Origin of Truth

Comic Book: J-L-A

Issue # One

Issue Title: Origin of Truth

Real Date: 27 June 97

Game Date: March 1, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: Elliott aka Egyptoid

Location of Story: Birmingham + Trussville Alabama

Time Passed During Issue: 2 days

Main Characters in Issue:

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Story Synopsis: Captain Justice occupies the finished Carroll Center HQ. He notifies Draxene and Mind-Wave in their hide-out in Atlanta (they had to flee HYDRA in Miami) that all is ready. Dark Avenger joins, invited by Cpt.J. Skin-Rider answers a newspaper ad for ìspecial detective work neededî placed by Cpt.J. Draxene picks up Scarlett from the DOJ HQ at the downtown Harbert Center. She is being referred to Cpt.J. for observation, kind of like probation. They have few organizational meetings and decide on the name Justice League of Alabama. Cpt.J. wants to start a training session, to mold the members into a team, he shows them the Threat Room, which is a training and sim room of enormous size. Cpt.J has several robots that he arrays in a wedge versus the JLA and an impromptu game of arena football ensues. JLA defeats the robots 47-9. Unknown to anyone, Skin-Riders mental powers have left the Onthrider in a dangerous unbalanced state, and it starts to call itself ìOne-Raiderî. Cpt.J tells them that their secondary mission is to guard the Super-Morgue at UAB hospital. This faciliy houses the unclaimed bodies (for the SouthEast) of paranormals so that they can be studied for science. The morgue gets special funding and security, and part of Cpt.J's deal to get the charter is to ensure that this place stays intact. Cpt.J. reveals that they have a third mission, in addition to paranormal crime-fighting like the Avengers, they are to be the local guardians of Strong-Hold-2. SH2 had been built in secret in the iron-laced bedrock underneath Trussville, a suburb of Birmingham. The entrance to the secret underground center was co-located inside the Jefferson County Jail in Trussville. They travel to SH2 for the 50 cent tour. They view the method by which prisoners appear to be brought to JeffCo Jail and then vanish into SH2. They tour the levels and cells of the facility. They see the backups and defense systems. As they leave SH2 and go out into Trussville to catch soome supper, They are ambushed by Dr.Vezpazian and his Trauma Troops. Dr.V is an armored wierdo with some heavy agents, big guns and strange left-wing agendas. His mission today is capture Cpt.J to use as a hostage to force Republicans to resign from Congress. During the battle Skin-Rider learns that Dr.V's secret ID is Ernesto Vespasian, who used to be a math teacher at the private school where Scarlett graduated. The fight is easily going until Dr.V plays his trump card: the armored villains Pacer and Tracer jump into the fray and declare Cpt.J to surrender. The fight turns bad until Skin-Rider learns that the only reason P&T are helping Dr.V is that he kidnapped their brother, a paraplegic. Skin-Rider drifts over to one of the Trauma Troops and dominates his mind, forcing him to yell: ì"Hey Pacer, Vezpazian cut off your brother's hands! Ha Ha!" Pacer goes berserk, and begins fighting everyone. Enraged, Tracer blasts Vez full auto right through the Trauma Van. The JLA then easily recovered and mopped up everything.

Conclusions & Fallout: During the fight, Cpt.J had been severely wounded, and was unconscious. They carried him to the hospital while Mind-Wave escorted the villains to jail. Draxene cleaned up the battlefield, stacking all illegal weapons and evidence neatly for the police, while Skin-Rider probed the heads of some of the Troops. It turns out that much of what Dr.V and P&T believed was a hoax perpetrated on them by Cosmic Nite Hawk (aka Cosmic Meat Hawk).

Draxene gives lenghty statements to cops, the JLA meet the character that is Snake-Fist for the first time, and as Scarlett is chekcing Cpt.J into the hospital, the trouble-alert on his beeper goes off.