20  STR                                                            
  20  DEX    
  18  CON       DISADS:
  14  BOD          Hunted: Tong Gaijin Clan (AP, 8-)
  20  INT          DNPC "Random fem. NASA Employee", Normal, Useful Skills, 8-
  17  EGO          Distinctive Features, Concealable handsoem Black Man
  18  COM          Hunted: LEGION Corp (LP, NCI, 8-)
   8  PD           Phys Lim: End Battery Empty, suit locks up (infreq, Fully)
   8  ED           Phys Lim: Loses Power when takes body (Infreq, Greatly)
   4  SPD          Phys Lim: Cigarette Smoker (infreq, mildly)
   8  REC          Secret ID: Blaire Parham, NASA Vice-President Huntsville
  40  END     
  40  STN    

Main Suit Powers, Only in Hero ID +20 PRE ARMOR PIERCING suit +20 STR, Doesn't Add, suit +6 BODY, suit 1/2 Resistant Physical & Energy Damage Reduction, suit 18pt Flash Def: All Senses, suit, lets 1 point through (-3/4) 30 pts Lack of Weakness, suit 32/32 Armor, Hardened, suit Life Support: Self Contained, Pressure, Temp, Rad, Disease, suit End Battery: 200 End, 20 rec, suit, OIF Pack 6d6 Energy Absorb to End Battery, Only vs Heat/Cold, Laser, Electric ED Attacks (-1), suit "Thermocoupling" Change Environment: 4" Radius, suit "Searchlight" Suit Weapons Multipower u 20" Flight, 0 End, x8 non-combat (585mph) "Boot Jets" u +10" Running, 0 End on 16" of Running "Skates" u 35 STR Clinging "Crampons & Prickle Gloves" u Bump of Direction, Discriminatory, suit "Gyro + GPS Guidance System" Helmet Powers: Ultra sonic Hearing, , Not on by default (-1/4) IR Vision, , Not on by default (-1/4) Change Environment: 16" Radius, No Rng "Voice Amplifier" Radar, 360 degrees, x1000 Microscope Vision, x1000 Telescope Vision, UV Vision, Not on by default (-1/4) Sensor Suite: Det. Weakness Tri-Corder: Vulns/Susceps 8- Multipower: OIHID ENFORCEMENT GUN total Presence {AP} 1 u 15d6 Energy Blast, also 10 PRE, AP. 50 2 u 10d6 Energy Blast, Vari.Spec.Eff. No KnckBk + 10 PRE: ArPrc. 50 3 u 7d6 Energy Blast, 0 END, AP, + 13 PRE: ArPrc. 53 4 u 4d6 Energy Blast, + 47 PRE: ArPrc. 87 Other Powers & Skills: High Range Radio: Send/Receive (Subcutaneous) Radio Listen/Transmit IIF (FBI/SAT Comm Card) FBI/SAT Clearance Perks Langs: English, Spanish, Cajun, Choctaw Weaponsmith: Lasers, Plasma, Sonics, Exoskeletal Armor 11- Bureacratics, High Society, Seduction, 13- Bugging, Computer Programming, Criminology, Deduction, Security Systems, Tactics, Skating 14- Rich: 10
Blaire became the first black super-hero born in Alabama. He possesses a marvelous charisma and presence, with a speaking voice that is almost demonically compelling. He knows how to exploit his voice, and uses devices in his helmet and armor, which are designed along impeccable lines, to always ensure that his message is directly delivered in as convincing manner as possible. Enforcer is an impressive person, and so is his armor, and so is his helmet, and so is his gun. His PRE scores are all bought with the advantage Armor Piercing, which means that beings observing him only get half their usual PRE score to use against whatever Enforcer is suggesting. Enforcer's favorite tactic is to not fire a shot, but merely use the threat of the gun to corral thugs. "Don't make me pull this thing out, it'll be ugly" This is an improved copy of the FBI/SAT Armor. (Green & Gold, 6 rivets on the chest). This is the version he wore from around issue 99 of his comic up to when he lost control of NASA to the Feds. This is my personal favorite version, and I don't think there is enough info on the new armor yet. This is Enforcer as he appeared in the New Era. In his own comic, he's got a suit pool and has several different suits available at any time, but this version is a good representation of his standard abilities. suit = Only in Hero ID (-1/4). Not an OIF!!! The flash defense is special darkened lenses, they drop in place automatically when Enforcer is flashed, but they aren't fast enough to keep him from being momentarily blinded - so they always let the first point through. Several of his enhanced systems are not 'On by default', so he won't do an IR scan unless he has some reason to do so. Assume that his normal vision does not work fully when he is scanning other parts of the spectrum. Blaire is a rare breed, someone who wanted to be a super-hero and is also psychologically stable enough to handle the responsibility and not abuse the power. With his charisma, the only thing that prevents him from being leader of the JLA, or leader of all heroes in the Southeast, is his secret ID. If he were to give up his day job and "go hero" full time he could run the whole paranormal community, be commander of S.A.T. or whatever. But he chooses to try and keep his "real" life, and is very protective of his non-hero ID time.