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Re: squeezing damage
Re: Article on Canada (fwd)
Re: Test
RE: Article on Canada (fwd)
Re: Independent Limitation
Re: Independent Limitation
Re: Independent Limitation
Re: Independent Limitation
Re: Independent Limitation
CHAR: Piccolo
Fantasy Hero armor
FH armor deux
Re: Independent Limitation
RE: Article on Canada (fwd)
Re: Independent Limitation
Re: squeezing damage
Re: Independent Limitation
Independent non-Focused powers...
Re: CHAR: Piccolo


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 11:42:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael Surbrook <susano@otd.com>
Subject: Re: squeezing damage

On 3 Dec 1998, Stainless Steel Rat wrote:

> "L" == Logan <logand@cyberramp.net> writes:
> L> GM's ruling was that since the special effects of his force field was a
> L> "wind shield", then a regular punch would ignore the force field
> L> entirely! Ouch! But that was the way the character had been built.
> If a GM did that to me, I would pack up my stuff right there and leave.

Yes, well...

There is the question of how aware the PCs were that the GM was going to
run SFX like this. Personally, I don't like the idea of SFX have -0 lims
that are that disabling, but if people were aware of the house rules
before the question came up, then one doesn't have a lot of room to bitch.

I have stated that in my Silent Mobius game, PCs make find their attacks
bounce off the villan, regardless of die rolls.

Example: one of the PCs exits a nightclub to find 40' of Oriental dragon
standing next to a wrecked police car. The PC pulled out her AMP issue
blaster and fired a shot at the dragon. He rolled his 'to hit' and
damage dice. I told the player that the shot hit and the dragon didn't
even blink. The dragon then vanished. Several players noticed that I
didn't even look at the dragon's character shhet. *Really* observant
players might have noticed that I didn't even *have* a character sheet.

Of course, OTOH, the PCs have whacked opponents in the same manner.

"I hit a DCV of 6."

"Okay, your shot hits, and it vanishes in a messy spray of goo."

"And I do... 8 BODY and... uhm oh... nevermind."

Michael Surbrook / susano@otd.com
"'Cause I'm the god of destruction, that's why!" - Susano Orbatos,Orion


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 09:30:24 -0800
From: "James Jandebeur" <james@javaman.to>
Subject: Re: Article on Canada (fwd)

Most of the small states are so small because their growth was stunted early
on. It took a few tries before they figured out how to raise them to get
big, healthy states. Hawaii is small simply by virtue of being an island,


>How come those states are so tiny anyway?


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:08:24 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
From: Tim Gilberg <gilberg@ou.edu>
Subject: Re: Test

> Test? Nobody told me there was going to be a test! How much of our grade
> will it count for? Can we take it over if we do badly?

Yes, test. If you didn't hear about it, it's your own problem.
90% of the final grade. No you cannot take it over when (not if) you do

Sorry, got into instructor mode there for a minute.

-Tim Gilberg
-"English Majors of the World! Untie!"


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:42:01 -0500
From: Brian Wawrow <bwawrow@mondello.toronto.fmco.com>
Subject: RE: Article on Canada (fwd)

Fair enough, but let's get specific. Texas is big, right? Almost as big
as Nova Scotia I think <nudge>. Alaska's a good size but that's because
you guys bought it from the Russians. Say what you want about the
Russians but they understand big geography. I would never dis Hawaii,
it's still growing.

Do you realize that I can drive from Toronto to Miami [24hours] in less
time than it takes to drive across Ontario [about 30hours]. Now I'm
flexing like Hans & Franz.

] Most of the small states are so small because their growth
] was stunted early
] on. It took a few tries before they figured out how to raise
] them to get
] big, healthy states. Hawaii is small simply by virtue of
] being an island,
] though.
] James
] >How come those states are so tiny anyway?


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 09:28:30 -0800
From: "James Jandebeur" <james@javaman.to>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

>I'd write it up as
>30 666/33 End Reserve (Magic),recovery rate: per day,
> ReqSklRoll,
> Extra time,only to start power,
> Indep,
> Lim:must have the magician or priest perks,
> Reduced by Rng,
> Side FX Desc: CON drain if not manipulated correctly,
> Difficult to Dispel x2,
> Var SFX, any: Sorcery, Mana, Elemental

I would have the character wanting to use such a thing with everything you
mention but Independent. This is, however, more a matter of my own laziness
and the fact that I generally run superhero games: the former because I
don't detail the world enough to place such items (in general - I understand
that it's supposed to move around), the latter because it's just natural to
have the super buy his or her (or its) own powers.

