Comic Book: J-L-A

Issue # Seven

Issue Title: These Guys are Animals!

Real Date: 15 Aug 97

Game Date: March 30th, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: (Bham Zoo)

Time Passed During Issue: One Hour

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Mind-Wave, Wang-Chiun, Hi-Voltage. Magic Michael, Scarlett

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Cpt.Justice, Undercover Iguana, Draxene, Gargoyle

Ling-Wizard, Cardinal Sin, Popin-Jay and about 750 wild birds

Scorpianna, Recluse, Captain Cod & Cod-Wonder, Craw-Daddy

Klobber Dog and about 500 stray dogs, King Krab, Bad Bass


Story Synopsis:

The JLA rested on it's laurels for a few days. Magic Michael was staying up late at nights, endeavoring to determine what the mystic amulet they had lifted from Dr.Vezpazian could be. I had dimensional magicks in it, and could possibly be, ar could activate, a gateway to another world. But he couldn't dig any deeper. because at about 3am the Signal went off. This was an alarm that Cpt.Justice had given to the mayor to activate whenever trouble was big enough to warrant an immediate rally of all available JLA members to a situation. So they saddled up and got into their van and headed to Mtn.Brook, a suburb of Birmingham. On the way there they were amazed to see just hundreds of stray dogs prowling around the Zoo. But even bigger than that, the Zoo was ringed by SWAT teams, cops from several jurisdictions, and fire-fighting persons and their equipment. Mind-Wave asks the Chief od police what's up? Besides most of the Zoo being on fire, and many animals loose, he directed the JLA to some binoculars and look at the middle of the zoo, around the central paddock. There they saw what appeared to be about 7 giant animals sitting around talking to each other, carrying equipment and wearing clothes. There was a snake-man, 2 giant birds, 2 anthropomorphic insect-women, 2 floating fish (one large and one man-sized,) a giant humanoid dog, a mofo-huge giant crab, an aquatic person, and an armored exo-skeletal beast . As they're watching the Zoo Crew, as they came to be called, planning a strategy, a small reptilian in a suit-jacket comes up and tugs on Cpt.Justice's cape. Wang-Chiun over-reacts and takes a chop at him, but the lizard dodged him. "Hey I'm not on their side!" he yells, and then Undercover Iguana, Pet Detective, starts to tell them all about the Zoo Crew, whom he had spied on extensively in the preceding months.


Ling Wizard, the snake-man, had gotten mystic powers from god-knows-where, and had created all the other members of the Zoo Crew. He had hollowed out a cave complex underneath the zoo and had been amassing power till he was ready to strike. Which Iguana thought would be next month, because he had been planning on warning the JLA once he had more info, but LW had jumped the gun on him. Magic Michael detects huge amounts of mana coming off Ling-Wizard, and realizes that he can keep creating more henchmen and will keep at it until he's got an army. So the JLA needs to strike now, before these animals take over the world, on zoo at a time.

Conclusions & Fallout:

Massive brawl ensued, ending in a cliff-hanger stalemate, to be concluded next issue. Also, this episode solved a minor crime-wave, the JLA found out where all the dog-napped pets had gone.