17  STR                                                         
  26  DEX    
  18  CON       DISADS:
  14  BOD          Hunted: HYDRA
  16  INT          DNPC "Random fem. FBI agent", competent, Useful Skills, 8-
  17  EGO          Distinctive Features, Concealable
  15  PRE  
  18  COM          Hunted: LEGION Corp (LP, NCI, 8-)
   8  PD           Phys Lim: End Battery Empty, suit locks up (infreq, Fully)
   8  ED           Phys Lim: Loses 1 Power when takes body (Infreq, Greatly)
   6  SPD          Phys Lim: Esper-Blind
   8  REC          Secret ID: Tom Daufeld, VP Dryden Technologies
  30  END     
  30  STN  
Main Suit Powers
    +20 STR, Doesn't Add,   suit
    +6 BODY,   suit
    1/2 Resistant Physical & Energy Damage Reduction,   suit
    10pt Flash Def: All Senses
    20 pts Lack of Weakness,   suit
    22/22 Armor, Hardened,   suit
    Life Support: Self Contained, Pressure, Temp, Rad, Disease,   suit

Suit Weapons Multipower
    u 20" Flight, 0 End, x8 non-combat (585mph) 
    u 35 STR Clinging 
    u Bump of Direction, Discriminatory, suit "Gyro + GPS Guidance System"

Misc. Suit Powers:
    End Battery: 120 End, 10 rec,   suit, OIF Pack
    6d6 Energy Absorb to End Battery, Only vs Heat/Cold, Laser, Electric
        ED Attacks (-1),   suit "Thermocoupling"
    Ultra sonic Hearing,   suit, Not on by default (-1/4)
    IR Vision,   suit, Not on by default (-1/4)
    Change Environment: 4" Radius,   suit "Searchlight"
    Change Environment: 16" Radius,   suit, No Rng "Voice Amplifier"
    Radar, 360 degrees,   suit x1000 Microscope Vision,   suit
    x1000 Telescope Vision, suit    UV Vision, suit, Not on by default (-1/4)

    16d6 Energy Blast, Vari.Spec.Eff. No KnckBk  

Other Powers:
    High Range Radio: Send/Receive (Subcutaneous)
    Radio Listen/Transmit IIF (FBI/SAT Comm Card)
    FBI/SAT Clearance Perks
    Langs: English, Spanish, Cajun, Choctaw
    Weaponsmith: Lasers, Plasma, Sonics, Exoskeletal Armor 11-
    KS: Nanites
    Bureacratics, Micro-biology, High Society, Seduction, 13-
    Bugging, Computer Programming, Criminology, Deduction, 
      Micro-Physics, Security Systems, Tactics  16-

ORIGIN: high tech wonder boy TACTICS: flight against opponents, move-throughs, sweeps, etc. COSTUME: bronzed armor PERSONALITY: shifty, cheap, petty mercenary, yet helpful BACKGROUND NOTES: Basically a copy of Stark-Richards type armor, with the wrist weapons mounts and batteries replaced by self-altering nano-molecular circuits. It'd be hard to find a more obnoxious hero than this, but at least he's beating up bad guys.