On the other hand: I see nothing "official" there that causes the thing to
move. Which is not to say it can't.

Also, how do you handle Reduced by Range on a non-attack power? Drop off 10
END per range (more, less)?



Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 08:33:38 -0800
From: James Jandebeur <james@javaman.to>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

> Why not instead of a chance for the character to be in the field couldn't it
> simply be an occasion where it would be extremely advantageous for the
> character to be in the magnetic field but he is forced not to enter because
> of his Limitation?

If you do this every time, and the character never encounters it, it is
going to eventually become contrived. Why doesn't the gadgeteer villain
just zap you with it? Perhaps he likes the challenge of putting you in
the situation? Even if that's true, it's a specific case. An interesting
one, though.

> Only if the chance is random does the last sentence hold true. There is a
> chance that I will get divorced at some time in my life. That doesn't mean
> that I ever will. It isn't a random uncontrollable chance. I am in control
> of my actions and can and do choose not to. At times that means I act
> differently than I might want to for a particular amount of time, middle of
> arguments and such, but the chance is there. The
> might-means-will-eventually argument is not logically sound unless
> discussing a random chance for an infinite time period.

We are not discussing random chance. We are discussing the possibility
of losing an Independent item, which must come up for it to be worth any
more than a regular Focus. And if ruthlessly run, which it also must be
to be worth the limitation, and not just given back because the GM
doesn't want to hurt the character, it must be a real chance that you
might be able to avoid. You're eventually going to slip. Then it will be
gone. Any other alternative and it's a regular Focus.



Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 08:15:01 -0800
From: James Jandebeur <james@javaman.to>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

> You seem to be assuming that all of the powers in an item that contains an
> Independent power must be Independent. That may be true some of the time
> but not necessarily always true. A magic amulet, for instance, could be
> built with some points that if the sorcerer lost it would be lost to him
> until when or if he retrieves that item. That same magic amulet could also
> be used to focus spells that are not Independent. Powers that if the amulet
> was stolen or destroyed could be still be used once a suitable focus was
> found or made at no additional cost to the character.

Most of the time, in a game where Independent is appropriate, my
assumption is accurate. But, yes, you could do that. If you were to,
though, it would not be inappropriate to only count the Independent
points to resist the Dispel, since most powers without that limitation
do not take the total points in the item to resist Dispel but only their
points. This is an advantage of Independent. The same seems reasonable
to apply to the spell when it's on a person.

> > The dispel wouldn't destroy a place: merely remove the magic
> >from it.
> The description of Independent says otherwise. Do you not agree with it or
> not know it?

The description of Independent says nothing about Dispel one way or
another. Dispel says nothing about destroying a site or the magic on a
person. As I have said previously, I believe this to have been an
oversite: Dispel, with the correct special effect (desecrating holy
ground, removing a curse, etc.), should be allowed to destroy
Independent spells whether they are on items or not. If they are so
allowed, then they would not destroy the site, they would only destroy
the magic.

In any game where I chose to use Independent, a rare thing I'll admit, I
would be leary of any Dispel that could affect a wide variety of
Independent spells. A spell that destroys magic items would not affect a
curse or a magical location, for example. But the power is reasonable
for destroying such things in general, if not in specific.



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:31:18 -0600
From: "Guy Hoyle" <ghoyle1@airmail.net>

Here's another puzzler: I need to be able to capture a player character
without hurting him. He's too strong just to be jumped by goons, and he's
a savvy-enough hunter that he could probably see any snares I set for him.
Any neat tricks or favorite tactics come to mind? The campaign is a pulp
type adventure, set in 1936. The villains are Nazis.



- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
"For every expert there is an equal and opposite expert."
- --Charles Fort


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:48:58 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
From: Tim Gilberg <gilberg@ou.edu>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

> I'd like to take this moment to give thanks that that the 5th Edition will
> finally put an end to the Great Linked Debate. Apparently.
> When it's actually out, and if it really does do so, I suggest open dancing
> in the streets and celebration.

I guess. Some of us will just have to write house rules, however.

-Tim Gilberg
-"English Majors of the World! Untie!"


Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 08:24:54 -0800
From: James Jandebeur <james@javaman.to>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

> >It is called Unbreakable. Sorry. Which means that it is unique and
> >irreplacable.
> No it doesn't mean that. The description of Focus specifically states that
> the GM must allow for a way to get an Unbreakable Focus remade if it is ever
> broken. So, not only is an Unbreakable Focus not irreplacable it isn't even
> unbreakable.

