There's No Such Thing...

Comic Book: JLA

Issue # 2

Issue Title: There's No Such Thing as a Robot Vampire!

Real Date: July 4th, 1997

Game Date: March 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: Bham, Trussville (SH2)

Time Passed During Issue: 4 days

Main Characters in Issue:

Mind-Wave, Macro-Star, Skin-Rider, Scarlett, Draxene

Non-Player Characters in Issue:


Story Synopsis:

JLA traces Vezpazian's Troops back to his hideout, to clean it up and gather evidence and look fo clues and turn more things over to the police. They also planned to rescue Pacer and Tracer's brother, who could be still tied up at Dr.V's HQ. Found heavily utilized hi-tech lab, as expected. Also found four of the unexpected:

1. A magic amulet, shaped like a circled quadragram, made of lead and glass.

2. Circuits implicating Dr.V as the co-inventor of the aquatic power-armor that plagued the Miami Machine in Tales of the UnEstablished

3. No sign of P&T's brother having ever been there.

4. Three strange feathers covered in neuro-toxin.

It turns out that much of Vezpazian's recent rage came from mental tampering done to him by PSI, specifically Cosmic Nite Hawk (aka Cosmic Meat Hawk) Anyways, it turns out CNH had brainwashed Dr.V, and P&T. Their brother was fine at home, the kidnapping was implanted in all three of their minds. The two feathers were leathery and of humanoid DNA, probably from the wings of CNH. Hearing all this Snake-Fist just laughed and laughed. "We got Cosmic locked up at Strong-Hold-2 here down in the psych compounds. If you got hypnosis victims and feathers from her, the feathers must be real old and someone else did the psych tricks."

Well wrong, Mind-Wave explains, telepathy revels CNH's signature just 5 days old, and the feathers are fresh, less than a week old, and the DNA matches." So they went to SH2, tele-scanned CNH, and it turns out to be a Life-Model-Decoy. CNH has somehow escaped SH2 and left an android double in her place. While they were at it, they did a psych check of 90% of the SH2 prisoners, and found another one, the Stalker vampire was also an android. They turned the CNH LMD over to the FBI for de-programming, (with the caveat that when the FBI was finished with it, they could have it back.)

Conclusions & Fallout:

Basically, more mysteries were opened than solved this issue. CNH had stolen the amulet from the Denier and had hidden it by giving it to Dr.V as a present.

Game Junk: Androids and AIs with ego scan differently than "true" life-forms. Also, a retina scan is proof positive of ID; shape-shifters and meta-morphs cannot identically duplicate a body down to the capillary level.