Character Write-Ups

NIMROD 7 (Real Name Unknown)

Comes from the MicroProse computer adventure Bloodnet.

Picture available (nimrod01.gif)


25	STR	15
19	DEX	27
20	CON	20
15	BODY	10
18	INT	8
18	EGO	16
18	PRE	8
10	COM	-
9	PD	4
7	ED	3
5	SPD	21
10	REC	2
40	END	-
40	STUN	-

Cost:	134 CP


15	PsychLim: Street Loyal (see Cyber Hero)(common, str)
15	PsychLim: Retirement Plan (see Cyber Hero) (common, str)
15	Most Wanted 8- (see Cyber Hero)
25	Contract Hit 11- (because of his work for the Genetic Purity 		Council) (see Cyber Hero)
15	Reputation: Universally feared and hated assassin 11-
15	DF: Cyborg Outfit and Behaviour
5	1D6 Unluck
119 Assassin Bonus


15	2D6 RKA, A.P., 16 charges, OAF - Laser Rifle
14	Sawed Off .410 (see Dark Champions)
20	3D6 Flash vs Sight Sense Group, One Hex Area, 4 charges (Flash 	Bombs), OAF - Flash Bombs
20	7D6 Energy Blast, A.P., Explosion, 2 charges, OAF - Electrical 	Storm Grenades
14	Armor [7/7], OIF - Kevlar Coveralls
5	7 Pts Flash Defense, OIF - Shades
5	9 Pts Mental Defense
6	Enhanced Perception +2, all senses
4	Running +2"
1	Swimming +1"


3	Ambidexterity
3	Combat Sense 13-
3	Fast Draw 13-


4	Karate Block	+2	+2	Block, Abort
4	Karate Kick	-2	+1	9D6
4	Karate Punch	+0	+2	7D6


3	Sleight of Hand 13-
7	Bribery 15-
3	Trading 13-
3	Breakfall 13-
3	Climbing 13-
3	Interrogation 13-
3	Shadowing 11-
5	Streetwise 14-
3	Tracking 13-
3	Stealth 13-
1	KS: Karate 11-


8	One Level with All Combat
5	One Level with Ranged Combat
3	One Level with Small Arms


2	WF: Common Melee Weapons
2	WF: Small Arms
1	WF: Grenades


2	SINless (see Cyber Hero)


0	English is native
5	Japanese, native accent, literacy

TOTAL COST: 134 CHA + 190 Powers = 324 CP

Age: 40?		Height: 1.82 m		Weight: 65 kg	
Place of Birth: Unknown	Date of Birth: Unknown

APPEARANCE: Nimrod 7 has short, cropped, brown hair and a 
surprisingly soft face that is almost completely obscured 
by his oversized white reflecting shades (see picture). 
He wears a light grey kevlar suit.

PERSONALITY: Nimrod 7 was a compassionate hunter and killer, 
but he has grown tired and spends his time waiting for the 
last great hit. Financially, he is independent, but not rich. 
He is one of the very best and knows it; he kills without 
compunctions or effort. The strong and silent type.

QUOTE: "Personally, I hold no grudge against you. Please, 
don't make this more complicated than necessary."

POWERS AND SKILLS: Nimrod 7 is a master of unarmed combat 
and weapons alike, but he prefers the latter. He carries a 
special assortment of weapons, some of them hi-tech, some 
of them quite mundane. 

CAMPAIGN USE: If you play in a regular Cyber Hero campaign 
(who does? Please contact me!), you will find that Nimrod 7 
is probably too powerful since I modelled him for use in a 
(Dark) Champions adventure. Tone down his stats a bit and he 
will be okay for San Francisco 2096, though. But he is a 
great mercenary sent to kill one of your heroes, and he is 
best in one-on-one situations. Don't let your whole group 
pounce on him. He is no loner; making him a member of a team 
of ruthless, efficient team would suit him fine.

THE CRUSADERS CAMPAIGN: Nimrod 7 had only one guest appearance 
where he tried to kill the elderly Chinese Master of one of 
our heroes (Typhoon Fist) and got beaten. 

BLOODNET: Nimrod 7 is a cyborg (?) assassin Ransom Stark can 
hire at The Abyss. He is a great fighter, but hated by 
everyone ... and your team will find itself subject to a lot 
of unprovoked attacks with Nimrod.

Copyright 1996 by Daniel Falke ( 


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