You're Fired!

Comic Book: JLA

Issue # Ten

Issue Title: You're Fired!

Real Date: Sept.5th, 1997

Game Date: April 12th,2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: Birmingport, (Bham's outlet to the ocean on the Warrior River)

Time Passed During Issue: 2hours

Main Characters in Issue:

Wang-Chiun, Hi-Voltage, Mind-Wave, Magic Michael, Scarlett

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Draxene, Cpt.Justice, Gargoyle


Story Synopsis:

Again the JLA alert beacon goes off, and the team is summoned from the usual training agenda to help put out a massive fire at the industrial dock sides at Birmingport on the extreme west-end of town. Seems like a routine adventure, until The Fires Will Not Go Out. It seems that there were a squad of HYDRA agents INSIDE the fires, stoking them with flame-throwers, wearing flame-proof armor,and fighting to keep them going even harder that the firemen were trying to keep them out. As soon as the JLA started whomping on the agents, to get them down and then put the fires out, a dozen villains pop out of hiding. HYDRA had been planing an attack on the JLA, and the fire was the bait. Umpteen HYDRA agents with flamethrowers, several Lemurian allies of theirs in the water, as well as Domino, Hydra-One, Powerhouse, and Shadow-Caster commenced a huge fracas in the midst of the fire. It was a pretty fair fight until three agents hosed Mind-Wave all at once with fire, his vulnerability.

Conclusions & Fallout:

The issue ended mid-battle, with a huge to be continued sign on the last page.