Could you please give me the benefit of the doubt? I know that, and so
does everyone else here. Thanks.

While it doesn't mean that it's COMPLETELY unbreakable, no ordinary
force will break it. This is why it's Unbreakable, and what I was
referring to. This also does not detract from from the item being
unique, which it is in the description of the thing. If you lose it, you
will not be able to get another one like it. I like the way someone else
said it: "Your focus returned or your points back".

> >Nowhere does the book say that points cannot be reduced by the GM for an
> >adventure. If the GM is going to reduce your points long term but
> >temporarily, he can do so. What you are describing is a temporary
> >reduction of points as an adventure seed. This in no way requires
> >Independent to pull off, so Independent is not necessary.
> I had a GM once who liked to reduce the powers of characters for his
> sadistic plots. He hasn't been seen for many years except on cold windy
> nights, when the moon is full.

So, are you saying that it is inappropriate to take away someone's focus
for a few games? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. And it does
not require that the item be Independent, or even Unbreakable: in the
course of the adventure, logically run, the character might not be able
to get the spare suit. If clever, and the item wasn't Independent, then
he might be able to jury rig something in the villains lab and use the
points to buy something new and temporary. I would prefer this, in fact,
to not being able (within the rules) to jury-rig up a replacement. The
point was: this kind of plot-line does not require Independent
limitation. The difference is that the Independent item can be lost.

> The above sounds to me more like a long-term Drain or a Gradual Effect(?)
> Suppress.

Of course.

> I am firmly in the camp that doesn't go for GM fiat if it can be avoided.

And who said anything about GM fiat? I have never made any comment that
was intended to be such. I said that powers could be reduced on a
character: where did I say I wouldn't buy the power or be using a
limitation against the character? Please, point it out to me so I don't
ere again.



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 11:42:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Michael Surbrook <susano@otd.com>
Subject: CHAR: Piccolo

[here you go... all 975 points. BTW: I have noticed that I don't think
the defenses of these guys are high enough... I think they all need some
STUN-only Damage Reduction...]


Val CHA Cost Roll Notes
43 STR 33 18- 9450kg; 8 1/2d6
27 DEX 51 15- OCV: 9 / DCV: 9
30 CON 40 15-
20 BODY 20 13-
20 INT 10 13- PER Roll 14-
24 EGO 28 14- ECV: 8
25 PRE 15 14- PRE Attack: 5d6
10 COM 0 11-
25 PD 16 Total: 25 PD / 3 PDr
25 ED 19 Total: 25 ED / 3 EDr
6 SPD 20 Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
15 REC 0
80 END 10
60 STUN 3
Total Characteristics Cost: 265

Movement: Flight: 30" / 120"
Running: 9" / 18"
Superleap: 19.5" / 40"
Swimming: 2" / 4"
Teleport: 12"

Cost Powers & Skills
Combat Training:
32 Combat Skill Levels: +4 with all Combat
Martial Arts: Hand-to-Hand Fighting Skill
Maneuver OCV DCV Damage
4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort
4 Choke Hold -2 +0 4d6 NND (2)
4 Dodge +0 +5 Dodge vs All, Abort
5 Headbutt +1 +3 12 1/2d6 Strike
5 Kick -2 +1 16 1/2d6 Strike
4 Knife Hand -2 +0 1d6+1 HKA (2 1/2d6 w/STR)
4 Knee/Elbow Strike +2 +0 14 1/2d6 Strike
4 Punch +0 +2 14 1/2d6 Strike
12 +4 Damage Classes with Martial Arts

Namek Racial Powers:
12 Claws: HKA: 1/2d6 (1d6+1 W/STR), 0 END (+1/2),
Reduced Penetration (-1/4)
3 Thick Skin: Damage Resistance: 3 PD / 3 ED
8 Life Support: Does not Eat, Excrete or Sleep; Immune to Aging
10 Regeneration: Aid: 5d6 to BODY, Self Only (-1/2), Only to
Starting Values (-1/2), Full Phase (-1/2)
20 Stretching: 6", No Noncombat Stretch (-1/4), END 2

