THE GROWLER   [aka Shaggy]   Size: 1.8m tall   Weight: 253kg     Run: 7"/12"
    48  STR    -- pts |  %%    9 Combat Levels
    14  DEX    -- pts |  %%    1 level growth, 1 level DI
    58  CON    -- pts |  %%    6 pd/ed armor
    37  BODY   -- pts |  %%    2.5d6 HKA, x5 Autofire, Zero-End
    14  INT    -- pts |  %%         (2 Claws x2, 1 Bite x1)
    18  EGO    -- pts |  %%    +1" running    12" SuperLeap
    47  PRE    -- pts |  %%    Half-End on STR
    10  COM    -- pts |  %%    7 pd Armor, Blunt & Martial Arts only
    36  PD     -- pts |  %%    Life Support, all except Rad & Eat
    36  ED     -- pts |  %%    10 ed armor, fire & electrical only
     4  SPD    -- pts |  %%    10 ed armor, heat/cold only
    33  REC    -- pts |  %%    IR, UV, +5 with PER rolls
    74  END    -- pts |  %%    Mental Def (20)   Power Def (10) alien physio.
    74  STUN   -- pts |  %%    Detect Invisibility (Sniffer Extraordinaire) +5
 ------------------------%%    Detect Magic (irritates eyes) +3

%% Enhanced PER: +6 with Smelling & Sniffing
%% Telepathy, 10 Dice, Penetrating, only to find hostile thoughts %% Universal Translator, Simple Commands & Concepts only, Friends Only. Naturalistic Multi-Power: $$ Dispel, 18 Dice, Vs 1 power with Incantations, 3x Day, range touch $$ Desolid, Only to escape confinement, not through airtight, hour to start $$ Invisibility (Sight, Hear, Smell) Only in Woods, Jungle, Fields, etc. $$ STR Drain, 12 Dice, 3x Day, Requires Grab, Halved vs:Hardened Armor $$ Mind Control, only vs youth or females, 16 Dice (Be my friend) $$ Regeneration: 2 Body per day, if adequate meat & grass Indigestion Multi-power: Six Times a Day, Growler can pass gas for effect. This takes a half-phase to prepare, and is centered on Growler's hex. these blasts are all 3 Hex Radius, 2x Day each, Personal Immunity, No Range: @@ Darkness + Images, Stationery, vs. Smell,Sight,IR,UV,NRay (Foggy Fart) @@ Energy Blast, 9 Dice NND, vs. Life Sup: Breath (Fetid Fart) @@ PD Killing Atk, 3 Dice NND, vs. Life Sup: Vacuum (no body) (Fatal Fart) Skills: Hunting, Tracking, Stealth, Survival, Animal Handling, Breakfall, Climbing, Concealment, Lipreading, Animal/Bird Mimicry, Paramedic, Seduction, Shadowing, KS:Herbalism, AK:Jungle, KS:Zoology (All on 12- or stat bse)
# Berserk: at 10 Body or less (14- go, 8- recover) # DF: Shaggy, Huge, Smelly, Bestial # Dependence: a kilogram of meat or blood daily, more is better # Enraged Versus Magic Using Enemies (14- go, 11- rec) # Phys Lim: Bulky, Clumsy out of combat # Phys Lim: non-natural food gives him indigestion & gas (sometimes bad!) # Psych: Primitive # Psych: Speaks less than a dozen words a week # Psych: Superstitious about Wizards, and people who wear jewelry # Reputation: Cannibal (not true, he's never eaten another shaggy) # Rivals: Grond, Obsidian, Thing, Garv, Strata, Furball, Blok, etc,etc,etc. # Susceptibility: 3 Dice PRE Drain per turn: from touching Silver or Gold # Vulnerability: 1.5 x Stun & Body from Rat Poisons or Antacids # Watched: by the big shaggy what's up in the sky

ORIGIN: came from forest, not know why, Shaggy only pawn in game of life.

TACTICS: rip & roar, only use gas in extreme danger, or when claws don't work

COSTUME: beg pardon?

PERSONALITY: wild & peaceful

BACKGROUND NOTES: Whether Shaggy is a villain or a hero in your campaign depends on who he meets first in your world and what crowd he falls in with... Growler the Shaggy One comes from somewhere very far away and it's easy to tell he's not from around here. He dislikes wizards, vegetarians, people bigger than him, people who wear metal, people who wear leather, and people that talk too much. Shaggy _can_ talk to anyone after observing their language for a while, but he seldom chooses speaking as his method of communication. He can sniff out invisible people, hold his breath for 10 hours, and he can dispel a power by punching the person activating it in the mouth. Shaggy can figure out how to escape any jail, figure out who really hates him, and figure out how to hide as long as he's outdoors. He's terribly clever, even though he looks like the stupidest sasquatch that ever left footprints.

--- concept by elliott, with input from joe-x

revised version