N O R T H   A M E R I C A N   P A R A N O R M A L S

Dazzler G-D-I Energy Pro Mutant Alpha |________ Fiacho G-D-I Energy Pro Mutant Alpha |________ Hekate G-D-I Magician Demigod Alpha |________ Mechanon III G-D-I Energy Pro Robot Alpha |________ Predator Aliens G-D-I Special Predators Alpha |________ Sinestro G-D-I Energy Pro Alien Alpha |________ Tanda-Lure G-D-I Mentalist Unknown Alpha |________ Ultron-25 G-D-I Special Robot Alpha |________ 85265.975613 G-D-I Energy Pro Robot Beta |________ Aliens Hive G-D-I Aliens Aliens Beta |________ Storm G-D-I Energy Pro Mutant Beta |________ Vampirienne G-D-I Magician Human + Beta |________ Blue-Jay G-D-I Energy Pro Human Gamma |________ Dawnstar G-D-I Mentalist Human + Gamma |________ Dexter Hannover G-D-I Gadgeteer Mutant Gamma |________ Dr. Grey G-D-I Special Mutant Gamma |________ Dreamer G-D-I Mentalist Mutant Gamma |________ Kachmeer G-D-I Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Platinum Fist G-D-I Brick Mutant Gamma |________ Shrapnel G-D-I Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Silver Sable G-D-I Mar.Arts Mutant Gamma |________ Sniper-Max G-D-I Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ Drachen-schnarr G-D-I Special Unknown Unkn |________ Andreonica G-D-I Skill/Equp Human Delta |________ Billy-Bob Badass G-D-I Brick Human Delta |________ Gweenies Cell 56 G-D-I Aliens Gweenies Delta |________ Walrus G-D-I Brick Mutant Delta Stronghold Cold-Snap G-D-I Energy Pro Human Gamma Stronghold Pacer & Tracer G-D-I Energy Pro Human + Gamma Stronghold Red Raver G-D-I Mentalist Unknown Gamma Stronghold Growler G-D-I Brick Mutant Gamma |________ Menthu Egypto Special Demigod Alpha |________ Al Zanif Egypto Mar.Arts Human + Gamma |________ Arvaron Egypto Energy Pro Unknown Gamma |________ Cosmic Hawk LMD none Special LMDecoy none custody Stalker LMD none Special LMDecoy none custody BARON KARZA'S ARMY TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Baron Karza B-K-A Special Unknown Alpha |________ Commandant K B-K-A Special Unknown Gamma |________ Clones: Lila K. B-K-A Special Human + Unkn |________ Karza-Bots B-K-A Special Robot Unkn |________ Karza-Drones B-K-A Special Robot Unkn |________ THE BETA GANG (CHARLOTTE) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Flare Beta Energy Pro Mutant Beta |________ Warlock Beta Magician Human + Beta |________ Lurker Above Beta Special Unknown Delta |________ Howler Beta Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ Icicle Beta Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Il Serpenta Beta Brick Mutant Gamma |________ Oberst Sengir Beta Special Unknown Unkn |________ THE ANIME GANG (Zoo Crew) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Klobber Dog Anime Brick + Animutant Alpha dead
Cardinal Sin Anime Magician Animutant Gamma dead Crawdaddy Anime Brick Animutant Gamma dead King Crabber Anime Brick Animutant Gamma dead Popin-Jay Anime Magician Animutant Gamma dead Cat-Man-Do Anime Mar.Arts Animutant Delta Stronghold Super-Jackal Anime Brick Animutant Delta Stronghold Bad Bass Anime Brick Animutant Gamma Stronghold Captain Cod Anime Energy Pro Animutant Gamma Stronghold Cod-Wonder Anime Energy Pro Animutant Gamma Stronghold Ling Wizard Anime Magician Animutant Beta |________ Scorpianna Anime Magician Animutant Beta |________ Black Cat Anime Mar.Arts Animutant Delta |________ Bush-Hog Anime Brick Animutant Delta |________ Garden Weasel Anime Mar.Arts Animutant Delta |________ Jon Deer Anime Mar.Arts Animutant Delta |________ Caterpillar Anime Brick Animutant Gamma |________ Recluse Anime Mar.Arts