Character Write-Ups


DC Villain


35	STR	20*
20	DEX	30
23	CON	26
16	BODY	10*
18	INT	8
16	EGO	12
20	PRE	10
6	COM	-2
20	PD	14
15	ED	10
5	SPD	20
13	REC	4
46	END	-
43	STUN	-

Cost:	162 CP


8	Enraged 11-/11- when reminded he is a gorilla
15	Hunted by the New International Crusaders (hero team), MoPow,harsh, 8-
20	Hunted by UNTIL, MoPow, NCI, harsh, 8-
15	DF: Monsieur Mallah is a gorilla ... remove this Disad if you play in California ... only joking.
5	DF: Martial Arts Style Disadvantage: Boxing
5	1D6 Unluck
122	Villain Bonus 


7	*One Level Growth, 0 END Persistent (+1), Always On (-)
35	2D6+1 RKA, Autofire 5, 64 charges, OAF - Heavy Submachine Gun
2	Running +1"
4	8 Pts Mental Defense, not vs other hyper-intelligent gorillas (-)


6	Lightning Reflexes: +4 with all actions (see An Eye for an Eye)
3	Fast Draw (SMG) 13-


4	Boxing Block	+2	+2	Block, Abort
4	Jab			+1	+2	8D6
5	Uppercut		+1	+0	10D6


3	Scholar
3	Scientist


3	Climbing 13-
3	Acrobatics 13-
3	Stealth 13-
1	KS: Boxing 11-
5	Inventor 14-
3	Electronics 11-
3	Computer Programming 13-
5	Weaponsmith 12-
1	KS: Philosophy 11-
3	KS: Firearms 14- (INT)
1	KS: Chess Problems 11-
5	SC: Five Science Skills (GM's choice)


4	OCV +2 with his beloved submachinegun


2	WF: Small Arms
2	WF: Common Melee Weapons


0	French is native
2	English, fluent w/accent

TOTAL COST: 162 CHA + 121 Powers = 283 CP

BACKGROUND: If you intend to use M.M., you have two choices: 
1) Make him a real villain; in this case, I recommend you 
look up his background in various sourcebooks for the DC 
HEROES roleplaying game. 2) Play him for laughs. I mean, 
he is a gorilla, right ... a gorilla who likes chess and can 
figure out technology you and me wouldn't even know how to 
switch on, but still a gorilla. Of course, he is deadly with 
his SMG and deadly serious about his work. Use him as a member 
of a team of rather inept villains and make him their private 
mastermind. Then you can give your adventures titles like 
"Monkey Business", "Apewatch" and "Affentheater" (if you speak
German) with gay abandon. 

POWERS AND SKILLS: Monsieur Mallah comes from a hidden city 
somewhere in Africa where the jungles are chock-full with treasures, 
elephant cemeteries, temples of green stone and the like ... it's a 
miracle people still get lost there. Anyway, in this city lives a 
race of super-intelligent gorillas, some of whom have plans for 
world domination (names like Gorilla Grodd come to mind - now don't 
you look at me, this is strictly DC pre-crisis stuff). It says 
Powers and Skills, right? Uh, he has a submachinegun (sub machine 
gun? submachine gun? who cares?), knows how to punch someone's 
lights out and plays a mean game of chess.

CAMPAIGN USE: See above. Don't go to the trouble of implementing 
Option 1.

THE CRUSADERS CAMPAIGN: Back at home, Mallah worked with slightly 
less ridiculous villains like Killer Bee (taken from the Superworld 
box), Powerhouse and Icicle (both from Champions 4th) in a plan to 
deep-freeze a nuclear reactor (some of you will recognize this plot: 
Crisis at Caliente from the Superworld product Trouble for HAVOC).

Copyright 1996 by Daniel Falke ( 


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