With Tyrannon sucking up dimensions right and left, not everyone stayed behing in these places to become his slaves, or lunch for his other slaves. Many people capable of dimension hopping took the wise road out and left, seeking safer places where Tyrannon had not gone yet. This page chronicles those stories, telling us WHY (for example, there's a Thor and a BatMan in this JLA continuity, but they don't look anything like their comics counterparts); or WHY there's a DawnStar and a Meggan that look exactly like their comics selves, (but act horribly different); or WHY there's a Cyclops and a Zatanna that look and act exactly like they do in the comics in this Champions Justice League of Alabama Universe. This page is color coded so you can keep score:

Black: DC Hero in Champions Universe

Red: From DC Universe, but considered Villain in Champions

Blue: Marvel Comics Hero in Champions Universe

Purple: From Marvel Comics, but considered Villain in Champions

Various Heroes came to the Champions Universe, but they traveled in six main groups. Many civilians, normals, and NPC's also came with these groups, sometimes by the dozens, because the heroes rescued as many people as they could. But I'm just chronicling the paranormals for now. Knowing how and when someone came to the Champions USA helps to understand how they behaved when they got there.

First, from the Marvel Universe, Thor used his uru hammer to open a vibrational gate through which several hundred civilians and seven Marvel heroes passed into safety. They arrived in suburban New Jersey in June of 1995. Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlett Witch, comes through carrying a baby, whom she named Lila Korvacs, who had been born not 20 minutes before to a dying Carol Danvers. Lila is often labeled "the last baby born on Marvel earth", and as such is considered special. Almost all the Marvel heroes on champions earth feel a common bond thorugh Lila and those that keep in touch talk about her regularly. Thor himself could not maintain the gate and travel though it as well, so he held it open as long as he could to let others through. Then he left the hammer spinning in place, maintaining the gate for a few more persons to slide in, and he turned to fight Tyrannon's minions that were closing in. The last he was seen he went down in a Jack-Kirby-style pile of demons, bashing in heads as the gate closed. One minute later, the hammer fell as a wooden cane on the Champions side of the gate.

(at left, Thor as he appears in the champions universe.)



The second large group was brought into downtown Norfolk Virginia from the Marvel Earth by Dr. Severance. He had traveled between Champions Earth and Marvel Universe several times and he knew the spell well enough to transport 77 people at a time. In July of 95, as the eastern seaboard of Marvel USA was being conquered, he shunted dozens of circles of people to safety. Five different superheroes made the journey with him, including Nova aka Frankie Raye. She was being chased by Galactus at the time, as he wanted to strip her powers back to himself to help fight Tyrannon. He grabbed her just as the Doctor's spells went off. Galactus was sucked along into the champions universe, but somehow his metabolism was altered by the wrenching journey.




(at left, Dr.Severance, the Wizard of Norfolk)



Group Three's story is much less dramatic. Reed knew the end was near, so in early July 1995 he set up a huge transport tube and pointed it at the champion's version of New York. Only a few heroes left with him, but literally thousands of people went through, especially during the panics that came.

The Fourth Group suffered a tragic comedic episode. In Feb.95 a young boy from champions continuity experimenting with dangerous equipment opened up a rift-hole that pointed to the North Pole. A Canadian team of heroes, Wolverine, Vindicator, and Talisman, were sent to investigate. They were sucked in as the equipment malfunctioned, and disappeared from the Marvel universe. The boy's AI was unable to compute a return trajectory for the trio as it seems the boy's sister had poored Kool-Aid on the machine's positronic brain. Shaman got sucked into this mess as he came along searching for Talisman a few days later, and also could not return.

The fifth and sixth groups both came from the DC universe, and consisted of small groups of heres fighting delaying actions versus Tyrannon's avatars.




A. Thor's Sacrifice Group:


B. Dr. Severance's Planar Assumptions:


C. Reed's Machine Travel Group:


D. Dexter's Lab Accident:



E. Warp-Walker's Group

Plane-Travelled --> Champions Universe Post-Fall:


(at left: Fire's first costume in the Champion's Universe,back when she was third edition)



F. Dr. Fate's Group

Teleported -> Champions Universe Post-Fall:


(at left, Ch'p contemplates the Champions Universe)




G. Miscellaneous Stories

Came to Champions Universe Accidently, Randomly, Separately, or Pre-Fall:


H. Re-Created Later in Champions Universe:






Remember, some of the names you see color coded as villains may not have commiteed any crimes at all. They may be considered outlaws simply for refusing to sign the Paranormal Registration Act.


Also note that even if these Marvel and DC characters had a home to return to, they could not, until Tyrannon were killed and his extra-dimensional travel ban lifted or dispelled.


So speaks Crusty the Watcher!