Legendary Dragon                (Draconian Form)

80      STR        Enraged: When Lied To
26      DEX        Distinctive, "Dragon", easily concealable, extreme
40      CON        Distinctive, "Magical Aura", easily concealable, major
48      BODY       Hunted, "DEMON Inner Circle morbanes", powerful, harsh, 8-
25      INT        Hunted, "HYDRA", powerful, non-combat influence, harsh, 11-
30      EGO        Hunted, "Tyrannon", more powerful, non-cbt inf, harsh, 8-
50      PRE        Psych Lim, "code vs. killing", common, moderate
10      COM        Psych Lim, "curiosity", common, strong
10      PD         Psych Lim, "overconfidence", common, moderate
10      ED         Psych Lim, "prankster", common, moderate
5       SPD        Psych Lim, "defend children, gremlins, or merfolk", total
20      REC        Rep, "Ruthless (if provoked)", occur 11-, extreme reputation
100     END        Secret ID, "current human identity"
112    STUN        Susc, "cold attacks", uncommon, effect is instant, 2D6
                   Watched, "Raphael", powerful, harsh, appear 8-
AK: Earth 11-      Watched, "Dr. Draconis", powerful, harsh, appear 11-
KS: Magic 20-      Greater Dragon Legend Bonus
KS: Riddles 13-
AK: Dominia Dimension 15-   
KS: Superhero History 1943-present 14-         
AK: Thulkos (Tyrannon's home dimension) 11- 
KS: Tyrannon the Conqueror 11-
KS: Earth History 1923-present 14-         
Lang: Draconian, native              Lang: English 
Lang: French         Lang: German    Lang: Japanese       Lang: Russian 
Lang: Spanish        Lang: Common    Lang: Phyrexian      Lang: Icatian 
Lang: Hurloon        Lang: Merfolk 
 PS: Mage 14-                         SC: Biology 14-           
 SC: Chemistry 14-                    SC: Dragon Anatomy 14-         
 SC: Dragon Genetics 14-, (INT)       SC: Mathematics 14-           
 SC: Physics 14-                      SC: Thermodynamics 14-
 Linguist            Scholar          Scientist(Magician)
 Contacts: Strange Scholars and Academics

EC "Dragon Powers"
a)    12 LVLS Growth (stats already included), Always On , 0 END Persistent
b)    PKG, 30" Flight, x8 Non-Combat, Flight: x4 noncombat
        (x32 total), x2 Increased End Cost     
c)    3D6+1 HKA, "claw or bite", vs physical defense, x1 Armor Piercing
d)    PKG, x1 Hardened, 30/2 Armor, 0/28 Armor, not vs. "green" or nature-based
e)    75% Damage Reduction (ED), resistant, only vs. fire, electrical, water, 
        solar, necromantic, light, plasma, or heat-based attacks
f)    8D6 EB, vs physical defense, Reduced by Range, Restrainable, 
        only in flight, Does no Body, Area Effect:cone, Double Knockback
g)    3D6+1 RKA, Reduced by Range, No Range , AE linear cone vs.ED

Main Powers
  Combat Levels(3): levels of DCV, related group
  Damage Resistance, 10/10 x1 Hardened          Extra Limbs, 3  "Tail, Wings"
  HA, 4D6 "tail/wing buffet"                    KB Resist 10"
  Life Support, breathe at 1% rate, doesn't eat regular food, only sleeps
    once a year, no excretion, immune to disease, immune to aging
    safe in vacuum/pressure, safe in radiation, safe in heat/cold
  Lightsleep                             Mental Defense 30
  PRE, +20 fear only, costs END.         UV Vision, x5 Ext.Range
  Power Defense 15                       Running  +6"                          
  ShapeShift: "draconian, origami or humanoid form" 
  Magic VPP (60), no skill roll required, not for skills/characteristics
  Bases: Siberia, Puerto Rico, France, Japan

Humanoid Form:STUN, END: drop to 75 STR, PRE, CON, BODY, PRE: drop to 30 Loses: growth, hand-attack, UV sight, EB and RKA Chromium only uses this form when he needs to go somehwere to read books, like the Sorbonne, or to see people, like the dean of Vanderbilt.
Origami Form:END, STUN: drop to 30 STR, CON, PRE, BODY, PD, ED: drop to 5 Loses growth, hand-attack, EB and RKA, fear PRE, Damage Reduction Gain: Shrinking, Stealth 16 or less, Darkness, Limited Invisibility. As origami, Chromium can sneak or be sneaked into any where, the infiltration possibilities are almost endless. If Chromium keeps still, only an extremely powerful or sensitive paranormal can detect that the 4 inch long foil sculpture is still a living being.
Born a huge planes-walking dragon from the same dimension as the Angel, Trapped in the Champions universe by the dimensional curse laid down by Tyrannon. He can only occasionally be contacted, and only rarely will he act except for his own inscrutable purposes.