Animutant Gamma |________ CRIMINAL LEGION WACKY NONCONF. TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Dr. Feel-Good CLOWN Special Mutant Gamma Stronghold Magicienne CLOWN Magician Human + Beta |________ Defenestrator CLOWN Brick Mutant Delta |________ Vid-Kid CLOWN Mar.Arts Human + Delta |________ A-Ko CLOWN Brick Special Gamma |________ B-Ko CLOWN Brick Special Gamma |________ C-ko CLOWN Brick Special Gamma |________ Boo-Boo Meringue CLOWN Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Distractor CLOWN Mentalist Mutant Gamma |________ Logic-Bomb CLOWN Special Mutant Gamma |________ Wild-Flame CLOWN Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Defendo-Bots CLOWN Special Robot Unkn |________ Heckler CLOWN Special Mutant Unkn |________ DECKER CORPORATION OPERATIVES TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Wild-Fire Decker Energy Pro Mutant Beta |________ Grave-Digger Decker Special Unknown Delta |________ Ogre Decker Brick Mutant Delta |________ Cyborg-0 Decker Mar.Arts Robot Gamma |________ Def.Gnome Decker Magician Unknown Gamma |________ Dragon-Fly Decker Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Iron Golem Decker Brick Unknown Gamma |________ Pantera Decker Brick Human + Gamma |________ DEMON LAIR ATLANTA TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Change Lord DEMON Magician Unknown Alpha Stronghold Bright Rider DEMON Energy Pro Unknown Gamma Stronghold Beholder Xurg DEMON Energy Pro Unknown Alpha |________ Denier, The DEMON Special Unknown Alpha |________ Briareus DEMON Brick Mutant Gamma |________ Dr. Ill Bit DEMON Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Scanner DEMON Mentalist Mutant Gamma |________ GENOCIDE SOUTHEASTERN TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Cryptovon GENOCIDE Magician Human + Beta Stronghold
Shrinker GENOCIDE Special Human + Delta Stronghold Vicious GENOCIDE Brick Human + Delta Stronghold Montana GENOCIDE Brick Human + Gamma Stronghold Scanalyzer GENOCIDE Special Human + Gamma Stronghold Wisteria GENOCIDE Energy Pro Human + Gamma Stronghold Revelation GENOCIDE Mentalist Human + Alpha |________ Taa-Korg-001 GENOCIDE Energy Pro Robot Alpha |________ El Capatan GENOCIDE Brick Human + Gamma |________ Lady-Fist GENOCIDE Brick Human + Gamma |________ HARBOR GANG (PENSACOLA) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Fiachere Harbor G. Energy Pro Mutant Alpha |________ Super-Adaptoid Harbor G. Special Robot Alpha |________ Chiron Harbor G. Gadgeteer Unknown Delta |________ Green-Dragon Harbor G. Mar.Arts Human Delta |________ Maine, The Harbor G. Brick Human Delta |________ Durak Harbor G. Brick Mutant Gamma |________ HYDRA AGENCY (MEMPHIS) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Hydra-One HYDRA Gadgeteer Mutant Alpha dead Trauma Troops HYDRA Agent Human Delta jail Jocasta HYDRA Special Robot Gamma JLA TV set Shadow-Caster HYDRA Energy Pro Mutant Beta Stronghold Dr. Vespazian HYDRA/PSI Gadgeteer Mutant Delta Stronghold Powerhouse HYDRA Brick Mutant Gamma Stronghold Dreadiator HYDRA Brick Mutant Alpha |________ HECTOR HYDRA Mentalist Mutant Alpha |________ Hyperion HYDRA Brick H+ Clone Alpha |________ MODAM HYDRA Mentalist Mutant Alpha |________ MODOK HYDRA Mentalist Mutant Alpha |________ Domino HYDRA Special Mutant Beta |________ Leech HYDRA Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Night-Racer HYDRA Brick Mutant Gamma |________ Scimitar HYDRA Mar.Arts Mutant Gamma |________ Serpentos HYDRA Brick Mutant Gamma |________ LEGION (SOUTHERN US) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Crusher-Joe LEGION