Ki and Mystic Powers:
180 Ki Powers Multipower: 180 Point Pool
12 u - Chobakuretsumaha: EB: 30d6, Full Phase (-1/2),
Gestures (-1/4), END 15
7 u - Kakusanyudokodan: EB: 12d6, Autofire (+1/2), Indirect (+1/2),
1/2 END (+1/2), Full Phase (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), All Shots must
be at a single target (-1/4), END 3 per shot
8 u - Ki Blast: EB: 16d6, END 8
8 u - Makankosappo: RKA: 8d6, Armor Piercing (+1/2), Extra Time:
Turn (-1), Gestures (-1/4), END 18
8 u - Renzoku Energy Dan: EB: 14d6 Autofire (+1/2), 1/2 END (+1/2),
Full Phase (-1/2), Gestures (-1/4), END 3 per shot
10 u - Shogekiha: EB: 14d6 (physical), Invisible Power Effects:
Sight (+1/2), END 10
8 u - Tsuihidan: EB: 14d6, No Range Modifer (+1/2), Gestures (-1/4),
END 10

96 Missle Deflection: All Ranged Attacks, Deflect At Range (+1),
Reflect back at Caster, +4 OCV to roll
97 Bukujutsu: Flight: 30", x4 NCM, 0 END (+1/2)
6 Running: +3" (9" total), END 2
14 Sanzouken: Teleport: 12", No Non-combat movement (-1/4), Must be
able to cross distance normally (-1/2), END 2
10 Superleap: +12" (19.5" total), END 3
3 Enhanced Perception: +1 with all PER rolls
37 Ki Sense: Detect: Ki, Discriminatory, Ranged, Sense,
Telescopic +8, 360 degrees
10 Telepathic Link to Son Gohan: Mind Link: Son Gohan, Psychic
Bond (+5 pts)
16 Summon Clothing: Instant Change: Any Clothing, Useable on
Others (+1), Gestures (-1/4)

Background Skills:
1 Contact: Kami-sama 8-
10 Talent: Eidetic Memory
3 Acrobatics 14-
3 Breakfall 14-
10 Defense Manuever (full)
3 KS: Kami-sama 13-
3 KS: Meditation 13-
4 Namek (native)
2 PS: Sensi 11-
7 Survival 13-
3 Tactics 13-
710 Total Powers & Skills Cost
975 Total Character Cost

100+ Disadvantages
10 Enraged: Son Gohan Seriously Injured 14-/11-
10 DNPC: Son Gohan (AsPow) 14-
15 Distinctive Features: Namek-jin (NC)
Psychological Limitation:
10 No Sense of Humor, Stoic (a Loner) (C, M)
25 Protective of Son Gohan (VC, T)
15 Vengeful (C, S)
20 Reputation: Evil Demon King Piccolo, extreme 14-
5 Rivalry: Son Goku ('friendly')
765 Experience
975 Total Disadvantage Points

Designers Notes:
Piccolo is a rather complex character. He is arguably one of the most
powerful of the cast, and is certainly the most powerful non-Saiyajin. He
is also one of the more popular characters, winning many contests for his
sheer 'cool' value. Anyway, his history runs something like this:

Something like 400 years before the start of the Dragonball manga, a Namek
(one of several major alien races in the series) came to Earth to assume
the roll of "Kami-sama" (aka "supreme spirit" aka "god"). In order to
properly assume the role of Kami-sama, this Namek divested himself of all
his internal evil, creating the being known as "The Great Demon King
Piccolo" (also known as Piccolo Daimo). This version of Piccolo was
trapped in a rice cooker by a powerful human master of the martial arts
(Mutaito-sama the man who was Kamesennin's teacher). Everything was okay
until Pilaf, a very short megalomaniac with dreams of world conquest,
released Piccolo. The aged and withered promptly collected the seven
dragonballs, wished himself young again and then killed Shen-Long (the
dragon god that grants wishes when the dragonballs are brought together).

After becoming young (and regain a great deal of his power), Piccolo
started killing anyone he felt could oppose him, as well as starting a
rein of terror. He was defeated by Tenshinhan and Son Goku, but not
before spitting out an egg that would later hatch into an exact duplicate
of himself (aka Ma Junior).

Ma Junior battles Son Goku in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai and looses
(barely). Goku lets him live and Piccolo eventually returns to help Goku
fight Raditz. When Goku dies, Piccolo promises to train young Son Gohan
for a year, so that he can help fight Vegita and Nappa when they arrive.
After the year is up, Piccolo, Son Gohan and several otehr characters
confront Nappa and Vegita. In the ensuing series of battles, Piccolo is
killed by Nappa, trains in the afterworld with Kaiou-sama and is summoned
to the planet Namek to help battle Freezer. He absorbs the life essence
and body of the Namek warrior Nail (merges actually) and helps pound on
Freezer while Goku is recovering from nearly being killed earlier on.

