Size: 2.6m tall        Move: 11" Run  -  23" Fly  -  7" Swim
   45  STR      |       4 Combat Skill Levels 
   23  DEX      |       4 Magic-Psionic Skill Levels     
   80  CON      |       1 level growth, 1 level DI
   33  BODY     |       21 pd/ed armor                         
   40  INT      |       20 ed armor, not versus cold           
   51  EGO      |       3d6 HKA (Hand & half sword)           
   61  PRE      |       +5" running                             
   20  COM      |       23" flight (Foulable Wings)              
   31  PD       |       +5" swimming                            
   31  ED       |       Astral: desolid UBO x8, leave body      
    4  SPD      |       Def: Ment(19), Pow(15); vs. magic only
   36  REC      |       IR, UV, +5 with PER rolls
   96  END      |       Full Life Support
   96  STUN     |       4 BODY regeneration
                        Multi-form: Normal Human Disguise

5 Accid. Change: go Desolid in Magic Vortexes, Drains, Overloads 11- 5 Enraged: Extremely Vocal:(Evil, Hubris, or Blasphemy) 8- go, 8- rec 5 Dependence: Prayers, Supplications, Good-will of the gods: 3d6 daily 5 Dist. Features: lovely 10' tall winged giantess 5 Dist. Features: bronzed skin, metallic eyes. 5 Hunted: Demons, Devils, Demodands 5 Phys. Limit: Cannot attack or allow harm to innocents 5 Psych: Good & Beatific 5 Reputation: Angelic Force 5 Secret Identity: Serra MacAdam, nun 5 Susceptibilty: Unholy Water, Items: 2 dice 5 Vulnerability: Unholy Water, Items: 2 dice 5 Watched: Solars, Devas, Slaads, Hosts of Heaven 777 Angelic Bonus
DESCRIPTIONS: POWERS: [5-15 END each] Remove Curse (cleric), 10 dice Aid/Transform Tongues (cleric) Univ.Translate UBO Extra-dimensional move: any plane Extra-Dim.Travel UBO Cure Disease (cleric) 10 Dice Aid/Transform Cure Blindness (cleric) 10 Dice Aid/Transform Continual Light (cleric) CEnv: x8 Radius Speak with Dead (cleric) Mind-Link versus Deceased UBO Resist Fire (cleric) ED versus Fire UBO Resist Cold (cleric) ED versus Freezing UBO Find Traps (cleric) Detect Devices UBO ESP (magician) Telepathy 10 Dice Remove Fear (cleric) 10 Dice Aid/Transform Detect Magic (cleric) Detect Powers UBO Detect Invisibility (illusionist) Detect Invisibility Powers UBP Detect Illusion (illusionist) Detect Images UBO Cure Light Wounds (cleric) 10 Dice Aid/Transform Dispel Illusion (illusionist) Suppress/Drain Images 16 Dice Wind Walk (cleric), Desolid + Flite UBO Dispel Supernatural Foe (cleric) Ex-Dim T-port UAO Dispel Magic (cleric), 20 Dice Dispel/Suppress Symbol of Stunning (magician), CON Drain Area Effect Symbol of Sleep (magician), STUN Drain Area Effect Symbol of Persuasion (cleric), EGO Drain Area Effect Symbol of Fear (magician), PRE Drain Area Effect Symbol of Death (magician), RKA Area Effect Restoration (cleric), 10 Dice Aid/Transform Gate (cleric), Summon + Ex-Dim T-Port Heal (cleric), 10 Dice Aid/Transform Weather Summoning (druid), CEnv: x125 Radius Control Weather (druid), CEnv: Area Effect Radius
Danger Sense 15- Combat Sense 15- Fringe-Benefits: Right to Marry Acrobatics: 15- Breakfall 15- Luck: 3-Dice Deduction: 15- Persuasion: 15- Oratory: 15- KS: Holy Writ 15- AK: Dimension Hopping KS: Priest Magic 21- Lang: Heavenly Lang: Latin Lang: English KS: Supernatural Foes KS: Ghosts KS: Daemonology
ORIGIN: extra-dimensional being of great power (planetar) TACTICS: aid to agents and servants COSTUME: simple dress PERSONALITY: intense, wise, joyful BACKGROUND NOTES: Tyrannon's ban on extra-dimensional exits trapped all kinds of creatures on Champions Earth that would normally never stick around. Serra Angel hides during the day in the body of a little old nun who works at the big abbey downtown. At night she may or may not come out and squash evil. Lately she's been content to feed power to lesser beings and let them stave off darkness. Usually she sends mental messages to heroes and normals and they say that a voice told them to show up somewhere and when they do, they're just in time to save a life, stop a crime, prevent a fire, etc. Only once has she come raging out of the church with the sword on fire and laid medieval waste on some sinner's ass, and it was against The SHOP. Not Modok, not Genocide, not the Lemurians, not vicious child-eating trolls and not vampires. What really cranked her up was the SHOP. Go figure.