Character Write-Ups

GIRIKA (Nakayama Kenichi)


15	STR	5
24	DEX	42
18	CON	20
10	BODY	-
13	INT	3
13	EGO	6
10	PRE	-
10	COM	-
10	PD	7
8	ED	4
5	SPD	16
7	REC	-
36	END	-
27	STUN	-

Cost:	99 CP


15	PsychLim: Honorable (common, str)
15	PsychLim: Thrillseeker (common, str)
10	PsychLim: Code vs Killing (common, mod)
8	Enraged: When betrayed, uncommon, 8-, 8- to recover
15	Hunted: The Yakuza, AsPow, NCI, harsh, 8-
10	Hunted: Ninja Clan, AsPow, harsh, 8-
10	Watched: The Police, MoPow, NCI, mild, 11-
10	DF: Yakuza Mutilation (conc, minor)
15	Secret ID: Nakayama Kenichi, Police Detective
10	DNPC: Streetgang Brother, normal, 8-
10	Vuln.: Certain Secret Martial Arts Styles, 1xSTUN and BODY
10	Susc.: Backstab attacks, 2D6, instant
5	1D6 Unluck


30	Multipower: Secret Martial Art (30 pt reserve)
3u	+6D6 HA, (All-Out Punch), 0 END
3u	+4D6 HA, Autofire, (Lightning Strikes), 0 END
	(note that he has purchased his STR with the Autofire Advantage)
2u	2D6 HKA (Twin Knives of Death), Reduced Penetration
2u	4D6 Energy Blast, physical, Damage Shield, (Fast Counterstrike), Requires a To-Hit Roll (-)

7	STR 15 with Autofire Advantage
1	3 pts Lack of Weakness, Martial Art Attacks only (-1)
3	+3" Superleap (6" total)
8	Armor [5/3], OIF - Karate Armor (-)
7	Colt Police Pos. (from Dark Champions)


3	Lightning Reflexes: +2 with all actions (see An Eye for an Eye)
3	Combat Sense 12-


4	Karate Block	+2	+2	Block, Abort
4	Karate Dodge	-	+5	Abort
4	Snap Kick	+0	+2	5D6


3	Scholar


3	General Combat 14- (a house rule skill: use it for protecting people, knocking them out stealthily, knowledge of certain facts about combat, etc.)
3	Acrobatics 14-
3	Stealth 14-
3	Concealment 12-
3	Criminology 12-
3	Paramedic 12-
1	KS: Analyze Style 11-
1	KS: Karate 11-
1	KS: The Martial World 11-
1	KS: Mon 11- (see Ninja Hero)
1	KS: The Yakuza 11-
1	KS: Police Procedure 11-
1	KS: The Law Enforcement World 11-
2	AK: Hudson City 11-


6	Two DCV Levels, (Combat Acrobatics), related group, Skill Roll "Acrobatics", Requires 2" of movement (-) (roll is 13-)
5	One Hand-to-Hand Combat Level
4	Two Hand-to-Hand Combat Levels, (Fighting above himself), Cost END (cost of 3 END)


2	WF: Common Martial Arts Melee Weapons
2	WF: Small Arms


2	Local Police Powers (only usable as Nakayama Ken)
2	Contact 11-: Police Department


0	Japanese is native
5	English, native accent, literacy

TOTAL COST: 99 CHA + 143 Powers = 242 CP

Age: 32		Height: 1.78 m		Weight: 63 kg	
Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan	Date of Birth: 5/25/1964

APPEARANCE: Girika wears a typical white Martial Arts 
suit with a Black Belt. He wears a mask that covers the 
upper half of his face (in fact, he looks a lot like 
"Banzai" from "Enemies: The International File"). In 
his Secret ID, he is a plain-looking, Japanese man with 
short black hair and oriental features.

HISTORY: Nakayama Kenichi used to work for the Yakuza 
back in Japan, but he was ousted and forced to sever 
the little finger of his right hand when he tried (in 
vain) to protect an honest local politician from a hit. 
After the mutilation, his former oyabun tried to have 
him killed; Ken survived the assassination, hospitalizing 
two of his attackers. He soon realized that Japan was no 
longer a safe place for him and his younger brother, and 
the two of them moved to the West Coast, to Los Angeles. 
There, he called himself Ken Nakayama and started to work 
with the LAPD; freelance at first (as an expert for 
Japan-American Crimes), after that as Police Officer. 
He has recently moved to Hudson City as part of a Police 
Department Exchange Program, but plans to go back after 
one year. 

PERSONALITY: Ken is honest, hard-working, and upright; 
however, he is fascinated by danger and adventure (which 
constitues part of the reason he became a vigilante). He 
takes chances where he shouldn't. 

POWERS AND SKILLS: Ken has no superpowers; his Martial 
Arts Style was developed in a remote Japanese monastery 
(take your pick). It is fast and efficient, but leaves 
him vulnerable to other Secret Martial Arts Styles (GM's 
choice). Additionally, he is a practitioner of Karate; 
he has a Black Belt (if you use the rules from The 
Ultimate Martial Artist, charge him 1 CP for the perk). 
This part of his fighting ability is well known.  Since 
he has to protect the secret of his fighting style, he 
chose to assume the identity of a vigilante to use his 
powers against crime. His name Girika means "Doer of Duty"; 
giri is something you are obliged to do. 

CAMPAIGN USE: In our campaign, Girika is a relatively new 
Player Character, although he was developed more than a 
year ago. He is a classic example of an honorable oriental 
man who is trying to make amends for the sins he committed 
while with the Yakuza. He comes from the idealistic school 
of vigilantes and tries to avoid killing people, even 

THE CRUSADERS CAMPAIGN: Girika was a member of the Grey 
Team that used to live in Hudson City; his partners were 
The Nightmare, White Wolf, The Hunter, The Shadowmaster, 
Sharpeye, and Iron Dragon. Since he played only in one 
adventure, he hasn't really achieved a lot. Nowadays, 
after the dissolution of the Grey Team and the beginning 
of the Justice, Inc. era, he is an NPC.

Copyright 1996 by Daniel Falke ( 


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