16 STR                 Watched: Mystic Powers (MP, NCI, 11-)
  20 DEX                 Distinctive Features: Gorgeous,
  30 CON                    All Powers Obvious when used,
  13 BOD                    Extreme Reaction (Spooky)
  38 INT                 Psych: Must Speak Spells, Backwards
  48 EGO                 Psych: Occasionally gets giddy and afraid
  25 PRE                 "Loose"
  32 COM                 Loves Father & Misses Mother
  30 PD                  Homo-Magi Bonus
  30 ED                  Quite Public ID
   5 SPD
  25 REC
  80 END
  80 STN

20/20 Resistant Pd/Ed Full Life Support 26pts Mental Defense 20pts Power Defense TK Fine Manip. 0 End 10 Str 360 Degreee Spatial Awareness Sense Magic at Range, 360 degrees, Targeting, Discriminatory, +13 to Per Roll Extra-Dimensional Travel, Any Dimension 125 Point Variable Power Pool, Incantations req. Skill Roll, Any types of Powers Luck 5 Dice, Usable by Others, Not at Same Time +3 Levels with Magic Pool +25 PRE, Defensive Only Occultist: 19- Air Magic Skill: 19- Earth Magic Skill: 19- Flame Magic Skill: 19- Light Magic Skill 19- Ice Magic Skill: 19- Plant Magic Skill: 19- Sorcery: 18- Water Magic Skill: 19- Weather Magic Skill: 19- Business 14- Wealth 10 Trader 15- Showmanship 13- Stage Magic 16- Sleight of Hand 19- KS: Magic 14- Connection: Mystical Community Justice League of Alabama Magic Background Gender: Female Alter Ego: Zatanna Zatara Height: 5'7" Weight: 126 pounds Eyes: Blue Hair: Black
ORIGIN: daughter of magicians TACTICS: turns the tables on opponents COSTUME: blue and white "reed"-suit PERSONALITY: more complicated than this one line BACKGROUND NOTES: WHAT IF ZATANNA hadn't put on those silly fish-net tights & the top-hat? This is Zatanna post-modern. She used to have real low defenses and more magic power (VPP 200). But she gave up part of the pool to permanently increase her own toughness & battlefield survivability. This is the re-write version, taking into account the criticisms received, as well as having played her as an NPC for eight+ game sessions.