Comic Book: JLA

Issue # Twelve ?

Issue Title: Highland Park Opus

Real Date: 19 Sep, 1997

Game Date: April 5th,2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: (Bham)

Time Passed During Issue: 2 hours



Main Characters in Issue:

Wang-Chiun,Mind-Wave, Hi-Voltage, Magic Michael, Scarlett

Non-Player Characters in Issue:



Story Synopsis:

Magic Michael spends a quiet night working on that mystic amulet he's been carrying around. It radiates faint extra-dimensional magic. It looks like a small window, round, with a double crossed pattern in it, kind of like a sharp sign: #. In this issue we the audience and the other PC's get a great deal of insight into the three voices that speak to Michael. There is the the first voice, the Angel, who is kind, wise, and teaches Michael about channeling type magic. Then there is the second voice, the Sorceress, who teaches Michael about essence-based magic. Then is the third voice, the Daemoness, who teaches Michael about mentalism and psionics. We find out that the Angel only talks to Michael during the night, usually, and lives somehwere in Bham, but would prefer to not be met or known beyond these conversations. The daemoness will not speak about herself or where she lives, and she only talks to Michael from about Noon to about Midnite, but this seems to shift seasonally a few minutes either way, almost as if it were tied to the sun's precession. The sorceress can talk to him whenever she chooses, but normally she interacts with Michael's dreamscape, also it seems, cannot name herself nor can she describe her location, though she might like to. Michael figures she is cursed and trapped somewhere.

He attempts to project himself into whatever dimension the amulet seems to touch, and is shocked when he slips right on THROUGH the amulet and out the other side. Then he revises his aim, and learns that there is a miniature one-dimensional pocket universe right inside the amulet. Right when he did that, the Sorceress speaks up and says,, hey I just felt something,. Was that you? To make a long story short, he figures out how to pop her out of there, with the other JLA members providing fire support as needed, since it was felt there would be some danger from x-dim sources. Mind-Wave did the actual teleport of her from the space to the outside world. Once she was out, some of the curse was broken, and she could remember more, and she introduced herself as Clea.

Conclusions & Fallout:

Well as this touching scene is playing out, Scarlett's precog tells them something's up, and a trio of big red vans pulls up by the park and a GENOCIDE hit team piles out. They demand that Mind-Wave be handed over, and no-one else will get hurt. Big fight, of course.

GENOCIDE: Vicious-Cryptovon, Scanalyzer, 15 agents, Montana, Shrinker, and Wisteria, they got pasted and all of them got tossed into SH2