Comic Book: J-L-A

Issue # Eight

Issue Title: Do Not Feed The Animals

Real Date: 22 Aug 97

Game Date: March 30th, 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: (Bham Zoo)

Time Passed During Issue: One Hour

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Mind-Wave, Wang-Chiun, Magic Michael, Scarlett, Dark Avenger

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Cpt.Justice, Undercover Iguana, Draxene, Gargoyle


Enemies Roster & Powers:

Ling-Wizard (Reptilian: Strong & Magical)

Cardinal Sin (Avian: Flight, Healing, and Aid songs)

Popin-Jay (Avian: Flight, Summoning, and PRE drain songs)

Scorpianna (Arthro: Armor, Poison, Psionics)

Recluse: (Arthro: Poison, Entangles, high Dex)

Captain Cod (Aquatic: Hi-Tech toys and Skills)

Cod-Wonder (Aquatic: Hi-Tech Assistant)

Klobber Dog (Canine: Strong and Vicious, Ex-Dim Travel and Summons)

King Krab (Arthro: Huge, Strong, Death-Dealing)

Bad Bass (Aquatic: Strong & Slippery)

Craw-Daddy (Arthro: Armor, Grabs)

Story Synopsis:

Continued the block-buster battle of titans. The JLA was overmatched, but used teamwork and trickery to keep at it. The only advantage the JLA had was that if any of the animals got too far outside the fight area, they would get creamed by SWAT snipers from the perimeter. Lots of knock-down, drag-out action. It was going well until turn 13, when everyone got an unlucky break all at once, it seemed. Magic Michael got hit by a spray of iron shards by Ling Wizard, Scarlett got konked on the head by Klobber Dog, Undercover Iguana and Capt.Justice got grenaded by a Cod-Bomb, Dark Avenger got mind-zapped by Scorpianna, Recluse glued Hi-Voltage to the waterfall with a well-placed web-shot. King Krab disarmed Wang-Chiun, separating him from the Shebanigan. The only person left up was Mind-Wave, it seemed. He had to teleport everyone out of there for the time being. Bad Bass had been captured, and Scorpianna had been forced to leave, but that was the only success. None of the JLA were seriously hurt, but then again, neither were any of the Zoo Crew.

Conclusions & Fallout:

Half the heroes were knocked out, and half were out of breath, so they had to regroup and hit the animals later..