Later, while preparing for the Cell Game, Piccolo merges with Kami-sama,
powering up to the version shown here. Since the Earth needs a Kami-sama
(and more importantly Shen-Long is powered by the Kami-sama) the Namek
healer Dende is brought in to replace him.

Whew... well, that's his history in a nutshell (sorry if it seems
confusing). Anyway, as one can see, Piccolo gets around and has been a
major part of the series since his inital appearence. It is interesting
to note that the Nameks seems to have a lot of unusual powers, including
the ability to merge with one another in order to increase the power of a
particular Namek. For more information, see the Typical Namek character

As a side note, Piccolo's name is obviously derived from the musical
instrument. At one point, the Evil Demon King Piccolo had a host of
flunkies, with such names as Tamborine, Cymbal, Piano and Drum.

Piccolo is a Namek, and like all Nameks, has green skin, three fingers,
pointed ears, no hair and two small antenna on his brow. Piccolo is very
tall as well, looking to be close to 7' in height, with a lean muscular
build. Piccolo dresses in a purple (or dark blue) one-piece sleeveless
outfit, with a red belt and ankle-high leather boots. Over this he wears
a heavy metal shoulder plate that is wrapped up in a white cloak. He also
wears a heavy skullcap wrapped in white to resemble a turban. These items
are used for strength training and are usually discarded before any

Powers Notes:
Piccolo is massively powerful, and can hold his own versus almost any
opponent. He is exceedingly strong, fast, tough and durable. A very
skilled fighter, he has fought beside Son Goku in all of Goku's major
battles. Piccolo is a master of many ki techniques as well as possessing
a number of more 'mystic' abilities.

As a Namek, Piccolo has clawed fingers that could be used in combat
(although we never actually see him use them considering the potency of
everything else he can do). He can also regenerate wounds and has regrown
lost limbs in a matter of moments. He can also stretch his limbs long
distances. Finally, Piccolo doesn't need to eat and is never seen to

Piccolo's ki powers are extensive and include:
Chobakuretsumaha: This is Piccolo's answer to the Kamehameha. It
is a powerful energy blast and is also called the "Gekiretsukodan".
Kakusanyudokodan: With this attack, Piccolo unleashes a swarm of
energy bolts. These bolts surround the target on all sides and then
impact all at the same time.
Ki Blast: Generic energy blast, fired from the hands, eyes or
Makankosappo: This is really two energy bolts, one a normal blast,
and the second coiling around the first. It is very powerful and can
punch through mountains. A least one translation of the name was given as
"Industrial Light Magic Attack" while another was "Devil's penetrating
energy killing attack".
Renzoku Energy Dan: A barrage of powerful energy blasts.
Shogekiha: This is an invisible force bolt fired from the body.
Tsuihidan: This is a ki blast that can track it's target.

The rest of Piccolo's powers should be self-evident and are pretty common
to all of the major Dragonball Z cast members. Piccolo's two unique
powers are the ability to produce clothing at will (both for himself and
others) as well as a seemingly permanent mindlink with Son Gohan.

Disadvantages Notes:
Piccolo is very much a loner, prefering to meditate and practice his
martial arts and ki talents. He is a stoic, with virtually *no* sense of
humor and doesn't like ot be bothered. On the other hand, he is very
protective of his only student (Son Gohan), and shows up innumerable times
to help save Gohan from certain doom. He is also vengeful and will not
forget an insult or slight. Becuase he is an exact duplicate of the
original Demon King Piccolo, his appearence frightens some people.
Piccolo also wanted to kill Goku, but after training Son Gohan for a year
(and battling Vegita and Nappa) he became a close friend of Goku. He
still is a rival of sorts to Goku, always pushing himself to try and equal
Goku's feats.

(Piccolo created by Akira Toriyama, character sheet created by Michael

Michael Surbrook / susano@otd.com
"'Cause I'm the god of destruction, that's why!" - Susano Orbatos,Orion


Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 09:58:13 -0800
From: Christopher Taylor <ctaylor@viser.net>
Subject: Fantasy Hero armor


Armor in Jolrhos is often the difference between life and death. The
character is vulnerable to attacks that he will face regularly without some
kind of protection, and few are capable of sufficient magic to replace

There is an incredible variety of armor throughout history, most of it
identical in function to others. The listing given here is the kinds most
often encountered in Jolrhos. There are certainly many more possible. The
list below gives the defense and weight of a suit of the armor described.

Soft armor is made of flexible, light material such as leather. It offers
protection for little weight, but is insufficient against heavier weapons.

