Turf's Up, Dude!

Comic Book: JLA

Issue # Three

Issue Title: Turf's Up, Dude!

Real Date: July 11th, 1997

Game Date: March 5th, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: Roebuck (Suburb of Bham)

Time Passed During Issue: 6 hours

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Skin-Rider, Mind-Wave, Magic Michael, Scarlett, Buffalo Rock

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Enforcer, Body-Jack, Dr. Crowbar, Cosmic Nite Hawk, PSI Agents Squads


Story Synopsis:

The CNH Life-Model-Decoy was traced to an insider agent on the Strong-Hold-2 staff. It turns out to be Wallace Smyth, a guard at the facility, cousin to Dr.Chaos, and ward of his 2 children. The JLA decides to go with Dr.C as he visits his cousin, to check on him and his children. Guess who's sitting in an unmarked van watching the house? PSI agents, right. Dr.Chaos goes in incognito as a regular visitor. Well the agents somehow recognized Dr.C. and called into PSI HQ, requesting back-up. The rest of the JLA waited out in their van, suspecting nothing. Then Dr.Crowbar came north up the street with 2 PSI heavy agents, and Body-Jack came south up the street with 6 regular agents. Meanwhile CosmicNH flies in the back door of the house. Big fight ensues all over the yard, house, and street. The only people left standing on each side were Dr.Chaos and Skin-Rider for the JLA, and CNH and Crowbar for PSI. CNH flew off into the night, her usual escape method. Dr.Crowbar hops into his car to escape, Dr.Chaos blew it apart. Crowbar then gets into the PSI agents van, which Chaos turned into radioactive jello. So Crowbar calls for helicopter pickup, and Chaos warns it off with shots. A stand-off: Crowbar's out of ammo and can't catch Chaos, and Chaos can't hurt anything but Crowbar's foci. Crowbar walked home to Jackson MS. Skin-Rider found and trailed him, noting the location to the PSI secret southeastern hideout nearby the Jackson State University Hospital.

(fun moment during fight: Dr.Crowbar runs out of his special crowbars, and goes over to a wrought iron fence and starts crunching it's struts into crowbar shaped rods, and commences to kick ass again)

Conclusions & Fallout:

Wally was acquitted, because he only aided the escape attempt under mental duress. He had carried the LMD into SH2 a piece at a time and assembled it slowly. The title of the issue arrived from when Scarlett pulled the JLA van up into Wally's yard, she overshot the driveway and spun around in the yard, spraying a huge plume of dirt all over.With his kid's house destroyed, and a little more of his cover blown. Dr.Chaos needed to do something. Captain Justice gave him $75,000 to move his cousin and his kids back east.