It appears as a normal katana in a decorated scabbard. When the Shebanigan is drawn 
from it's scabbard, it twists into whatever form it chooses. Roll a D30 on the charts 
below to determine exactly what comes out.  not all forms have powers, and some are not

  D30      SHEBANIGAN !                Page
  1-2       Asian Weapons               two
  3-4       Exotic Weapons              three
  5-6       High-End Puppets            six,seven
  7-13      High-End Tools              four
  14-20     High-End Weapons            five
  21-22     Musical Instruments         five
  23-24     Regular Puppets             four
  25-26     Regular Tools               three
  27-28     Scottish Weapons            one
  29-30     Traditional Weapons         one

    SCOTTISH WEAPONS                POWERS

Broadsword 1-3 3d6 Killing, +1 OCV Claymore 4-6 3d6 Killing, +2 OCV, -1 DCV Dirk 7-10 7d6 Hand Attack, +0 OCV, +3DCV Golden Targe 11-13 4d6 Hand Attack, +11 DCV (shield) Lochaber Axe (Voulge) 14-18 3d6 Killing, +2 OCV per SPD greater Mace o'the Clans 19-23 10d6 Hand Attack, +6 OCV Skean Dubh 24-26 6d6 Hand Attack, +1 OCV Spear 27-28 2d6 Ranged Killing, +4OCV, +2 DCV The Highlander 29-30 3d6 Killing, +5 OCV 12 Hex Rad.Selectiv (Inspiring BagPipe Music from Sky) TRADITIONAL WEAPONS POWERS
Awl Pike 1 2d6 Killing, Penetrating Bardiche 2 4d6 Killing, Penetrating Bastard Sword 3 3d6 Killing Battle-Axe 4 9d6 Hand Attack Bec-du-Corbin 5 14d6 Hand Attack, Penetrat, x2 Knokbak Butcher Knife 6 7d6 Hand Attack, Armor-Piercing Cutlass 7 2d6 Killing, +2 OCV Dagger, Returning 8 5d6 Hand-Attack, Usable At Range Falchion 9 3d6 Killing, +2 DCV Fauchard Fork 10 12d6 Hand Attack, x2 Armprc, +4 DCV Gladius (SS) 11 2d6 killing Glaive 12 13d6 Hand attack, 1 Hex Reach Great Axe 13 3d6 Killing Great Club 14 10d6 Hand Attack, x2 Knokbak, Penetrat. Halberd 15 15d6 Hand Attack, Indirect, 1 Hex Reach Hand-Axe 16 3d6 Hand Attack Heavy Flail 17 2d6 Killing, +2 Stun Multiplier Lance 18 4d6 Killing, -1 OCV, +4 DCV Longsword 19 2.5d6 Killing Man-Catcher 20 6d6 Entangle Maul 21 12d6 Hand Attack Military Pick 22 2d6 Killing, Penetrating Morningstar 23 2d6 Killing, Armor Piercing Neptune's Trident 24 3d6 Kill,Ap,Pen; 15d6 Shockwave vs. PD QuarterStaff 25 10d6 Hand Attack, +3 OCV, +3 DCV Scimitar 26 3d6 Killing, +1 OCV, +2 DCV Spetum 27 3d6 Killing, x2 Knokbak, +5 DCV Tomahawk 28 4d6 Blast versus P.D. Two-handed Sword 29 4d6 Killing Warhammer 30 10d6 Blast versus P.D. ASIAN WEAPONS Powers Page 2
3-Section Rod 1 +7 Dmg Cls, +5 D.C. for Block, Disarm Belt of Chakram 2 8x 2d6 RKA Belt of Star Shuriken 3 12x 2d6 RKA, Armor Pierce Bo Stick 4 +3 Dmg Cls, +3 OCV VNMA, +5 DCV Chijiriki (chain-spear) 5 +3 Dmg Cls, +7 Dmg Cls for Grab/Trip Elephant Ankus 6 12d6 Hand Attack, Armor Piercing Escrima Sticks 7 +4 Dmg Cls, +4 OCV VNMA, +4 DCV Gunsen Fan 8 4d6 Hand Attack, +4d6 from surprise Iron Rake 9 12 d6 Hand Attack, Sticky, 1Hex Reach IRON WHEEL OF FATE 10 4d6 Ranged Killing Attack Kama 11 +10 Dmg Cls Katana 12 4d6 Killing, +1 OCV Katar (Punch Dagger) 13 2d6 Killing, Penetrating Kau Sin Khe (6 bar chain) 14 +8 Dmg Cls, +4 OCV vs Shields