STR  8
INT 18
DEX 15
BOD 11
EGO 13
PRE 12
COM 11
CON 12
REC  9
END 45
STN 45

POWERS & SKILLS: AK: Alexandria AK: Beirut AK: Hampton Roads AK: Mediterranean AK: Spain & Morrocco Aid: 3 Dice, Any SFX, Any 1 Power, +2 to max, fade per hour (faith) Bump of Direction Climbing Danger Sense 15- personal only (eyes of the janni) Double-Jointed Enchanced Hearing PER +5 KS: Astronomy KS: Mathematics KS: Navigation KS: Koran KS: Religious Literature KS: Archaeology Lang: Arabic (native) Lang: Dutch Lang: Egyptian Lang: English Lang: French Lang: Spanish Luck: 2dice (watchful eye of god) PS: Accountant PS: Administration PS: Calligrpher PS: Merchant Marine Persuasion (Fast Talk) Ranged Levels w/Guns: +2 Ranged Levels w/Knife: +4 Regeneration: 3 Body (will to live) Running 13" total Stealth Streetwise Survival Swimming 9" total Systems Operations Transport Fam: Ships & Boats Wpn. Fam: Guns Wpn. Fam: Knives
DISADS: Dist.Feature: Annoying Accent Dist.Features: Short & Swarthy Dist.Features: Offensive to Catholics, Protestants, Jews, etc. Physical Limit: Blurts out religious phrases often (Ex:Allah be praised!) Dependence: Must say prayers to Mecca 3 times per day (1d6 stun) Psych: Overconfident (except in total darkness) Psych: Mildly Afraid of the Dark (Ego roll to remember Allah is near) Psych: Vow to never take wine, drugs, alchohol, tobacco, etc. Psych: Superstitiously carries the following equip:
EQUIPMENT: 3 Knives Astrolabe Kuran Pencil & Paper Laptop Powerbook (with Kuran Online) Verse-Scroll Holder

ORIGIN: Ibrahim lived practically as a slave on a Moroccan freighter since the time he was 8. He has been all over the Med and the Atlantic. When he was 19, his ship foundered. During the 33 day ordeal adrift at sea, he led the other survivors in survival rituals, was credited with praying down rain, caught the most fish, etc. He of course credits Allah for all this and his powers. (Whether his experiences and blessing are genuine or psychological depends on how you as GM run your supernatural world) In my world, he is the genuine article.

TACTICS: more of a middleman and courier than fighter, aka the Lebanese Connection

COSTUME: inconspicuous coats & suits.

PERSONALITY: insightful, perceptive, devout though moderate muslim

BACKGROUND NOTES: His role in the one campaign he's been used in was a contact for dealers and mid-eastern scholars, street people, or cargo. His current "job" is as the first mate on a large Atlantic cruise liner. He keeps the ships books and now he orders the deck boys around. In a pinch, he also fills in for the captain on the bridge. The "Jasmine Queen" calls in tourist ports from Beirut, Jaffa, Alexandria, Monte Carlo, Naples, Venice, Cadiz, Marakesh, Lisbon, Azores, Newport News, Bermuda, Kitty Hawk, D.C., etc. As such he is able to carry small items to and from nearly anywhere. Never gets busted by customs either, strangely enough.