STR   38        DISADS:
DEX   21        # DF: Demonic Vamp, Green Hair, White Skin (concealable)
CON   55        # DF: scans as a demonic succubus to magic
INT   23        #    or psionics (not concealable, small group)
EGO   40        # Accidental Change: After becoming pregnant, she spontaneously
PRE   20(+)     #   combusts  and a new DQ arises from the ashes with her
COM   15        #   memories but new body & personality. (rare)
BODY  26        # Psych: Cruel & Bored, enjoys lies & trickery
PD    29
ED    29        +3 Levels with Magic Powers
SPD    6        +1 Level with HtH Combat
REC   34
END  145
STUN  95

Presence is +25 in Live World, +15 at night
Clairvoyance: OIF reflective or crystal surface, Sight, Sound, Past, Mental,
  Transdimensional, Other Dimensions, x3165 range.
Life support: Immortal
Life Support: Eat, Sleep, Only if able to feed off emotional energy
Invisibility: All Sense Groups, No Fringe, Use Ego > 20  & Mental Defense as
  a bonus to PER rolls to see her.
Variable Power Pool: 40 points, Demonic Magic or Psionics, Gestures &
  Incantations, Limited Powers, Transdimensional

Aid: to END, STUN & Multipower: 8 Dice, also affects the maximum gain from Aid,
 but only when people without mental defense are within a mile of her. Power
 only works in the Presence of strong emotions, such as people having nightmares
 Transdimensional, Semi-Conscious Control, self-only. See chart below.
 # People  Dice Available  Aid Maximum
   1-16        1             30    These numbers represent the maximums
   17-32       2             45    It takes a while to build these up.
   33-64       3             75      but at least it has limits.
   65-124      4            120    The transdimensional allows her to use people
   125-250     5            180      on earth for "fuel" even when she's in
   250-499     6            255      her home dimension.
   500-999     7            375
   1000+       8            500    Fade: per 5 Hours

Nightmare Control Multi-Power:
 Mental Illusions: 10 Dice, Transdimensional, only 10% Effective vs Awake.
 Major Transform: 7 Dice, any raw material into artifacts & devices, inside
      home dimension only.  250 kilos of matter per day limit.
 Major Transform: 7 Dice, any raw material into lifeforms, home dimension only.
      250 kilos of matter per day limit.
 Major Transform: 7 Dice, anything non-living into anything, inside home
      dimension only, cannot affect beings not from her dimension, cumulative.
 Minor Transform: 10 Dice, any raw material into any other raw material,
      matter from her home dimension only, zero endurance

Skills: Psychology, AK: Liveworld, AK: America, KS: Superhero Groups
   KS: Nightmares, KS: Magic, KS: Demons, PS: Succubus
   Stealth, Breakfall, Mimicry, Tracking
Find Weakness with Mental Powers

DQ rules a dimension called Liveworld. She is not the only intelligent thing in the dimension, but she is the only being of any power or consequence there. She can travel to earth, but her power structure makes her prefer to stay at home mostly. But what she does is stand near the "border" of the two planes and draw emotional energy. She'll stand in a neighborhood in the suburbs, use the ambient energy to build herself up, then t-port to where some wizard or super-hero resides and make his night a living hell.
=============================================================================== This is my read of Dreamqueen, the perennial foe of Alpha Flight, from OHOTMU 5 Elliott aka Egyptoid ===============================================================================