Kawanaga (wtd.grapnel) 15 +2 Dmg Cls, +5 Dmg Cls for Grab/Trip Kusari Gama (chain kama) 16 +10 Dmg Cls, +4 D.C. for Trip/Disarm Laja-Tang (moonbladestaff) 17 3d6 Killing, +3 OCV, -2 DCV Manriki Gusari (wtd.chain) 18 +3 Dmg Cls, +4 OCV, +5 D.C. for Trips Mugawari Yari 19 3d6 killing, Penetrating Nagimaki 20 2d6 Killing, Amr Prc, Penetra, +1 OCV Naginatta 21 2d6 Killing, 1 Hex Reach, +2 DCV Ninja-To 22 4d6 Killing, +1 DCV No-Dachi 23 3d6 Killing Nun-cha-ku 24 +4 Dmg Cls, Auto-Fire x5 Sang-Kauw (3way.spear) 25 2d6 Killing, +6 DCV Tanto 26 1.5d6 Killing Tasanarang (god-mace) 27 2d6 Killing, +4 Stun Multiplier Tetsubo 28 1d6 Killing Tonfa 29 +5 Dmg Class VNMA, +5 DCV Wakizashi 30 2d6 Killing VNMA=versus non-metallic armors TOOLS Powers Page 3
2-Man Tree Saw 1 4d6 Hand attack, Penetrat. vs. Wooden Adze 2 3d6 Hand Atk, +5d6 versus Wooden Auger 3 1 pip of Killing, Penetrating Ball-Peen Hammer 4 +2d6 Hand Attack Bar-Stool 5 +9d6 Hand Attack, Ablative Broom 6 half-dice hand attack, area effect hex Chain-Saw 7 2d6 Killing, Area=Hex, Autofire Chisel 8 1 pip of Killing, Penetrat. vs. Wooden Crow-Bar 9 3d6 Hand Atk, +5d6 versus Wooden Frying Pan 10 2 dice hand atk, x2 knokbak Gaff-hook 11 2d6 Hand Atk, +6d6 Hand Atk VNMA Glass Cutter 12 1d6 Killing, Penetra. vs Glass/Crystal Hammer 13 3d6 Hand Atk Hand-Saw 14 5d6 Hand Attack. +5d6 vs. Wooden Hay-fork 15 1d6 Killing, Penetra. vs Plant/Fibrous Hedge-Trimmers 16 2d6 Hand Atk, Autofire vs. Plants Machete 17 5d6 Hand Attack Milk-Buckets & Yoke 18 3d6 hand attack, Area=1 Hex Radius Pick 19 4d6 Hand attack, Penetrating Pitchfork 20 1d6 Killing, Penetrating Pruning Saw 21 3d6 Hand Atk, Armor Prc. vs. Wooden Scythe 22 2d6 Killing, 4d6 vs. Plants Shovel 23 5d6 Hand Attack, Area Effect Hex Sickle 24 4d6 Hand attack, Penetra. vs. Plants Sledge-Hammer 25 2d6 Killing, x3 Stun Multiplier Sling-Blade 26 2d6 Killing ArmPrc, 3d6 vs. Plants Weed-Eater 27 3d6 Hand Atk, Area Hex: x3 vs Plants Wrench 28 2d6 Hand Atk, +20 STR vs. Machines Jack-Hammer 29 3d6 Killing, AP, Pen, Autofire; -3 OCV Jaws of Life 30 3d6 Killing, AP, Pen, Continus; -3 OCV EXOTIC WEAPONS Powers
Klingon Batlev 1-2 3d6 Killing, +6 OCV, +4 DCV Bladed Grapnel 3-4 2d6 Killing, 9" Stretching, +3 OCV Bottle of Aqua Vitae 5-6 3d6 Killing, Area Hex, Sticky Brandistock Bladestaff 7-8 2d6 Killing, +5 OCV, +5 DCV Brass Knuckles 9-10 +13 Dmg Cls Roman Cestus 11-12 +10 Dmg Cls, +2 OCV, +4 DCV F-Guard Spike Dagger 13-14 +12 Dmg Cls, +1 OCV, +1 DCV Flute-Staff 15-16 +8 Dmg Cls, Musical Flying Guillotine 17-18 2d6 Killing, AP, Pen, Uncontrolled Tusken Gaderffi Stick 19-20 +8 Dmg Cls, +6 DCV Garroting Wire 21-22 1d6 Killing, Pen, Continuous Low-End Puppet 23-24 go to puppet chart Switchblade 25-26 2d6 Killing, +3 OCV, +3 DCv Telescoping Staff 27-28 +5 Dmg Cls, 2" Stretching, +4 OCV Whip 29-30 +4 Dmg Cls, 3" Stretching, +5 OCV Somehow the Shebanigan functions as a small pocket purgatory, and certain strange souls are kept captive in it, and their souls manifest as small people on the handle, much like a puppet. They speak, are usually intelligent, and cannot be put back into the scabbard without a payment. They have skills which may be useful to the wielder, but not always.... PUPPETS, REGULAR dice Powers Page 4
