Dock of the Bay

Comic Book: JLA

Issue # Eleven

Issue Title: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Wasting Time...

Real Date: 12 Sep, 1997

Game Date: April 13th, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: Birmingport (Bham)

Time Passed During Issue: 2 hours

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Wang-Chiun, Mind-Wave, Magic Michael, Scarlett, Hi-Voltage, Dark Avenger

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Cpt.Justice, Gargoyle, Draxene

Story Synopsis:

Fight at the Docks continued, and so did the fire. Slowly the JLA seemed to be pulling their battle plan into a semblance of decency, but when HYDRA stated to lose, Hydra-One pressed some sort of panic button and called in the cavalry, so to speak. A powerful telepath started scouring the battlefield, and everyone thought it was the Dark Mind, but Skin-Rider wasn't around to confirm that one way or the other. Also a huge black helicopter roared in and disgorged a robot and 10 more agents, and a powerful man flew into the fight. Hydra-One took this moment to spray down about ten normals and fire-fighters with heavy bullets, and wastes them, setting off a lot of disads and enragements in the party. Hi-Voltage leapt into the helicopter, and shorted out its power systems. The huge chopper crashed halfway into the water, killing most of the Lemurians and half the HYDRA agents that had just debarked from it. The powerful man turned out to be clone of Hyperion, an extremely strong brick from another universe, that someone had made for HYDRA. He began beating on the JLA, also from off-table came massive mental attacks. One By One the JLA was falling down again.

Conclusions & Fallout:

Magic Michael had to teleport the team about 200 hexes away, and hide out in a warehouse while they caught their breath and came up with a plan and called in backup. The fires raged on as the issue ended in yet another cliff-hanger...