HEROES and the SAN ANGELO "universe" for Champions and other superhero roleplaying games.

To subscribe or to get more information, look to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SACoH

North Carolina Role Players

North Carolina Role Players is the email list extension of the NC RPG directory website. Hosted on Egroups, this will allow you easy communication with other gamers in NC either through an email list, or via a web-based system. This is also where you will get information about updates to the North Carolina Role Players Association webpage. So join now by heading over to http://www.yahoogroups.com/group/ncrpg.

(John's note: Yeah, I know, it's not really Champions or Hero related - but I live in North Carolina and know how hard it is to find gamers here)

Skirmishes Discussion List

Skirmishes is a retail game and hobby store serving the Charlotte metropolitan area. We carry a broad range of strategy board games and war games, RPGs, collectible card games, fantasy miniatures, historical miniatures, the Games Workshop line and dice from Chessex and Crystal Caste. We also carry the superior Vallejo Model Color Acrylic paints for all your modeling needs. We feature an inviting lounge area where you can relax as well as a spacious open gaming area. Contact us to reserve your day and time for group gatherings! HOURS: Monday & Thursday 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday and Saturday 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. Skirmishes, 19816-A S. Main St., Cornelius, NC 28031, (704)895-1208, E-mail: kirk@skirmishes.net

(John's note: Yeah, I know, see the note above)

Forums, Discussion Boards, and Newsgroups

Hero Games Discussion Boards

Hosted by the folks at Hero Game, features a dozen different message boards (Hero Games Discussion, Hero System 5th Edition Discussion, Champions Discussion, Fantasy Hero Discussion, Star Hero Discussion, Modern Genre Discussion, Jstice Inc. Discussion, Other Genre Discussion, Rules Discussion, Ask Foxbat (Rules Questions), Player Locator, Buy/Sell/Trade).

Town Hall: WebRPG Partners:Hero Games

Five bulletin boards hosted by WebRPG in partnership with Hero Games:

Champions Discussion, Fantasy Hero, Fuzion System Discussion, Hero Games General Talk, and Hero System Talk.

Note: These links are subject to change. If a link to a bulletin board fails, try going to the WebPRG TownHall and drilling down from there.

Haymaker APAzine Message Board

A Delphi forum supporting Haymaker!, an APAzine about Champions and other Hero Systems' role-playing games.

Online Clubs!

Several Web Search Sites, Indexes, and Portals have begun provided the ability to host online clubs. Most of these online clubs have some level of discusion about the game. The above link will take you to a list of all of these that I currently know about.

Champions: Hero games

This is a Delphi forum for players of Champions by Hero Games. Talk & possible gaming.

Champions Hero System Role Playing Game

A Delphi forum to discuss the RPG system of Champions Heros. The rules, characters, and ideas for the system. Possible start a campaign online.


Actually, not a mailing list, but a Usenet newsgroup. If you're ISP does not enable you to easily make use of a newreader client you can access this newsgrouap (and other) via one of the web-based Usenet providers, such as Google Groups. There is also a frequently asked questions (faq) maintained by Joshua "JD" Marquart . This newsgroup is not really dedicated to Champions/Hero, but, due to the number of Champions/Hero players who frequent the group it does tend to have a large amount of Champions/Hero discussion.

Game Haven Forum

Located just south of Winston-Salem, NC in northern Davidson County, we are a community based store offering a variety of games such as collectable card games (CCG), table top miniatures, role playing games, video game rentals, etc.

(John's note: Yeah, I know, it's not really Champions or Hero related - but I live in North Carolina and know how hard it is to find gamers here)


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