These 3 low-end puppets may be paid off in silver or gold coin. Doppelganger 1-5 Ego Drain Rusty Rust Monster 6-10 transform/killing versus metal The Ninja 11-15 stealth These 4 low-end puppets may be paid off in food, coins, or trinkets. Dennis The Dragon 16-20 RKA Cone Edgar The Eel 21-25 Energy blast electric touch Ball Python 26-27 no powers, just derides and jeers. Tasmanian Devil 28-30 speed and hand attack HIGH-END TOOLS Powers
Laptop computer 1 +15 INT, Eidetic, Calculator, Electronic Detections Power Outlet w/Cable 2 +60 END for machines (per phase) Holo Projector 3 Images 7 Hex Area, -2 PER (Site.Touch) Pocket Rocket 4 40 inches of Flight, x6 NCV Butcher Cleaver 5 2d6 Killing, Penetra, +8 OCV Caltrop Spreader 6 Trigger Area 7 Hex 10d6 Hand Atk Pen Cosmic Cattle Prod 7 4d6 Stun AVLD non-Hardened ED Cosmic Flashlight 8 3d6 Flash, 20 Hex Line CE:Light Curtain Rod 9 6d6 Stun Drain, Ablative Death Orchid 10 6d6 Body Drain, Triggered EMP Projector 11 3d6 RKA (AP, Pen, x2 Knkbk vs Electric) Flag Pole 12 8d6 Hand Atk, Area 3Hex Line, +15 PRE Flenser 13 10d6 Hand Attack, 20d6 vs. Fish/Aquatic Fungicide Sprayer 14 10d6 Hand Attack, 20d6 vs. Fungus Hell-Raiser Hooks 15 6d6 Entangle, Area Hex, Sticky Contins. Herbicide Sprayer 16 10d6 Hand Attack, 20d6 vs. Plants Holy Wooden Stake 17 1 pip Killing, Undead = 5d6 Body Drain Mongolian Yak-Beating Stick 18 see chart Nerve Gas Dispenser 19 10d6 Hand Attack, 20d6 vs. NonLifeSupt. Night-Stick 20 +10 Dmg Cls. VNMA, +2 DCV Pest-icide Sprayer 21 10d6 Hand Attack, 20d6 vs. Insects Power Crowbar 22 +20 STR, +50 STR vs Inanimate Spear-Gun 23 2d6 RKA, x8 Chgs, +6 OCV in Water Staple Gun 24 1 pip Killing, +3d6 Killing vs. Wooden Tactical Nuke 25 see chart Tasp 26 6d6 EGO Suppress, Armor Piercing Variable Knife 27 3d6 Killing, Area Hex, Ap, Pen Voodoo Knife 28 see chart tba 29 tba User's Choice 30 see charts HIGH-END WEAPONS Powers Page 5
Blaster Rifle 1 4d6 RKA Chain Sword 2 3d6 HKA Autofire Connect-Tie Gun 3 6d6 Entangle, No Range, 1 Body Flamethrower 4 3d6 RKA Area 7 Hex Cone GAU-8 5 2d6 Killing, AP Pen Autofire Area Hex Giant Mace 6 +40 STR, +10 Dice Hand Atk Hand-Blaster 7 3d6 RKA Light-Saber Chart 8 see chart M-60 9 2d6 Killing, AP Pen Autofire Machine Blaster 10 3d6 RKA Autofire Major Gunsen Fan 11 +10 Dmg Cls, Sight Images Needle Gun 12 1d6 RKA vs PD, Penetr: 3d6 STR Drain Parry Sabre 13 6d6 Hand Atk, +6 DCV Parry Sai 14 2d6 Hand Atk, +9 DCV Presence Gun 15 2d6 RKA vs. ED, +50 PRE Puppet (High-End) 16 see chart Rod o'Teeth 17 16 Dice Armor Dispel, 4 Dice Hand Atk Rod of Smiting 18 4 Dice BODY,END,REC,COM,STUN Drain Rod of Vanishing 19 Extra Dim Movemnet Usable vs.Others Roman Candle 20 8x 3d6 RKA Explosion, +2 DropOff Rune Sword 21 5d6 Body Drain, 1 Month Return (SFX) Slaver Disintegrator 22 3d6 RKA NND w/Body (Force Field) Staff of Withering 23 4 Dice CON,STR,STUN,COM Drain Tangler Gun 24 6d6 Entangle, Area Hex, Ent.Takes Dmg TASER 25 6d6 STUN Suppress Tentacle Rod 26 4d6 STUN Transfer Ugly Stick 27 6 Dice Hand Atk, 6 Dice COM Drain Yado Rod 28 3d6 Hand Atk, +1 DCV (18 & 6 VNMA) tba 29 tba USER's CHOICE 30 see charts MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Powers (some have no powers)
