Character Write-Ups




85	STR	55*
23	DEX	39
35	CON	50
26	BODY	30*
10	INT	-
18	EGO	16
30	PRE	20
6	COM	-2
35	PD	19**
32	ED	22**
5	SPD	17
24	REC	8
80	END	5
77	STUN	-

Cost:	279 CP


20	PsychLim: Loyal to his father (very common, str)
15	PsychLim: Wants to prove that he is a worthy successor (common, str)
15	PsychLim: Overconfidence (common, str)
15	PsychLim: Vengeful (common,str)
20	PsychLim: Loves to fight (very common, str)
25	Berserk: In Combat, common, 11-, 8- to recover
30	Hunted: Several Superheroes and Superhero teams on sight, 14-
13	Watched: Darkseid, MoPow, NCI, mild, 14-
15	DF: Alien Giant (nc, major)
15	Reputation 14-: Darkseid's Son
10	Professional Rival: DeSaad (superior - Darkseid places more faith in DeSaad than in Kalibak)
10	2D6 Unluck
194	Villain Bonus


7	*One Level Growth, Persistent 0 END, Always On
20	**Three Levels Density Increase, Persistent 0 END, Always On
21	 END on STR 85
21	Damage Resistance [18/16], hardened
40	20D6 Energy Blast, 8 charges, OAF - Starbolt Club
5	9 Pts Mental Defense
5	IR Vision
8	8 Pts Lack of Weakness
7	7 Pts Power Defense
10	Need not breathe
3	Can operate in a vacuum
15	Superleap +15"
6	-3" Knockback Resistance (total of -7")


7	Combat Sense 13-


3	Tactics 11-
3	Climbing 14-
3	Intimidation 15- (house rule skill; self-explanatory)


24	Three All Combat Levels


5	Darkseid's son	


0	Apokoliptian is native
5	English, native accent, literacy (I suppose)

TOTAL COST: 279 CHA + 218 Powers = 497 CP

BACKGROUND: Kalibak is the son of the DC master villain, Darkseid. He is a tough brute who is constantly trying to impress his father, but he always fails. If you are interested in this loving father-son relationship, look them both up in various sourcebooks for DC HEROES. Note that I haven't made him overly powerful. In the comics, he can go mano a mano with Superman and Wonder Woman ... if that's what you want, make him even tougher. But pit him against The Hulk and Thor (a sensible Thor), and innocent bystanders had better duck.

POWERS AND SKILLS: Kalibak's favorite (and only, I think) weapon is the dreaded Starbolt Club. This may sound like a real hot place to relax and get laid, but, actually, it's an incredibly phallic-looking blaster which can send the most powerful opponents reeling. In Hand-to-Hand Combat, his amazing STR and his resilience take care of most adversaries.

CAMPAIGN USE: Intergalactic powerhouse who can shrug off Barrett M-82 slugs and Stinger missiles alike. Have him banished to Earth (Darkseid wants to give him the opportunity to prove himself ... for the umpteenth time) and make a mess of things. Or, if you don't like Darkseid, make Kalibak a follower of another evil master villain like Dr. Destroyer or Menton. Don't forget he is supposed to slug it out with your Brick, so get these pesky mentalists out of the way.

THE CRUSADERS CAMPAIGN: Kalibak was conceived as the right hand of Dr. Destroyer, but he never got beyond the casting session.

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