Grass is Always Greener

Comic Book: JLA

Issue # Six

Issue Title: The Grass is Always Greener on the EGO side of Defense

Real Date: August 8th, 1997

Game Date: March 8th, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: (Jackson MS)

Time Passed During Issue: one fine day

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Skin-Rider, Mind-Wave, Wang-Chiun, Hi-Voltage,

Magic Michael, Scarlett

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Enforcer, Draxene, Gargoyle

Body-Jack, Cosmic Nite Hawk, Dr.Crowbar, Le Sone, Crustacea

Story Synopsis:

Skin-rider "rode" Dr.Crowbar all the way back to the southeastern cell of PSI. He scouted it out and brought back a detailed report to the JLA. They took a couple of days and worked out an elaborate battle plan. They called in a SAT-trained Delta-Force battalion from Virginia. They didn't want to use any local units or any other paranormal agencies such as the Southern Knights to back them up, because they didn't want to tip off any moles that PSI might have had locally. Using sleep gas grenades and gas-masks, they invade the facility at night and carried it off almost flawlessly. Most of the villains were asleep and the fight was short. All 6 super-villains and 35 agents were captured. Several hi-tech labs were captured intact and a high-speed connection to the PSI central computer was compromised. 62 normal citizens whom the PSI were using as slaves, experiments and crime fodder were also freed and normalized.

(fun moment during fight: A native American nature-spirit named Wapahani lived on the grounds of the university and the PSI enclave. She couldn't get rid of them, and they couldn't move her. She tolerated them as long as they didn't pollute the local area. She watched the fight, and had the JLA done anything harmful to nature, polluted, etc. She would've joined in and done great harm to the offenders.) During the stake-out of the place Dr.Chaos noticed how perfectly sculpted all the bushes were, how rich and luxuriant the lawns grew, the landscaping was totally perfect. Because of Wapahani's influence, and thus the title of this issue.

Conclusions & Fallout:

HYDRA was discovered to be a major financial backer of the outpost. PSI would do favors, launder money, and take heat for HYDRA, and PSI got millions in return. Cosmic Nite Hawk needed the mystic amulet to consummate some sort of deal and couldn't because now she was back in SH2 and Magic Michael had it anyways. When they got back from Mississippi, the JLA learned that someone had sprung Dr.Vezpazian from the regular jail he was in, probably PSI operatives. Whatever he was doing before, he was now doing it for PSI directly. What could it be, since he's a certifiable nut-case?