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Enemies of San Angelo
Re: <FHList> Necromacy Limitation / Fantasy World
Converting Aberrant to Champions !
Re: Combined Secret Identity
END-less Hero
Re: PBEM Announcement
Re: Kumate (boy spelling is hard>>>)(Long [and quite possibly pointless])


Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 21:44:10 EDT
From: GoldRushG@aol.com
Subject: Enemies of San Angelo

As the book shipped the week of July 4th, I was wondering if anyone on the
list here had seen it yet. And if so, do you have any comments? We're always
interested in feedback from the throngs of Champions and Hero System fans. ;)

Mark @ GRG


Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 22:09:30 -0400
From: "Daniel Flacks" <dflacks@ican.net>
Subject: Re: <FHList> Necromacy Limitation / Fantasy World

A little late, but an interesting point.

Is there something wrong with you email. I sent out this email back in
January, and you only recieved it now? And I got three identical responces
back from the list. Maybe the list is the problem?


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From: qts <qts@nildram.co.uk>
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Date: Friday, July 16, 1999 7:30 PM
Subject: Re: <FHList> Necromacy Limitation / Fantasy World

>On Tue, 2 Feb 1999 21:25:20 -0500, dflacks wrote:
>>This is the keystone of Necromancy in my proposed world. Note that human
>>sentient sacrifice is not required. A player could choose to be a
>>necromancer, and restrict himself to cows and horses. Most necromancers
>>will be NPCs who have no problem with killing people. It is a lot less
>>suspicious to walk through the city with a group of people than a herd of
>Are you kidding? Don't forget that most medeival cities will be very
>small in modern terms. What better disguise for your evil necromancer
>than a drover taking his herd to the abbatoir?
>Hmmm... there was a story about a demon who made use of this by
>Mercedes Lackey, I think.
>Home: qts@nildram.co.uk.
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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 23:07:16 -0400
From: Arthur McMahon <artmc@icubed.com>
Subject: Converting Aberrant to Champions !

Okay this is my attempt at converting a portion of
White Wolf's new Superhero game "Aberrant" over to Champions.
This has *NOT* been playtested so it may need a bit of fine
tuning here and there. <hehehehehe>

Champions Aberrant Style

Since in Aberrant you don't automatically get taint
on every roll, even 1 in 6 seems to be too often. Plus, Aberrant
uses both "Temporary" and "Permanent" types of Taint. It takes 10
Temporary Taint to create One Permanent Taint point.

One solution I was thinking of was the following:

Whenever a character decides to push a power or ability, they
must make an Push roll. For each Point that the player makes this
roll by, they can add 5 Points to the power. If they have any
Advantages or Limitations, these do not alter what the 5 Points
effect (see below for how this works in an example). Now this does
allow the character a great deal of possible power that they can
obtain. As with all power there are prices to pay. First off this
push costs quite a bit of extra ENDURANCE, in fact each 5 Points
added this fashion costs 3 END. What this works out to is, if you
push a power and get 15 Points added, It will cost you 15 END to do
this. What if the character doesn't have "juice" to fuel this
little boost? Well that's pretty simple, they just burn STUN on a
One-To-One basis. As above, you only have 5 END left, Great, you
blow all that and 10 STUN to cover the balance. Remember that the
character MUST still pay for the base power, so pushing becomes a
bit more powerful and at the same time becomes a bit
more dangerous to use.

Now for the second cost, how to do the affects of Taint. This is
a tiny bit more involved than the above PUSH, bit still easy to
handle in Champions. For each Point that the above mentioned PUSH
roll is by, the player must also roll 1D6 for what amounts to an
UNLUCK roll. For each "1" rolled in this fashion, the character
receives "One Point of Temporary Taint". For each "6" rolled, remove
one of the "1's" rolled It should generally not be forced on the
player more than 3 Points of Temporary Taint, unless the player
REALLY flubs the roll, or is doing something just truly stupid,
or for that matter if the GM is feeling a bit how shall I put
it.... aggressive. Now when the character has accumulated 10
Temporary Taint, this converts into 1 Permanent Taint Point.
This converts into a Psych Lim, a Physical Lim, or some other
Disad. Though this should not normally result in a Hunted or
such. Taint is either a physical or mental aberration that
aflicts the character in an adverse fashion. Below is a chart
that should work fairly well:

Taint Points Level of Disadvantage

{1-2} Disad worth 5 or less.
{3-4} Disad(s) worth 10 or less.
{5-6} Disad(s) worth 15 or less.
{7-8} One Disad worth 20 or more points*
One Disad worth 15 or more points.*
{9-10+} Two Disads worth 20 or more points.*

* Note: At this point the Nova is experiencing severe aberrations
and the GM may impose forced physical changes as these Disads.

