she's a blend of Phoenix & Wasp:
18 STR                 Hunted: Dr.Draconis
20 DEX                 Psych: Code vs Killing (com, str)
18 CON                 Psych: Occasionally  starts mega fires
13 BOD                   not exactly an arsonist but will stare at fires
29 INT                   instead of putting them out like other heroes
47 EGO                 Reputation: Psychologically Unstable (11-)
20 PRE                 Public ID: Laurie Welles
22 COM                 Hunted: GENOCIDE (AP, NCI, 11-)
 8 PD                  Love: Sandra Remmler
 8 ED                  Ongoing Personality Crisis
 5 SPD                 Phys: Basketball Fanatic (Magic, Hawks)
18 REC                 DF: Dark-Skinned Female Mutant
46 END                 Psych: Underconfident/Doubts Self (com, str)
46 STN                 Psych: Uncomfortable around Aliens (unc, mod)

7 levels shrinking, 0 End 17" Flight [2] Based off shrinking +10 Str, 0 End, Does Not Add to figured, Based off Shrinking 16d6 Energy Blast, 0 End, No KB IIF Focusing Bracelet +7d6 Energy Blast, 0 End, Based off Shrinking, No KB, No Rng Cybernetic Armor MP OIF 12d6 Telepathy, AOE, x24 Radius, 0 End Selective Fire 12d6 Mind Control, AOE x24 Radius, 0 End Selective Fire 3/3 Armor, OIF 4pts Flash Def, OIF Paramedics, Teacher, Computer Programming 14- 3 Overall levels +3 OCV w/Energy Blast Radio Listen/Transmit IIF (Comm Card) EC: Psycho-Phoenix Powers 12d6 Mind Scan 0 End 6d6 Ego Blast 0 End 30/10 Forcefield 0 End 24/8 Forcewall 0 End Feedback (-1) Missile Deflection, @ Range, +1 to roll 15pt Mental Defense Life Support: Self Contained, Temperature, Pressure, Radiation, Vacuum

ORIGIN: all powers are special cybernetics developed by DOJ labs.

TACTICS: shrink down, sneak in, wallop from behind, try not to go berserk.

COSTUME: blue & grey "reed"-suit with cyber enhancements.

PERSONALITY: not sure who she is yet, even though 37 years old. experimentally bi.

BACKGROUND NOTES: "and Fiery Demons will dance when you walk thorugh that door. don't say you're easy on me, you're about as easy as a Nuclear War..."