STR    17      DF: Wizard Garb & Spiky Hair (concealable)                    
DEX    18      Public ID (super public among cognoscenti)                           
CON    16      DF: Tibetan Oriental                           
BODY   11      Psych: Cold, Pragmatic ("Kinda Evil")                           
INT    18      Psych: Enjoys comforts & wealth                           
EGO    28      Psych: Domineering                           
PRE    22      Hunted: various neutral & good beings, from various dimensions                           
COM     9                                 
PD      9                                 
ED      9                                 
SPD     4                                  
REC    13                                 
END    50                                 
STUN   50
Images: (mirror images)
Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Mental, -8 to PER rolls, Skill Roll req. x5 to Radius, Zero End, Only Images of Self (up to 8 at a time). Shape-Shift: Any living Shape, Zero End. Power Effects Invisible to Magical Senses. +Density Increase, Shrinking, Growth: Up to 1 Level of Each, Only for use (linked) (if needed by shape-shift above), Zero End. Power Effects Invisible to Magical Senses. Force-Field: Zero End. 13/13 Force-Wall: 18/18, Half-End Immortality: (Regeneration-Type) Life-Support: No Aging Eidetic Memory: photographic Spells Multi-Power: a) Energy Blast, 14d6 b) Energy Blast, Area Effect Hex 12d6 c) Telepathy, Penetrating, 13d6 d) Entangle BOECV, 8d6 e) Killing Attack, Explosion, Double Knockback, 4d6 f) Teleport, Area Effect, Transdimensional, Triggered, 20", x1024 NCV, UAO, UBO g) Mind-Link, Transdimensional, Any Distance, x8 minds h) Aid, To Magical Powers, BOECV, Linked to Mind-Link, 8d6 i) Change Environment, Variable j) Teleport, Only in Rain/Storm: Side Effect: CE dissipates said rain/storm 20", x15625 NCV k) Summon Undead or Spirits l) Other Adjustment Powers as GM sees fits (Var.SFX) Var.Pow.Pool: Magic Knowledge 40 points, Spell Books, Skill Roll, Variable SFX, GEstures, Incantations Languages: Tibetan, Chinese, Egyptian, English, Latin AK: World 12- AK: Asia 14- AK: Tibet 16- AK: the Dimensions 17- KS: Magic: Chaos, Darkhold, Nature, Necromantic, Black, Vishanti, Others 22- 13- 14- 15- 19- 12- 15- PS: Financier SC: Philosophy Skills: Tactics, Administration, Cramming, Agriculture, Business, Riding, Deduction, Persuasion Well-Connected: (mostly arcane) Contacts: Dr.Strange, Clea, the Ancient One, Lords of Chaos, vampires, demons, his Wall Street Broker, Lords of Sorcery, various Mystics & Wizards Wealth: 10 Martial Arts: Jiu Jutsu Block +2 OCV +2 DCV Abort Disarm -1 OCV +1 DCV 30 STR Disarm Dodge +0 OCV +5 DCV Abort Legsweep +2 OCV -1 DCV 5d6 Strike, Target Falls Punch/Snap Kick +0 OCV +2 DCV 6d6 Strike Side/Spin Kick -2 OCV +1 DCV 8d6 Strike

ORIGIN: adept of earth past marvel universe

TACTICS: surprise & deception, confusion illusion

COSTUME: strange robes & lightning bolt patterns

PERSONALITY: sometimes arrogant and always intellectual