(Jean Grey, early 80's version)
  12  STR   10   x1                                                    
  21  DEX   10   x3 
  47  CON   10   x2       Vuln: x2 Effect, Magical Attacks
  15  BODY  10   x2       Vuln: 1.5x Effect, Mental Illusions
  15  INT   10   x1       Psych: Code versus Killing
  45  EGO   10   x2       Psych: Even Tempered (for a Red-Head)
  19  PRE   10   x1       Psych: Sometimes Cosmically Aloof, Sometimes
  23  COM   10  x.5       Secret ID: Jean Grey               overly Passionate
  13  PD    S5   x1       Acc.Change: 8- overuse of powers, into Dark Phoenix 
  13  ED    C5   x1
   5  SPD  1D10 x10
  26  REC  S5C5  x2
 110  END   Cx2 x.5
  80  STUN BS2C2 x1  

Elemental Control: Phoenix Force a) Transform: Any basic element into any other, Minor, 8 dice. b) Instant Change, any clothing, usable by & against others. c) Force Field: 55 PD, 55 ED, Half-End d) FTL: Usable by Others at the same time, x2560 Lightspeed Trigger, Area Effect: 3 Hex, Transdimensional; SFX:gateway. e) Regeneration: 1 Body per Day, Persistent (Immortal, rises even from ashes) f) Energy Blast: 20d6, Increased Max Range x25, No Range Mods. (She rarely Uses Full Power) g) Telekinesis: 60 STR, Increased Max Range x25, No Range Mods, Fine Work. h) Change Environment: Weather Control, x16 Increased Area Effect, Variable i) Full Life Support & Spaceworthiness j) Transfer: Endurance, from beings, mystic power sources, solar sources, and probably magic manifestatons. Into END. 8d6, 5 minute Fade. Shuts off all other powers except Flight. (EC: all SFX are Cosmic Power) Telepathy: 16d6 Mind Scan: 12d6, +12 to Roll. Flight: 27", x16 NCV Luck, 2 dice Danger Sense, 17-, any area, (sfx: psychic & cosmic) High Society, PS: Model, SC: Astrophysics, KS: Mentalism, AK: Universe, Astronavigation, Persuasion, Seduction, PS: Pilot, SC: Parapsychology, System Ops, Flight Skill Levels: 3, Attacks Skill Levels: 2 Mental Skill Levels: 4 Contacts: X-Groups, Fant.Four, Avengers, etc.
Phoenix Force: When any of her EC powers are used, they suffer from this linked effect. She projects a raptor shaped aura of flame around herself. This is cosmic flame, often wispy, but sometimes powerful & intense. Normally it is merely a Change Environment from anywhere 3 hexes or more radius, producing light & mild heat. In times of great stress, passion, or when pushing powers, the force can manifest as a Flash, of up to 8 dice or more. Under more usage, or more stress, it can actually cross over into being a Energy Blast, of up to 10 dice. It seems to limit it's own appearance to the enclosing size of the area, but it can be truly huge. Area Size Conditions Manifest PRE plus =======================#=======================================#======== Indoors 1 Hex # At Peace CE: Light + Heat # 4 # # Street 3 Hex Rad # Stress 1d6 Flash, 2d6 EB # 8 # # Outdoors 6 Hex Rad # Combat 2d6 Flash, 4d6 EB # 12 # # Flying, 9 Hex Rad # Life & Death 3d6 Flash, 6d6 EB # 16 or in Space # or Pushing To determine effects, you need to think about where she is and what's going on. Use both columns for PRE effects. The Manifest & Size columns are cumulative, so if she were under stress outdoors, there would be Light, Heat, 3d6 Flash & 6d6 EB in a 10 hex radius, and her PRE would be plus 20. Needless to say, these powers are also all Zero End, Independent, No Conscious Control, Linked to her EC, and Triggered by Stress. A really nice GM would allow it to be Selective Fire, since she rarely toasted X-men. Real Name: Jean Grey Height: 5'6" Weight: 110lbs. Hair: Red Eyes: Green

ORIGIN: No flames please. I acknowledge ahead of time how huge, wide open, and subject to interpretation such a powerful character as Phoenix will be. It should be as easy to get people to agree on how to write-up Superman. :) I noticed that Phoenix wasn't on either the deejay/scm site nor on the GNBORH, so I figured it was not because of oversite, but because everyone else was smarter than to try and tackle such a big one. Not me :) Like I say, this is JEAN GREY + PHOENIX, and really only her in the like ten issue span where the Phoenix force hadn't gotten out of hand, where it was still a new & positive thing that hadn't gotten "Avatared" & grandiose yet. I did the best I could with the "Phoenix" Aura. Maybe it should be 'inside' the EC. Consider this version 1.0 and CoNsTrUcTiVe criticisms are welcome. I'll post a second version if/when some more thoughts or help comes to me on the subject.

TACTICS: boom!

COSTUME: see above (forgive the artwork please)

PERSONALITY: This is my gamma spin of the Green & Gold Marvel, when she was still in her "I'm half Jean Grey" state of mind. I didn't feel like bothering with all the Accidental Changes, Multi-form & junk associated with the Dark Phoenix problems.

BACKGROUND NOTES: This is Phoenix how we wanted her to be, how IMHO the X-men thought she was, before she got all weird and cosmic, evil and let's not even talk about the coccoon, Madeline Pryor, etc. etc. etc. you know how they can't leave a good idea alone, they gotta rummage through every good character, rant, rave, grumble, grumble... remember when X in a title meant something...rant, grumble, grumble...