Gender: Male    Alter Ego: The Grey Walker
  Height: 6'2"    Weight: 185 pounds
  Eyes: White     Hair: White
  Wealth: N/A     Motivation: Responsibility of Power

Statistics DEXTR: 35 STREN: 3 BODY : 20 PRESENCE: 45 INTEL: 40 CON: 25 EGO: 75 PD: 18 ED: 18 SPEED: 5 END: 150 STUN: 85 REC: 18 Skills Occultist: 21- Advantages Area Knowledge: The Afterworlds Connection: The Justice League of Alabama 8- Connection: The Lords of Order 11- Connection: The Mystical Community 14- Leadership Luck (5 dice) Omni-Connection: 15 point VPP on Contacts, has 11- chance to know anybody dead or alive Memberships Earth's Mystical Community Justice League of Alabama (partial) Trenchcoat Brigade Detect Truth & Detect Lie Awareness: 25x max ranges Detect Good & Detect Evil Detect Continuum Effect & Warps Detect Invisible (as a sense) Detect Extra-Planar Beings & Effects (as a sense) Detect Desolidified (as a sense) Detect Magic: 3125 hex max range (as a sense) Desolidification, Zero-End Persistent Mental Awareness Life Support (Full, Astral type "after-life" support Strength affects Desolid Strength is AP Pen versus Magic Defenses Power Defense 20 Mental Defense 30 200 Point Variable Power Pool: (known options) [[Sorcery: 40]] Clairvoyance (mental sense group) Desolid Energy Blast: Lightning FTL Travel Mind Scan: Dream & Omen based Telepathy Teleportation Planar Travel: wide slam open Contacts: Zatanna, Dr.Fate, Batman, Metamorpho, all 11- Magic Michael 8- Psych Limit: Prefers warnings & advice over direct action Psych Limit: Wishes to have humans understand their weight in the cosmos (+Guilt+) Phys. Limit: Cannot act directly against threats beneath his power level. Reputation: Opposes those who inflict evil or chaos upon humanity Dependence: Must do a deed of goodness, justice, balance, or freedom daily. Watching: Modok (due to Loc-Nar) Watching: Dr.Chaos Watched: by God

He lost John Constantine. He lost Gloria. He lost the children.

He lost Danny the Street. He lost Tim Hunter. He lost Diana. . . . .

He almost lost Inza, and he almost lost himself.

Even in his hour of greatest work, when he had saved so many lives,

he still faltered. Even after he had slain great evil, and made avatars run,

and rescued the weak and made the mighty cower in fear: still he doubted.

It wasn't until the DC Universe finally succumbed,

and Tyrannon started seeping it's very essence away,

did he realize the Lesson of Guilt:

Even guilt, as wonderful a tool as it is, even as sharp as it makes the soul:

is a selfish tool.