Alpen-Horn 1-2 Riccola!! Bag Pipes of the Clans 3-4 Area 15 Hex Select: +5 OCV, +15 PRE Bongo Drum 5-6 Great rhythm man Clarinet 7-8 Dig that classic style Drums of Panic 9-10 60 STR TK Harp of the Gods 11-12 Summon astral deva Horn-o-Valhalla 13-14 Summon 6 Berserks Kazoo 15-16 Koo-too-too-too Lyre of Building 17-18 +35 STR Area 13 Hex, only constructive Lyre of Ptah 19-20 +5 to all skills, Area 9 Hex Triangle 21-22 Wink-tink-tingle Trombone 23-24 Faroom-paroom-paroom Trumpet 25-26 Poot! pa-toot! Violin 27-28 Screechy-screechy-screechy Whale Rib w/string 29-30 50 STR TK vs. DNA-Flesh Only HIGH-END PUPPETS Powers Page 6
Voodoo Child 1 5d6 Stun Drain, Continuous, At Range pay: none Necromancer 2 (40 Points VPP w/Necro/Heal SFX) pay: bone Sorceror 3 (40 point VPP: Magic) pay: mind meld Tyrannosaurus Rex 4 +55 STR, Berserk 14- Meat, 8- Recover +1 to Recover Dice per Body Done Wizard 5 15 d6 Dispel At Range (20 vs Magic) pay: Duke Satchmo 6 10d6 Mind Cntrl, AmrPrc, Area 12 Hex Rd Pay: Applause Vampire 7 Desolid, Summon Bats, Body Drain Side-Effect: 1 pip HKA Rita-Fujen 8 Ghost, Vampire, Mummy, SupNtl Lore Pay: Tea-Ceremony (3 phases) Chaos Daemon 9 4d6 Transform Major Pay: Blood & Soul Angelica 10 15 DEF Force Fields Force Walls Pay: Prayer Wheel &or Candle Herbalist 11 Aid Focuses Pay: Gold Duke Devil 12 Eidetic Memory, Future and/or Past answers questions. Pay: Gold Puppet Master 13 Draw puppet of choice Pay: Favor to Be Named Later Prophet 14 Clairsentience, Future and/or Past answers questions. Pay: Incense Judo-Master 15 special Pay: Gold Scullery Maid 16 10 Dice Cosmetic Transform Area Effect Pay: French Kiss (phase) Enchantress 17 12 Dice Mental Illusions pay: gold Polar Bear Totem 18 10d6 ED Absorption=> BOD,STN,END (Day) pay: none Chinese Dragon 19 3d6 Killing Cone, +2 Stun Multi, pay: Dice Int Drain (1 day) Mid-Guard Serpent 20 special pay: a death Clone 21 Transform, 5 Dice Aid pay: gold Karate-Master 22 special Pay: Gold Leprechaun 23 5d Luck, UBO, UAO pay: pair of shoes Radio-Shack Engineer 24 6d6 EB/Aid/Transform vs Electronics pay: gold Picketing Hippie 25 12d6 Mind Control, only to make argue pay: toke on a number with me (phase) Rock-Star 26 10d6 MindControl, 12 Hex Radius pay: gold, applause Samurai 27 3d6 Killing x3 Armor Piercing pay: gold White Dragon 28 3d6 Killing, or 3d6 Killing Cone vs ED Pay: double handful of gold tba 29 tba USER'S CHOICE 30 pick a puppet SPECIAL NOTE: if anyone but Wang draws the Shebanigan, they will not get a weapon, they will get a puppet, (50/50 chance Hi-end/Lo-end) and the puppet will mess with them and attempt to either cause them much harm, or give the Shebanigan back to Wang, or both. Technically the Shebanigan and scabbard are one item that always go together, but the Shebanigan is defined as the VPP focus, and the scabbard is defined as a huge END battery for those powers. The only END that the Shebanigan costs the wielder is for any STR he uses to augment the weapon attacks.