Paging Dr. Scarlett!

Comic Book: Justice League of Alabama

Issue # Five

Issue Title: "Paging Dr. Scarlett, Paging Dr. Scarlett!"

Real Date: July 24th, 1997

Game Date: March 15'th', 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: Univ.Ala..Bham

Time Passed During Issue: Several Hours

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos. Skin-Rider, Wang-Chiun, Mind-Wave, Hi-Voltage, Scarlett

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Cpt.Justice, Obsidian, Silver Avenger Mark Dashette, the "Dark Mind"

Story Synopsis:

JLA snoops around some more at UAB Hospital, since that is the epicenter for all the recorded disappearances. They interviewed more people and had the PRIMUS AI run an interpolative check on all available data, since their equipment made little sense of the cases, except noting their location and history. Skin-Rider, while poking around in some of the staff's heads, mentally bumps into an immense psionic defensive wall. Probing, he is encountered by a grossly powerful telepath that introduces itself as "The Dark Mind". Skin-Rider is unable to track this mind, nor can he succeed with any of his usual mental tricks on the Dark Mind, so he bolts back to the rest of the JLA to report on it. Cpt.Justice calls in a favor from the DC Champions, and Obsidian comes to visit Birmingham. They tap into his knowledge of genetics, and get Scarlett prepped up in her secret ID to masquerade as Dr. O'Hara, a recently hired gene-tech at UAB Genetics Labs. Skin-Rider has to get real mind-happy to plant her on the staff. They do this because Scarlett will fit the bill exactly on the victim profile: Smart, Beautiful, doctor at UAB: if she can pull off the masquerade as a doctor of genetics. They figure that who-ever is kidnapping these people will find Scarlett an irresistible target, and will make a move on her, with of course the whole JLA monitoring.

Also in the searching, Mind-Wave and Hi-Voltage find an alien device in the Supers-Morgue. It was a small stealthy box, about 4 inches long that had leads going into the ears of Cpt.Universe's body. It was hidden in close behind his head on the slab. They also found extremely low-level electrical activity in his brain, They tried electro-shock therapy on Cpt.Universe, to attempt his revival. As a last resort, they took the device away, to determine what it was later. Examining the security tapes if the morgue, they find the box appears in one frame of the film, and isn't there previously, almost as if the thing had teleported into place on Cpt.U's head.

Conclusions & Fallout:

Scarlett started working forty-hours a week incognito for the Genetics Wing. Magic Michael boosted her INT for a few days and she helped discover a cure for a rare kind of lymphomatic cancer. Skin-Rider left more post-hypnotic suggestions in place for people at UAB hospital to report to the JLA on anything unusual. The JLA starts to put some serious points, money, and time into getting a competent team vehicle.