HEAVY CLOTH (DEF: 1, SUIT: 3.5 KG): A heavy, single layer clothing made of
woven or quilted material. Most heavy clothing counts as cloth armor (such
as winter clothes).

SOFT LEATHER (DEF: 1, SUIT: 3.5 KG): Untreated, single layer animal skin.
Leather clothing or coats count as soft leather armor.

HEAVY LEATHER (DEF: 2, SUIT: 5 KG): A heavyweight, but flexible animal
skin, in more than one layer. This will look less like clothing than armor.

LAMINATED CLOTH (DEF: 2, SUIT: 3.5 KG): Layers of cloth with wax or another
laminate over them, bonding a single armor made from
plates of cloth. This setup gives fair protection with less weight, but is
vulnerable to heat.

PADDED CLOTH (DEF: 2, SUIT: 5 KG): Heavy, multi-layer cloth with padding
sewn between. This looks like wearing a blanket suit.

CUIR BOULLIS (DEF: 3, SUIT: 7 KG): Leather armor boiled in wax and shaped
in plates. The result is a heavy, but well protective
armor that keeps it's shape.

Composite armor types combine metal sections with soft armor, usually in
layers. The protection offered is good, without the weight of Hard Armor.

STUDDED LEATHER (DEF: 3, SUIT: 7 KG): A suit of heavy leather armor with
reinforcing strips and metal studs for added

BRIGANDINE (DEF: 4, SUIT: 10 KG): Two layers of quilted heavy cloth armor
with metal scales sandwiched between them.

RING MAIL (DEF: 4, SUIT: 10 KG): Non overlapping rings of metal sewn onto
heavy leather armor.

SCALE MAIL (DEF: 5, SUIT: 14 KG): Heavy leather armor with overlapping
metal scales attached.

BEZAINTED ARMOR (DEF: 5, SUIT: 14 KG): Overlapping metal discs riveted onto
heavy leather armor.

SPLINT MAIL (DEF: 5, SUIT: 14 KG): Heavy leather armor with horizontal
strips of metal riveted onto it.

Hard armor is made of heavy metal sections or plates. It offers excellent
protection, at the cost of great weight and lowered defense against energy

CHAINMAIL (DEF: 6, SUIT: 20 KG): Many interlocking metal rings and links
formed into a flexible suit of armor.

BANDED MAIL (DEF: 6, SUIT: 20 KG): Several bands of metal riveted
horizontally into a full suit.

PLATE AND CHAIN (DEF: 7, SUIT: 28 KG): Chainmail with plates of solid metal
reinforcing weak points. Lighter and more flexible

than full plate armor.

FIELD PLATE (DEF: 7, SUIT: 30 KG): Large articulated metal plates attached
by screws and buckles, or leather straps in cheaper
versions. Protection is not as complete as full plate armor. For weight
of individual sections, use 3x Ringmail weight.

PLATE ARMOR (DEF: 8, SUIT: 40 KG): Very good protection made by tightly
fitted metal plates formed to the body of the buyer. Very heavy and
restrictive, however.

JOUSTING PLATE (DEF: 9 SUIT: 50 KG): Heavier plate mail, very decorated,
made for jousting tournaments. Usually not worn
anywhere but in tournaments due to the incredible weight and lack of
flexibility (-1 DCV and DEX roll additional for full suit).
For the weight of individual sections, use 5x Ringmail weight.

It should be noted that several of the listed armor types are identical in
all but name, representing the fact that there are little actual
differences in types.


Encumbrance is determined by adding the total KG WT of all equipment
carried, and comparing it to the chart given in the Hero system rules. The
results above list the extra END cost per turn, DEX Roll and DCV
subtraction, and any subtraction from movement. High Strength will offset
many or all of these adjustments.

A few special rules are applied at this point. First, any equipment held
in the hands or worn (such as armor, weapons, lanterns, etc.) is halved for
purposes of encumbrance. This represents the fact that proper weight
distribution will negate much of encumbrance.

<note due to the funny things that happen to tabs and tables on Email, check
for the full document with tables included>

Note that armor has different defenses against normal and killing attacks
than it does against physical and energy attacks. This is because of the
construction and materials of the armor in question. While chain mail will
blunt a sword's strike, it is less effective against a hammer or club.
Plate armor is king against almost any kind of attack, but will actually
attract some kinds of energy attacks and

provides much less protection against them.

This chart reveals the differences in otherwise identical seeming armor
types. The lighter kinds give better overall protection, but have little
DEF and will be destroyed quickly. Heavy armor does not give equal
protection against energy attacks, but are very durable.

