53  STR   10   x1     Reputation: Good Cop (not in Hero Id)
  11  DEX   10   x3     DF: Glowing Mark of Aton, Left Palm (concealable)
  38  CON   10   x2     Hunted: Seth
  16  BODY  10   x2     Watched: Egyptian Gods
  10  INT   10   x1     Watched: Asgardian Gods
  12  EGO   10   x2     Psych: Honest
  17  PRE   10   x1     Psych: Helpful
  14  COM   10  x.5     Psych: Clever, Not easily duped
  15  PD    S5   x1     DNPC: wife Marge, 2 kids
  15  ED    C5   x1     Secret ID: Tyle Brock, Policeman
   4  SPD  1D10 x10
  20  REC  S5C5  x2
 100  END  Cx2  x.5
  70  STUN BS2C2 x1

DemiGod of Rock & Stone Multi-Power: (100)
 m)  HKA, 3d6, Armor-Piercing, Half-End
 m)  HtH Atk, 13d6, Armor-Piercing, Half-End
 m)  Armor, 20 PD, 20 ED
 m)  Super-Leap, 6 hexes
 (All slots Only In Hero ID)

Growth: up to 8 levels, In Hero ID Only, Zero-End
Density Increase: up to 2 levels, In Hero ID Only, Zero-End

STR: 33, In Hero ID Only
CON: 28, In Hero ID Only
Instant Change, regular clothes to Hero ID only
PS: Policeman
AK: New York
Contacts: Egyptian Gods, Thor, Avengers, rest of Earth Force
Contacts: Police Superiors, Informants

Favors: Bes, Aton, Thor
Skill Levels  Multi-Power Attacks: 6
Everyperson Skills, AK's, & familiarities
Martial Arts: Police Combat Training, Night-Stick
Martial Arts: Def.Srike, Block, Basic Strike, Take-Down
Weapon Fam: Night Sticks, Pistols, Riot Gear
Combat Skills: +1 w/Ranged Weapons

Not much background here, he was a regular cop in New York, and Seth gave
him powers in attempting to use him as a pawn versus Thor & his friends. He tended to argue with Sky-Hawk about team goals & methods. Ell-man, aka Egyptoid EARTH-LORD (Earth Force 3) EARTH FORCE MARVEL CONVERSIONS TO CHAMPIONS FROM OHOTMU 5 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Continuing my series of Marvelous Write-Ups, I present 3 minor heroes. They didn't start out heroes, they were given powers by SETH the Heliopolitan god of evil, and he saved their lives to boot, and asked that he be repaid for his favors to them by killing Grim Hogun, Thor's buddy from Asgard. He told'em a bunch of lies, and let'em know that Hogun had to die. Well they tried, but were stopped by Thor, et al. Of course they're bascially good people anyways so they were easily talked into being heroes instead of Seth's goons. They helped Thor wreak havoc on Seth's Black Citadel. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%