Characteristics       Disadvantages

  8 STR   -2           100 Base
 15 DEX   15            10 DF: Long Long Hair (conc)
 15 CON   10            20 DNPC: Lady Killer (dog) (norm) 8-
 10 BOD    0            20 Hunted: War-Star, aspow, 14-
 20 INT   10            15 Phys: Must sleep after extensive use of magic
 20 EGO   20               pool
 20 PRE   10            10 Psych: Nice, Naive, Flirty
 18 COM    4            20 Psych: In Love With / Protective of Technician
  4 PD     2            15 SID: Orla Kimson
  4 ED     1           211 Blessed Bonus
  4 SPD   15         
  5 REC    0
 30 END    0
 22 STN    0     

    60 60 Point Variable Power Pool : Mechanical / Magic Powers
    60 VPP: No Time, Incantations,  Gestures
     5 Mental Defense: 9 DEF
    38 Danger Sense: Any attack, General Area 15-

    13 Extra-dimensional Movement: Heaven, Upper Planes, 0 END
    80 Teleport: 15", 0 END   OIF Gem (self & equip only)
    10 Instant Change
     3 Life Support: Immune to Aging
    20 Universal Translator

     6 AK: USA, Extra-Planar Traveller
     3 Combat Flight
     3 Computer Programming 13-
     3 KS: Mystic Spells
     3 KS: Mechanics, Electronics
     5 Cramming
     6 KS: Candle-Making, Micro-Electronics: 17-
     2 KS: Gods & Demons 13-
     2 KS: Ritual Magic 13-
     2 KS: Sorcery 13-
     3 Lightning Calculator
     3 Persuasion 13-
     7 PS: Armorsmith 17-
     3 SC: Mathematics 13-
     2 SC: Weaponsmith 11-
     3 Scholar
     1 Contact: Angel of Birmingham

Armor Suit:
     10/10 Hardened Armor
     10/10 Ablative Armor
     Life-Support: (Air, Vac, Press, Rad, Water, Excrete, Heat,Cold)
     21" flight, x7 NCV, Zero-END (sealed for space and ocean)
     Change-Env: SpotLight, Siren, Mega-Phone,  AE-1Hex
     Hi-Res,Radio Xmit/Receive, Scrambler, Secure Crypto
     Radio Suppress: Jammer 8 dice

ORIGIN: stolen suit, granted magic powers TACTICS: overflight, sniping, spotting, aerial tracking COSTUME: changeable, flamboyant armors and capes PERSONALITY: distinctive, feminine, witty BACKGROUND NOTES: Orla did not invent the suit, but she dropped out of college to study it after the guy she dumped left it at her apartment. She's a crimefighter for all the wrong reasons: The Angel of Birmingham guilted her into it and gave her the magic powers. Also she thinks heroes are cool, cute, and wear spandex. In combat, she acts as spotter, get-away stopper, sniper-fire support, and comic relief with her non-regulation radio chatter. She flies high above and eyeballs out the tactical situation and feeds it to Mind-Wave and/or Captain Justice. Jato-Mancer is a young woman, about 27 years old. She stands 5'11" and has *long* brown hair dyed black that falls to about her knees. She usually dresses in multi-layer armor and thi-hi boot combinations. Her 'demi-goddess' costume is a multi-platinum affair of overlapping platess, linkss and veils colored primarily white and fire-yellow. Jato-Mancer also wears a lot of jewelry, commonly wearing rings on most of her fingers as well as earrings and multiple anklets.