Armor has some stats that are hidden, the defense and BOD of the armor its
self, rather than the wearer.The armor's defense is usually slightly higher
than the protection it gives to the wearer, simply because it does not feel
pain of impact. Damage can transmit through the armor that does not
actually harm the equipment, especially in lighter armor.

The simplest way to handle the atrophy that armor suffers is to use an
ablative activation roll for the area struck. This starts at complete
protection, and each time 2 BOD damage is done to it a lower activation
roll is used starting with 15-. If the armor fails it's activation roll,
it only protects for half the total defense. Overall attacks and attacks
on the armor its self still are applied to the total protection of the
armor unless it has been taken below 0 BOD.

The BOD score given is for spells and effects that target the armor
directly rather than the wearer, trying to demolish the suit. It also
assumes a full suit of armor of that type. Armor taken below 0 BOD
provides no protection for the wearer, only encumbrance. It likely is not
particularly well attached either by this point.

Damaged armor can be repaired unless it is taken below x2 BOD, at which
point it is simply junk. An armorsmith skill and time can do quick repairs
on a suit of armor, moving the activation cost up one (from 11- to 12-) for
example, but real repairs will take time and special equipment.

EXAMPLE: Sir Stumble, wearing a suit of field plate has 1 DCV due to the
encumbrance. As a result, he is struck a lot in battle. The armor has
DEF 8 and BOD 14, more than Sir Stumble (but he's not made of metal,

He is hit repeatedly by a magic sword, which damages the armor each time.
The sword does 10 BOD to the armor, the armor taking a total of 2 BOD
through it's defenses. Now the armor gives it's full protection on 15-.
Each 2 BOD taken, this lowers another level, to 14-, then 12-, then 11-,
and so on. Eventually, the armor is so demolished that at 8- activation,
it has taken 14 BOD and is about useless.
Had this battle taken the armor below 0 BOD, it would not provide any

Sir Stumble miraculously survives this cataclysmic battle, and spends a few
hours patching up his armor. He makes his armorsmith roll, and manages to
repair the battered suit so that it provides full protection on a 9-,
hopefully enough to reach town and get it repaired.

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Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 10:06:15 -0800
From: Christopher Taylor <ctaylor@viser.net>
Subject: FH armor deux

Forgot the final section with the optional rule I use for most Fantasy Games.


Armor does not provide complete protection, even a full suit. Small chinks
in the plates, joints where flexibility sacrifices coverage, and places the
metal rings dont cover the leather under it as completely all add up to
areas of vulnerability. While some are able to target such areas with
great skill (using the Find Weakness skill), any attack might strike home
on such a spot by sheer providence.

All normal, non-magic armor has a 15- activation to give full protection.
Should this roll fail, it only offers half the normal protection it would
against any single attack (for example, Cuir Boullis gives 3 defense. If
the 15- roll fails, however, this is cut to 2 defense by finding a soft
spot in the construction). This result can be negated by an
extraordinarily well built suit of armor, which costs up to 3 times as
much, and takes much longer to complete. Such a suit of armor also weighs
more, multiply the total weight by 1.1 for its new bulk.

This partial protection rule also makes the damaged armor act somewhat
differently. As noted above, as armor becomes damaged it provides less and
less protection until it is destroyed. Due to this rule, all armor starts
at 15- half protection, and stays that way through the first damage. The
rule does not change, it simply takes longer before the protection begins
to lessen noticably.

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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 13:12:41 -0600
From: "Guy Hoyle" <ghoyle1@airmail.net>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

I think that GMs should carefully consider his policy on Independent and
inform his players what it will be. If he's NOT willing to take something
away from the characters permanently, then he should disallow Independent.
If he decides to allow it into the game, he should make sure SOME
independent item gets taken away, even if the belong to PCs. Perhaps he
could let an NPC have such an item, then take it away, to give the PCs an
idea of what they're getting into.


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 12:51:18 -0600 (Central Standard Time)
From: Tim Gilberg <gilberg@ou.edu>
Subject: RE: Article on Canada (fwd)

> Do you realize that I can drive from Toronto to Miami [24hours] in less
> time than it takes to drive across Ontario [about 30hours]. Now I'm
> flexing like Hans & Franz.

Well, yeah. But there's signs of civilization between Toronto
and Miami. Driving across Ontario, on the other hand... : )

-Tim Gilberg
-"English Majors of the World! Untie!"


Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 09:54:22 -0800
From: Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@klock.com>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

At 08:58 AM 12/4/98 -0800, Ell Egyptoid wrote:
>>This is a useful effect (some would argue that the
>>Limitation is invalid because it is giving the power additional
>>abilities, but nevermind).
>so what you're saying is when a power is independent,
>it is LINKED to the environment? :)

* *
* *:)

[throwing small wadded-up bits of paper at the offender] ;-]
- ---
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Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 10:13:52 -0800
From: Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@klock.com>
Subject: Re: squeezing damage

At 06:23 PM 12/3/98 -0600, Logan wrote:
>In my last tabletop game, we pretty much ruled that SFX could hose you
>regardless of specific power limitations and advantages.
>For example, we had a "weather-wizard" (cadged with modifications from
>Aquarius of the Zodiac Conspiracy) who had a "wind shield" built as a force
>field / force wall. There wasn't a specific limitation saying that his force
>field wouldn't work vs hand to hand or grappling attacks, but he got tagged
>by a brick who just walked up and grabbed him and then punched him. GM's
>ruling was that since the special effects of his force field was a "wind
>shield", then a regular punch would ignore the force field entirely! Ouch!
>But that was the way the character had been built.
>He invested some points thereafter in a padded suit of armor (5-6 PD) to
>give him some small protection against attacks like that. :)

I hope the GM made this SFX limitation clear to the player beforehand,
and gave him either a appropriate Limitation value or an SFX bonus of
approximately equal value for it. Otherwise that's grossly unfair.
(Not to mention that I wouldn't necessarily agree with the ruling,
though I'm not prepared to discuss that at this time.)
- ---
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Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 13:38:21 -0600
From: "Hudson, Robert" <x2rhudso@southernco.com>

At 12:31 PM Dec 03 Guy Hoyle wrote:

>Here's another puzzler: I need to be able to capture a player
character without hurting him. He's too strong just to be jumped by goons,
and he's a savvy-enough hunter that he could probably see any snares I set
for him. Any neat tricks or favorite tactics come to mind? The campaign is
a pulp type adventure, set in 1936. The villains are Nazis.

Is he noble enough to surrender if they put a pistol to the head of
someone and demand it? [The romantic interest always works great here]

Can you give us a bit more info on the character in question?
Appropriate Psych Lims, Skills, etc?

Rob Hudson


Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 11:42:38 -0800
From: "James Jandebeur" <james@javaman.to>
Subject: Re: Independent Limitation

>Could you please give me the benefit of the doubt? I know that, and so
>does everyone else here. Thanks.

Scratch that until you have bought Telepathy and Mind Scan. I wouldn't want
you to fail to point something out because you thought it was obvious, even
if it rankles a bit when it really is.



Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 15:24:09 -0500
From: werther@hilander.com (...jason schneiderman...)
Subject: Independent non-Focused powers...

Just thinking from my limited comic-book experience, but doesn't something
like the "Captain Universe" power set from Marvel fall into this category?
I know that Spider Man was given god-like powers for a short period. And it
might be an interesting way to portray those quasi-sentient powers that Top
Cow Comics are so fond of (the Witchblade, the Darkness...).

Jason Schneiderman


Date: Fri, 04 Dec 1998 06:54:26 -0800
From: Bob Greenwade <bob.greenwade@klock.com>
Subject: Re: CHAR: Piccolo

At 12:00 AM 12/4/98 -0500, Michael Surbrook wrote:
>As a side note, Piccolo's name is obviously derived from the musical
>instrument. At one point, the Evil Demon King Piccolo had a host of
>flunkies, with such names as Tamborine, Cymbal, Piano and Drum.

I guess one would have to be a non-musician (or, at least, one not very
intensely into the variety of instruments) for this to be obvious before
seeing the names of the flunkies -- though I don't really see any clear
logic the other two possibilities for the name's origin that I'm aware of.
See, the instrument familiarly known as a piccolo is technically a
piccolo flute. There are also piccolo trumpets, piccolo saxophones,
piccolo recorders, piccolo banjos, and other instruments which are smaller
than their normal (soprano) counterparts, and play an octave higher. After
all, the word piccolo derives from the Italian word for small.
Interestingly, a piccolo is also an apprentice waiter (that is, busboy)
at a European restaurant.
Neither of these seem like an appropriate term for a guy 7' tall with
aspirations of godhood; but then again, who knows?
On the whole, an interesting character. On my own perusal, I certainly
didn't see anything wrong (except for maybe a few misplaced homophones).
I'll probably take a closer look a little later on today. :-]
- ---
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