Val  Characteristic      Base  Cost  Pts                    
  25  STR                 10    x1      9           
  28  DEX                 10    x3     54                  
  26  CON                 10    x2     22               
  14  BODY                10    x2      8
  16  INT                 10    x1      6          
  15  EGO                 10    x2     10          
  15  PRE                 10    x1      5          
  10  COM                 10    x1/2   -          
   5  PD (STR/5)            5   x1     -            
   5  ED (CON/5)            5   x1     -            
   6  SPD (1+DEX/10)      3.8   x10    12          
  10  REC (STR/5)+(CON/5)  10   x2     - 
  52  END (CONx2)          52   x1/2   -       
  43  STUN (BODY) +        40   x1      3     

Disadvantages Base +Pts Pts Power/Perk/ END/Roll Pts Power/Perk/ END/Roll | Talent/Skill | Talent/Skill secret ID: Eugene 15 3 EC-genetic alteration 52 all martial maneuvers Milton Judd 3 +6 STR from the BBB 7 +5 CON 12 +3 DC 7 +1 SPD 5 +1 hand-to-hand 17 25% P/E Damage Reduction 3 acrobatics 15- 17(11) Shrinking (1/2 3 breakfall 15- height, 1/8 mass, +2 3 concealment 12- DCV, -2 PER against, 3 disguise 11- +3" KB); 0 END pers., 3 lockpicking 15- +1; always on, -1/2 3 paramedic 12- 3 security systems 12- 3 shadowing 11- 2 4 PD Damage Resist. 3 sleight of hand 15- 3 stealth 15- 3 linguist 3 streetwise 12- 33 13 languages (at 3 3 tracking 12- and 4 point levels) 3 PS: intell. agent 2 L: French (no acc) 5 KS: mystic rituals 3 L: Russian (no acc) 14- 3 L: Japanese (c fl) 6 KS: literature 15- 0 L: English (dialects) 3 traveler 18 9 CK's 24 12 AK's (borrowed from Tim Larson) GNBoRH (TEL002@acad.drake.edu)
Background/Personality: Eugene Milton Judd was born about the turn of the century (i.e., early twentieth century). As a soldier of fortune, he did many things...until the day he was commissioned to steal the Black Blade of Baghdad. The Blade was a prison for an ancient sorcerer called Raazer, and Judd accidentally freed him. Judd managed to trap the sorcerer once again, using the light from his life force and a few tricks learned from eastern mystics. However, by the time he was done the Black Blade had shrunk him down to about 3' in height. However, Raazer's presence in his body rendered Puck immortal, although in near-constant pain. Through the years he eventually free-lanced for a number of intelligence agencies, encountering the likes of Wolverine and Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow. However, at one point he slipped up, and was convicted of murder. That's when James MacDonald Hudson found him. Hudson arranged for Judd's release, on the condition that he never kill again. Hudson apparently believed that Judd's experience would be valuable in Department H, although Judd had no super- human abilities. [Note: Judd broke his vow once, to kill Deadly Ernest. - DMK] Eventually Raazer was released from Puck's body permanently when Judd came in contact with the Firefountain of Svartalfheim. Reverting to old age, Judd was transported to Tibet by Loki, who was trying to win the favour of They Who Sit Above in Shadow. Once there, Judd decided to try to find adventure on other plains of existence. To do so he sought out the High Llama of a Buddhist temple, a renowned mystic. However, he did so as the Chinese military was attacking the temple. In the confusion the Llama offered Judd a choice: go to other dimensions, or save his friends, who were trapped in the dimension of the Dreamqueen. Judd chose his friends, and was instrumental in the Dreamqueen's defeat. However, Judd was captured by the 'Queen. She used her abilities to make him young once again and tortured him extensively. Then she abandoned him and attacked the Earth once more. She did not return. Judd remained stranded until Alpha passed through on their way home; the being known as Llan the Sorcerer had trapped them in another dimension. Puck accompanied his friends back. Once there, however, Puck began experiencing the effects of the Dreamqueen's torture. (Puck had made himself well by mentally influencing the other dimension. That cure wore off on Earth.) While in the hospital, he was kidnapped by agents of the Master and used as a guinea pig for the Master's genetic experiments. Using the Master's equipment, Walter Langkowski was able to reverse most of the damage but the result was that Puck was once again 3' tall. However he was young, and super-humanly strong and tough. (The experiment made him short again, but with extremely dense flesh.) Since that time Judd has served Alpha Flight very capably. Puck first appeared in Alpha Flight #1. The character was created by John Byrne.

He ended up in the champions universe after Tyrannon conquered his universe.

Powers/Tactics: Puck's flesh has the density of rubber, rendering him super-humanly strong and tough. On top of that, he is an expert in espionage and language and has experience with some minor mystic rituals. He is also one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Alpha Flight. Writer's Notes: The preceding information is courtesy of Dwayne "Keeper of the Alpha Flight flame" MacKinnon, 910252m@dragon.acadiau.ca. He maintains a compilation of Alpha Flight history, and graciously consented to allow the use of it for this purpose.