STR 39  
DEX  7
CON 44
BOD 21
INT 11
EGO 19
PRE 12+ (see below)
COM  0
PD  10
ED  10
SPD  4
REC 18
END 99
STN 88

Variable Power Pool:  95
  Teleportation Based Powers Only, such as:
     FTL Travel: UBO, Sticky, costs END
     Tpt  up to 327,680 Hexes Non-Combat
     Tpt  up to 60 Hexes in Combat personally
     Tpt  up to 30 Hexes in Combat, Area Effect, AP, Sticky, etc.
     Tpt Usable By Others
     Tpt Usable Against Others
     Energy Blast vs. PD  (Tpt object at opponent)
     Ranged Killing Attack  (Tpt object into opponent)
     Extreme DCV Bonuses, Costs END  (Micro Tpts)
     Damage Reduction 75% versus PD, Resistant (Micro Tpts)
     Energy Blast versus PD, No Normal Defense:
          (Tpt Dust,  Glass, Powder, etc.  into Opponents eyes;
          Defense could be Flash Defense: Sight or Life Sup: Sealed Breathe)
     Body Drain: Tpt opponent's sections away
     Recovery Drain: Tpt fluids out of opponents systems
     Tunneling UBO:  Tpt massive amounts of dirt into space
Control Cost: 47
    Restricted to Teleport Effects Only  -.5
    Change Powers on Half a Phase  +.5  (w/skill Roll)
Tpt Floating Locations:
    Attilan City on Moon (His private Room)
    FF Headquarters (Four Freedom's Plaza)
    Wherever Thing Is at the Time!
Mind Scan: 10 Dice, +5 to the roll (avg = 40)
Combat Levels:  +10 with Mind Scan
    (Routinely finds the Thing anywhere in entire USA)
Combat Levels: +4 for any actions with Tpt VPP
Combat Levels: +3 with Grab (Bite based)
3d6 HKA Bite, Reduced Penetration, Continuous
PRE:  +35 among Inhumans, FF, aquaintances, or for defence.
Tracking Scent
Enhanced PER: Mind Scan +2
Enhanced PER: Scent & hearing +3
Flash Def: 5 in Mental Sense Group
Mental Defense: 7
Power Defense: 5 (highly energized mutant physiology)
One Level Growth, Always On, Persistent, O END
One Level Density Increase, Always On, Persistent, O END
Armor:  3 PD, 3 ED hard skin, thick fur
Clairsentience: Same Ranges as Teleport (Yee-Hah!)
Extra Limbs: Tongue (Clumsy -.5)

Martial Arts: Beast Fu
  Martial Grab: Bite
  Martial Block: Head Butt
  Defensive Strike: Leg Bite
  Damage Classes: +2
Levels:  +3 With Beast Fu
Lip Reading
Conversation (Listening Only, -.75)
KS: Teleportation Physics: Theory & Practice  23-   (VPP:)
KS: Hyper-physics    14-
KS: Earth Goegraphy   13-
KS: Lunar Geography 12-
KS: Inhuman Politics & History  12-
KS: Fantastic Four/Avengers History 12-
KS: Psychology
KS: Psychiatry (esp. Rejection & Deformity)
Contact: Thing(Ben Grimm) + Reed Richards
Contact: Black Bolt + Attilan
Base: Private Rooms & Inhuman Palace in Attilan
Base:  Always welcome at FF HQ
Money 5 (can draw on resources of Inhumans or FF)
Bump of Direction

Dist.Features: Quite Ugly, like an elephantine bull-dog.
Dist.Features: Psychic Tuning Fork on Forehead
Pysch: Prefers Being Known as Dog-like pet
       rather than a mutated deformed InHuman
Phys.Limit:  No fingers, nor Fine Manipulation (has to
     use Tongue & Lips, paws too crude)
Phys.Limit:  Detects as Mutant on Scanners
      (Standard Inhuman Disad, they are products of Kree
      experiments, plus Terrigen Mists)
Phys.Limit: Cannot speak languages
Psych: Sensitive for & about deformed or crippled beings
     note: does not think of himself as crippled, is not "sorry for self"
Secret ID:  Actually a terrigen-deformed Inhuman prince
Suscept:  1d6 damage per day: Pollutants
Psych: Fond of his Inhuman "family"  & especially Crystal
Reputation: people assume he's "simply an animal"
Experience:  Thing's Buddy Bonus

Optional Disads:
   Vulnerability:    Poison Gas, Mutagens, and
           Pollution-based  Chemical Attacks  (1.5x Stun Only)
   Hunted:  Maximus
   Rivalry: Krypto (professional only)

Why FTL first in VPP?  Lockjaw's stated range is 2.5 BILLION MILES.
  Put that in your Heromaker and smoke it!
Don't take my Tpt numbers as limits or as the gospel.
  Lockjaw will not always push the power to it's maximum.
The truly awesome distances and FTL travel
  take 3-4 Extra phases to set-up.
I fudged out the vulnerability based on all the rest of
   the literature. Consider it optional.
The Krypto rivalry is only for my own heavily crossed
   over DC/Marvel/Cahmpions campaign really.
   Consider it optional as well, possibly humorous  :)
The Conversation skill and the Cannot Speak limitation
  are NOT contradictory. Lockjaw is a great listener and can
  draw people into revealing much about themselves as they
  patter on to him, because he responds via his eyes & body language)
Credit Dave M. at Powerpoint for my choice to do LJ's teleport as a VPP
Let the number crunchers put exact figures onto my ideas if they like.
Re-read his characteristics: Please don't think "slow clumsy target beast".
  remember, when the villains go to waste ammo on him, he won't be there
  to be hit, will he? Possibly: think of his DEX as being in the 29-32 range as
  far as Teleport Reaction time is concerned.
Did he ever tpt someone to himself in the FF comics? I think it was
   always touch/sight range  (thus No Summoning with the VPP)
In my campaign, Hyper-physics is the science of why warp-drive and
   or FTL-drive works. (ask B'Elana on Voyager about tachyon fields
   and the gibberish you hear will be hyperphysics jargon)
Lockjaw is heroic, he probably won't use the truly nasty Tpt schticks
   like Body Drain except versus extreme dangers such as Ultron,
   Mechanon, Darkseid, Foxbat, etc.
Okay, you got me:  the Beast-fu is really reaching. I did it because
   his MSH "Fighting" is remarkable. Sue me.
In situations of extreme danger, he will voluntarily operate at an effective
  Speed of 3 and keep a held phase for emergency evac teleport: AE selective

Lockjaw assisted Reed Richards heavily in the flight from the Marvel Universe collapse.