The Champions Mailing List

Posting Suggestions and other Stuff

*   Don't send attachments with your posts. At best, attachments are processed unpredictably from mail reader to mail reader, at worst they can be potentially destructive viruses that get sent to everybody on the list. In addition, the list is also sent out in digest form, which can lead to digests with multiple attachments and (frequently) no clear idea what post the attachment was meant to apply to.

*   To maximize readability for all subscribers to the list please post all messages as normal text, not all mail programs encode non-text information the same. (No HTML, no images, no encoded binaries, etc, etc)

*   If you are going to unable to check your mail for an extended period of time, consider temporarily disabling message sending from the list and re-enabling it when you are ready. Many ISPs provide a rather small amount of space for storing unread mail and will begin bouncing messages when your "mailbox" is full. (an AOL mailbox, in particular, will fill up from about five days of typical list traffic). When this happens, the listserver must proccess all of those bounced messages as incoming mail, bogging down the system.

*   It is often helpful to label some type of posts by prefacing a tag to the start of the Subject.
          (Example of posting a character write-up: Subject: [CHAR] Super-dooper Man).
          Some typical post tags are listed below:


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