Brick Mutant Delta Stronghold Kananga LEGION Special Human Delta Stronghold Spider-Monkey LEGION Special Animutant Delta Stronghold Shadow-sex LEGION Mentalist Mutant Gamma Stronghold Dominia LEGION Magician Human + Beta |________ Dr. Trammel LEGION Magician Mutant Beta |________ Stalker LEGION Special Mutant Beta |________ Armadillo LEGION Brick Mutant Delta |________ Ocelot LEGION Mar.Arts Mutant Delta |________ The Whip LEGION Mar.Arts Mutant Delta |________ Clarion LEGION Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ Melta-Max LEGION Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Mosquito LEGION Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ Shadow Jack LEGION Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ Striker LEGION Brick Human + Gamma |________ Tombstone Kid LEGION Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ THE OLD RELIABLES TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Bora Old Reli. Brick Mutant Gamma |________
Sorcierre Old Reli. Magician Mutant Beta |________ Crusader Old Reli. Brick Human + Gamma |________ Psych-Out Old Reli. Mentalist Human + Gamma |________ Starburst Old Reli. Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ PARANORMAL STUDIES INSTITUTE TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Dr. Crowbar P.S.I. Brick Human + Alpha Stronghold Body-Jack P.S.I. Special Mutant Beta Stronghold Cosmic N.Hawk PSI/HYDRA Special Mutant Beta Stronghold Le Sone P.S.I. Special Human + Delta Stronghold Psi-Tower P.S.I. Special Human + Delta Stronghold Crustacea P.S.I. Magician Mutant Beta |________ El Muerte Obscuro P.S.I. Special Mutant Gamma |________ Meggan P.S.I. Special Mutant Gamma |________ SOUTHEAST USA NEST (RAVEN) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Secret Keeper RAVEN Magician Unknown Alpha Stronghold Gorilla Grodd RAVEN Special Animutant Alpha |________ Demogoblin RAVEN Energy Pro Human Beta |________ PinBall RAVEN Magician Mutant Beta |________ Cheshire Cat RAVEN Mar.Arts Human Delta |________ Frog-Man RAVEN Mar.Arts Human Delta |________ Kojo Dyhalacis RAVEN Special Unknown Gamma |________ Tank-a-Ray RAVEN Mar.Arts Human + Gamma |________ SYNDICATE NUMBER ONE TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Dr. Draconis Syndic-1 Special Mutant Alpha |________ Darkk-Charm Syndic-1 Magician Human + Beta |________ Van-Droid Syndic-1 Energy Pro Robot Beta |________ Hugo Drax Syndic-1 Special Human Gamma |________ Lex-Doggie Syndic-1 Brick Human + Gamma |________ Menta-Girl Syndic-1 Mentalist Mutant Gamma |________ Mentalla Syndic-1 Mentalist Human + Gamma |________ Mindlocke Syndic-1 Mentalist Mutant Gamma |________ El Capataz Syndic-1 Special Human + Delta |________ Super-Beetle Syndic-1 Gadgeteer Human + Delta |________ Beetlizer Agents Syndic-1 Agent Mutant Delta |________ MERCURY CABANA (Tholian Enclave) TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Tho-Drones Tholians Agent Tholian Delta Mercury Pop Cosmosian Tholians Mentalist Tholian Gamma Mercury Pop Firebox Tholians Mentalist Tholian Alpha Mercury x SouthEastern VOICE Cell TYPE RACE THREAT STATUS
Medusa VOICE Special Human + Delta Stronghold Karma VOICE Mentalist Human + Gamma Stronghold White Flame VOICE Energy Pro Human + Beta |________ Dark Shaft VOICE Energy Pro Human + Gamma |________ De Brick VOICE Brick Alien Gamma |________ Dream Knight VOICE Special Mutant Gamma |________ Fin Fang Foom VOICE Brick Animutant Gamma |________ Pulsar VOICE Energy Pro Mutant Gamma |________ Dr. Lirby Koo VOICE Special Human + Delta |________ Gadgetronix VOICE Gadgeteer Human Delta |________