With the above chart, a few clarifications need to be made.
With each point of Taint, the character gets a SINGLE new Disad.
So with One Taint point, you get 1 new Disad, with the second
point of Taint you get a second new Disad. As the points for
the forced Disads go higher, the character may opt to use
several Disads to meet the total requirement, so you could
have (3) 5 point Disads to cover the 15 points you've just
earned. As for when the new Taint aberrations occur, this
should be handled during "down" time, unless it will directly
enhance the story along, or at least make sense in the context
of the plotline. Also it is possible to "increase" an existing
Disad, with the points gained by a new Aberration. Such as
Psych Lims getting *MUCH* worse !

New Skill and Level:

Push - This is a type of EGO roll. All character posses
this, much like a STR roll, or INT roll. For each Point rolled
under the target number the character gets 5 Points added to the
power pushed. This translates directly to dice: So an 8D6 Energy
Blast with Armor Piercing, which is pushed, will gain One additional
D6 for each Point rolled below the target number, which is the
PUSH Skill total.

(Ex. NightFire is going to unleash his patented Dev8ster (tm)
Smack Down on his opponent in the XWF. So NightFire decides to
push power to end this fight and win the Intercontinental Title.
NightFire's player rolls against his default Push skill, which
because of his EGO is 12 (EGO (13 / 5) + 5 = 12 (11.6 rounded
up in favor of the character), NightFire's player rolls an amazing
5, which results in 7 Successes. The Dev8ster is a 10D6 Armor
Piercing Quantum Bolt <aka Energy Blast>. With the 7 Successes,
this becomes a powerhouse 17D6 Armor Piercing Quantum Blast.
Lucky for NightFire he rolls quite a bit above average generating
a nice 68, which is more than enough to put down that annoying
bastich' Lee Smith, "The Ultimate Elite". For a part of the bad
news NightFire is gonna burn a but-load of END, he's got to pay
the base cost of (7) PLUS a whopping (21) END to cover the boost
in power. Since NightFire has only 26 END left, this means he's
going to burn all of that, and have to pay 2 STUN to complete the
difference. Since the 28 END is less than NightFire's CON of 29
he's not Stunned. Being out of END is bad, since any action he
takes that needs powered will have to come from STUN. Now for the
*REALLY* bad news, NightFire's player now must roll 7D6, for his
Push attempt. He rolls and well, the universe must dislike
NightFire, since the roll comes up with an unpleasant (5) 1's,
(1) 3, and (1) 6. So this results in a total of (4) 1's for the
sake of determining the end result of the push. This translates
into 4 Temporary Taint, the player needs to record this and see
if he has exceeded 10 Temporary Taint. NightFire sadly has already
got 8 Temporary Taint, this puts him over the 10 mark, giving him
1 Permanent Taint, and 2 additional Temporary Taint. That and the
XWF Intercontinental Title Belt !!!!!)

That's the price of power !!!!!

So, what each Push success gives is 5 Points to add to the
Power or Stat that is being boosted. If there are any Advantages,
they do not alter the 5 Points, nor do any Limitations alter this
5 Points. For powers who base cost is more than 5 Points per Die,
and the total Success together and compare them to the cost of the
Power's base per Die. (Ex. An RKA costs 15 points per D6. The
player rolls 4 Success, which gives a boost of 20 Points to the RKA.
This makes the 4D6 RKA now 5D6+1 RKA). Additional bad news for the
Nova in question, is the problem with the Push results. If you Push
and get 25 Points to add, you HAVE to use all 25 Points. No
min-maxing here, you get you wish in spades!!

Yes this is rather powerful, but then again the world of
Aberrant is populated with mortals transcended unto Godhood !!!

