Comic Book: J-L-A

Issue # Nine

Issue Title: "I Have a Dream!"

Real Date: 29 Aug 97

Game Date: March 31st 2000, Champions Earth

GameMaster: ELD

Location of Story: (Bham Zoo)

Time Passed During Issue: Five Hours

Main Characters in Issue:

Dr.Chaos, Mind-Wave, Wang-Chiun, Dark Avenger, Magic Michael, Scarlett

Non-Player Characters in Issue:

Cpt.Justice, Undercover Iguana, Draxene, Gargoyle, Enforcer

Ling-Wizard, Cardinal Sin, Popin-Jay and about 750 wild birds

Scorpianna, Recluse, Captain Cod & Cod-Wonder

Klobber Dog and about 500 stray dogs

King Krab, Bad Bass, Craw-Daddy, Super-Jackal, Cat-Man-Do

Story Synopsis:

On their third attempt to eradicate the evil from the Zoo, the JLA had more luck. Even though Ling-Wizard had created 2 more animal men, the JLA brought in Enforcer, so the fight stayed even. Not realizing this, Cpt.Cod kept offering the JLA terms and invited them to surrender at the top of every combat turn. This time the JLA double-teamed the Zoo Crew every chance they could get, and it paid off. Details of the fight are fuzzy, but massive amounts of damage were handed out to all and sundry. First the JLA held back the snipers, Enforcer, Ho-Voltage, and Draxene, and whittled away at the wizards and healers. Then the bricks waded in and whaled on the fighters. The dramatic moment was when Scarlett assaulted King Krab frontally in an attempt to get past his armor with a touch attack. She and the beast went down in a dusty scuffle, and rolled into a pit still fighting. No-one knew who was winning until the end of the battle. Basically all of the Crew got wasted, whipped or whomped except Klobber Dog, Scorpianna, and Ling Wizard. Good thing Cpt. Justice brought a shot-gun this time.

Fun Moment During This Issue:

In a rather long soliloquy, the true desires of Ling Wizard were revealed. He made a speech to the whole crowd starting off with "I have a dream, that one day all mutants and heroes shall live equally, that in the future, the sons of paranormals and the sons of super-heroes shall walk hand-in-hand on the red clay hills of Alabama." For a moment all was quiet on the battlefield, as it seemed all had been made to think of a better time and place, but into the quiet that followed, Recluse said Bull-Shit, and began the fight again.


Scarlett had absorbed a truck-load of power from King-Krab during their personal brawl. From that fight ever after, she was much toughter in personal combat, and she had a tendency to not come out of her shell very often either. The City of Birmingham showed extreme gratitude to the JLA for the victory, even though in the early going their temporary defeats had been heavily televised as well. (this adventure was not well-received by the players, and these three issues about the Zoo-Crew were together referred to, when mentioned at all, as the Assistant Editor's design)