Just Let'em Rob the Bank.

Comic Book: JLA

Issue # Four

Issue Title: Sometimes it's Cheaper to Just Let'em Rob the Bank.

Real Date: July 18th, 1997

Game Date: March 14th, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: (UAB hospital and UAB Campus, Bham)

Time Passed During Issue: 2 days

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Wang-Chiun, Mind-Wave, Dark Avenger, Magic Michael, Hi-Voltage

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Draxene, Gargoyle, also Vicious, Scanalyzer, Geno Agents


Story Synopsis:

The JLA starts exploring leads from Cpt.J's Big Crime Database, which contains many many problems for them to explore.. They decide to look into the rash of missing and semingly kidnapped people around UAB, especially the hospital and five-points area. The list include an npc hero named Dreamweaver, several UAB professors, Lila Korvacs, and Det.Shelton of the JeffCo. Paranormals Unit. Clues led them to think that the hospital sector was the center of the disappearances. They crawled all over the UABH Genetics Wing, and looked around the Super-Morgue, especially reviewing the security camera footage of key times. Det. Shelton is seen to enter an elevator on one floor, and never exit. There is minor psychic residue on the elevator, but nothing solid. Skin-Rider leaves post-hypnotic suggestions in several key people at the hospital to call the JLA hotline if they see or feel anything paranormal. Just when they felt they were close to something, Mind-Wave's trouble-comm goes off, and they hear an alarm ringing. Turns out they were one block from the Regions Bank University Branch, which had been chosen by GENOCIDE as a funding source. They need to interview the kidnap victim's families, but there is not time now as they must prevent the robbery.

At the bank, a huge brawl ensues with GENOCIDE. In this issue, Wang-Chiun joins the team almost by accident, as he had been trailing Vicious ofr a few months from back east. Mind-Wave invites him into the JLA and he accepts on a temporary basis.


Game-Time Fun:

As the GM is preparing the combat chart and setting up the cardboard heroes for the fight, the players got way off topic from the game, and as they chatted: the daughter of one of the players asks the GM: "Why are you doing all the work and they're just sitting around yakking?" Also, the title of this issue is based on an extremem of amount of collateral damage and civilian injuries that arose during the battle, mainly because the JLA resorted to area-effect attacks to nail the Genocide villains.

Conclusions & Fallout:

Captain Justice out of hospital finally, with vow to never go anywhere sans flak jacket ever again, not even to 7-11 for breath mints.