One last bit that is a bit more complex. What happens if a
Nova has a Push of higher than (18-)? That is easy, on ANY Push
roll a result of an 18 results in a failure. Now of course it
would make little sense to boost the Push skill above 18, right?
Well what happens is when exceeding the (18-) mark, you receive
One Automatic Success for each point that exceeds (18-). If you
still roll an 18, you don't get anything other than the
Automatic Successes you have for having a skill of say (23-),
which in this case would amount to (5) Automatic Successes.
So you would have and additional 25 Points to the power you
have decided to Push. Also keep in mind that you will still have
to pay the END costs and possibly the STUN costs for this little

Push Skill Level - Skill Levels for Push are (8) for each (+1).
No modifiers may apply to this, so no adding any Limitations
such as Foci or Charges. Base for Push is ( (EGO/5)+9 )

This conversion uses several different terms which are all
copyright White Wolf Games Studios. Nova, Taint, Aberrant,
Elite, Quantum Bolt, XWF and anything else that sounds like it
should be part of their copyright *IS*.

This conversion was posted with permission from
White Wolf and in no way is meant to infringe on any copyright
or intellectual property.

Buy Aberrant it is DAMN COOL !!!!!

* art *


Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 23:37:38 -0400
From: geoff heald <gheald@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Re: Combined Secret Identity

At 12:22 AM 7/16/99 EDT, you wrote:
> Can someone help me out with this one: I am trying to put together a
>character whose secret identity is two skilled normals (sort of like
>Firestorm, the Nuclear Man). When the Hero Identity is assumed, both normals
>fade out and the single character that's left is an amalgam of the two, plus
> I've got everything else done, but am figuring out how to do the "two
>become one" thing.
> Jack Butler

I believe the list's standard response to this is: Multiform. One form has
Duplication, Always On. Hence, two people who become one.

Geoff Heald
Attention all enemies of the Rival Ninja Corporation: You will lay down
your weapons and surrender to your nearest R.N.C. representative. Failure
to do so will result in your total destruction. Thank you.


Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 01:50:16 -0400
From: "Len Carpenter" <redlion@early.com>
Subject: END-less Hero

Following up on the questions of using the LTE in a Fantasy Hero magic system,
has anyone experimented with an Endurance-less campaign (note the "No Endurance"
suggestion on page 209 of the BBB) or an alternate END system, to keep down on
the bookkeeping in the middle of a combat? What problems did you encounter?
What things (Autofire, Charges) did you have to change to maintain the balance
of Powers? Ever try throwing aside the automatic post-Segment 12 REC for both
END and STUN? Ever try anything like the fatigue rules of other games in place
of the burn-END-with-every-action system?

Been tinkering with such things myself, and I'm curious about what others might
have learned.

Len Carpenter


Date: Sat, 17 Jul 1999 01:48:57 EDT
From: JVButlerJr@aol.com
Subject: Re: PBEM Announcement

For anyone interested, I am starting a PBEM, and there are currently
four openings. Details can be found at:


Jack Butler


Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 11:59:03 +1000
From: Mad Hamish <h_laws@postoffice.utas.edu.au>
Subject: Re: Kumate (boy spelling is hard>>>)(Long [and quite possibly pointless])

At 11:00 PM 7/11/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Okay, so what does this have to do with anything?
>>Glad you asked. And sorry to ramble on by the way.
>>I've decided I want to run a big a$$ tournament for martial artists.
>>Mostly an intellectual exercise. I probably won't use everyone. However,
>>if you were to send your top ten warriors (human level only) who would
>>they be? Any characters DC, Marvel, IMAGE, Hero, Fuzion, etc. I'd like
>>to keep this as published heroes only but I'll accept almost anyone,
>>Bruce Lee? Sure he'll be there. I like setting these things up and since
>>my last one didn't work, here's a new one. You don't even have to write
>>the characters up (I will, that's part o' the fun), I just want a list
>>of your fave characters who you'd like to see in a streetfighter-esque
main names that spring to mind

Marvel Captain America (#1), Wolverine, Iron Fist, Shang Li, Black Widow,
DC Batman (#1), Nightwing, Karate Kid,
Image Zealot???

There's also the question of where the cutoff for human level is. Wolverine
and Iron Fist might be slightly dubious.

The Politician's Slogan
'You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all
of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.
Fortunately only a simple majority is required.'

Mad Hamish

Hamish Laws


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