Character Write-Ups




15	STR	5
27	DEX	51
24	CON	28
12	BODY	4
21	INT	11
20	EGO	20
23	PRE	13
20	COM	5
16	PD	13
16	ED	11
6	SPD	23
8	REC	-
48	END	-
32	STUN	-

Cost:	184 CP


15	PsychLim: Code of the Mercenary (common, str)
15	PsychLim: Greedy (common, str)
10	Hunted: Generic Unhappy former employer (AsPow, harsh, 8-)
15	Hunted: Green Lantern/Parallax (MoPow, harsh, 8-)
10	DF: Red Skin, Firehair, Renaissance Costume
5	Reputation 8-: Flamboyant Mercenary
10	Vuln.: 2xSTUN from Head Shots (Glass Jaw) on 8-
5	1D6 Unluck
319	Villain Bonus


41	Multipower: 62 pt reserve, OIF (you can't really disarm him) - Whip
4u	2D6 HKA (2D6 w/STR), A.P.,  END
4u	Missile Deflection (all attacks), Reflection, +8 to roll
4u	4D6 Flash vs Sight Group at  END (Eye Lash - how's this for a Maneuver name?)
3u	STR 15 Telekinesis w/fine manipulation at  END, range is 3" (-)

15	3" Stretching, 0 END, OIF - Whip
16	Damage Resistance [16/16]
5	Ultraviolet Vision
20	X-Ray Vision
31	10" Flight, x4 noncombat,  END
10	Instant Change (any clothes)
13	Life Support: Can operate in a Vacuum
5	9 Pts Mental Defense
6	1 Pt Regeneration/hour
85	20" Teleport, x1,024 noncombat (to really get away)


3	Ambidexterity
20	Find Weakness with Whip HKA 13-


3	Climbing 14-
3	Bribery 14-
3	Pilot Spacecraft 14-
7	Trading 16-
3	Streetwise 14- (seedy bars are everywhere)
3	Persuasion 14-
3	Stealth 14-


15	Three Hand-to-Hand Combat Levels

0	Whatever is native
5	English, native accent, literacy 

TOTAL COST: 184 CHA + 330 Powers = 514 CP

BACKGROUND: Flicker (... and die) is a relatively unknown 
DC villain who made Green Lantern's life miserable back in
the issues 20-25 (2nd series). He is not only a mercenary,
but also a bounty hunter. 

POWERS AND SKILLS: Flicker has many powers. His main weapon
is his whip, with which he can perform amazing maneuvers
(give him a Martial Art with it if you like). Because of
his Teleport power, he is very difficult to catch and hold. 
He can fly, see through objects and in the dark (but he is
probably not Kryptonian), and he heals rather quickly. 
Although he seems pretty tough (rPD/rED 16), Green Lantern
(a normal person, for all purposes) was able to punch his
lights out ... so I included a Glass Jaw in the write-up. 

CAMPAIGN USE: You can use Flicker for really offbeat space
campaigns where everybody plays people like Green Lantern
or Thor; then he becomes a minor nuisance. The second option
is to use Flicker in your standard Champions campaign where 
he hunts friendly and unfriendly aliens ... which sometimes 
makes him an ally, and sometimes an enemy. He is greedy, 
amoral and a little sadist, but he is also quite witty 
and musketeer-like. 

THE CRUSADERS CAMPAIGN: I made him, but I never used him.

Copyright 1996 by Daniel Falke ( 


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