85 Str       4 Levels Growth, Always On
    17 Dex       1 Level Density Increase, Always On
    63 Con       30/30 Resistant
    25 Bod       Full LS: Self Contained Breathing, Pressure,
     3 Int          Radiation, Temperature, Disease, Age, etc.
     8 Ego       Lack of Weakness, 15 Power Defense
    30 Pre       Flash Defense
     0 Com       1/2 End Cost Str
    60 Pd        14d6 Physical Blast, Double Knockback, Firing Arc Limits,
    60 Ed           only 5" range side-to-side, "Wing Buffet"
     4 Spd       5" Flight, 12" Gliding
    24 Rec       End Reserve: 350 End, 10 Rec
   126 End       4 OCV levels
    97 Stn       Climbing 12-
                 1" Stretching "Long Tail"
                 +3" Running
                 PS: Cooking, 16-

STONE-MAN (aka Miami Gargoyle) Distinctive Features (Not Concealable, Extreme) 2x Stun from Sonics (Uncommon) Hunted by HYDRA Phys Lim: Can Be mind controlled by certain magic sounds Dist.Features: Spongy Left Hand Susceptible: Any Attack called or placed on Left Hand (8 or less) Monster Bonus ORIGIN: magically altered replicant TACTICS: move-bys, or lift-n-drop COSTUME: not much there PERSONALITY: quiet, open-minded, loves to cook BACKGROUND NOTES: Miami Enclave, Night-Sheen, Sal's Restaurant, Capt. Cuba., diner.
  (borrowed layout not from egyptoid)